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The wait is finally over! As we’ve known since early September, today Singapore Airlines had a media launch event for their new A380.

As part of this, Singapore Airlines is unveiling new Suites, business, premium economy, and economy products. Over the past couple of days some leaks have surfaced of the new Suites product, so it’s not quite as secret as Singapore Airlines might have hoped. As it turns out, everything we’ve seen up until now has been accurate.

In this post I specifically wanted to cover Singapore’s new A380 Suites, and I’ll have separate posts about their new business class. To start, here’s the configuration for Singapore’s new A380s:

And here’s a short teaser video Singapore Airlines put out about their new Suites and business class:

First let’s look at what Singapore Airlines says about the new Suites, and then I’ll share my thoughts at the end:

Singapore’s new A380 Suites details

There’s no reason to skimp on the details here, given how long we’ve been waiting for this. Here’s how Singapore Airlines describes their new Suites:

With six Suites tucked spaciously within the front cabin of the upper deck, customers will experience a sense of exclusivity and intimate privacy aboard the A380.

Behind its artistically-designed sliding door lies a personal oasis complete with lavish furnishing and finishes. Each Suite is furnished with a separate full-flat bed with adjustable recline and plush leather chair, enabling customers to lounge comfortably in the chair or rest in bed without the need to convert the bed from a sitting position. For couples travelling together, the beds in the first two Suites of each aisle can be converted to form a double bed. When not in use, the bed can be stowed completely, creating even more personal space within each Suite.

Each seat is upholstered by world-renowned Poltrona Frau in fine leather, and is fully adjustable using an electronic control side panel which can accommodate a variety of sitting and lounging positions. The swivel capability of the chair (between 135 and 270 degrees) with recline up to 45 degrees provides added flexibility for dining and relaxation.

Each Suite also has a 32-inch full HD monitor that can swivel for the different viewing angles in seat and bed modes, a full-sized personal wardrobe, customised handbag stowage compartment, amenity box lined with soft leather, specially designed carpet and a feature wall with mood lighting – all exquisitely crafted to give a touch of luxury and intimacy.

The exclusivity of the Suites cabin is further accentuated by its two stylishly-furnished lavatories, one of which has a sit-down vanity counter.

The new Suites were designed by Pierrejean Design Studio and manufactured by Zodiac Seats UK.

Singapore’s new A380 Suites soft product

Beyond the seat itself, here’s what you can expect in terms of the A380 Suites soft product:

Created for a distinguished few, each of Singapore Airlines’ Suites will feature a plush mattress bedding, two pillows and a fluffy cotton duvet, complete with embroidery crafted by the French luxury brand, Lalique. Complemented with a stylish sleeper suit, slippers, eyeshades and socks, customers can lounge in comfort before drifting into peaceful sleep in their private cabin in the sky.

Suites customers on selected flights will receive an amenity kit with toiletries and perfumes or a unisex kit containing lifestyle items, specially designed and created under the co-brand partnership with Lalique. Each of the separate his-and-hers amenity kits will consist of a fragrance, lip balm and a specially designed pouch. In addition, the ladies’ set includes a face moisturiser and hand cream while the men’s set includes a body lotion and aftershave balm.

The unisex kit containing lifestyle items is designed as a collectible item, featuring a Lalique candle, scented soap, lip balm and body lotion. For a limited period only, the lifestyle kit will also include a miniature ornamental crystal fish from Lalique. The design of all three amenity kits will be refreshed regularly.

Suites customers can freshen up in the two stylishly-furnished lavatories with a special citrus-scented facial mist, body lotion and fragrance by Lalique.

Singapore’s new A380 Suites pictures

Here’s what the individual Suite will look like on the A380:

Meanwhile the first and second row of the cabin can be converted into a double bed, and here’s what that looks like:

While Singapore won’t be offering onboard showers, they will have two large lavatories at the front of the cabin. One of them will just be a pretty standard but spacious lavatory.

The other one will be much larger and will feature a vanity, etc.

Which routes will have Singapore’s new A380 Suites?

The first planes to get these new Suites will be the five A380s that Singapore Airlines is taking delivery of over the next couple of years. The first route to get the Suites will be Singapore to Sydney on SQ221/232 as of December 18, 2017, and we have reason to believe that London Heathrow will be the next destination to get them.

On top of that, Singapore is reconfiguring their existing 14 A380s with this product, between late 2018 and 2020.

What do I make of the new Singapore Suites?

This might come as a surprise, but I’m a bit conflicted here. I’m impressed… I think… but maybe not quite as much as I was hoping to be?

First let me say that this product looks incredibly private, and in that regard it sets a new standard. The amount of personal space dedicated to each passenger is also unrivaled. The double beds look especially awesome. In many ways this product looks more like Etihad’s Residence than a first class product.

But I do have a few concerns, or I guess areas where I was hoping they’d be a bit more creative. I understand you can’t have everything, but if I’m looking at this correctly, it seems like you couldn’t dine with the companion you’re traveling with, since you’d be on totally opposite sides of the room. Without a second chair, or anything, there’s not even an option to do so less comfortably. That seems a bit odd to me.

My next concern is about the bed. The bed can be folded away, and can even be adjusted to a non-flat position. That leads me to believe that the bed will simply have some sort of a mattress pad, rather than a hotel quality bed. My favorite part about the Etihad Residence was that the bed was actually as comfortable as you’d find on the ground.

I think one of the greatest areas for improvement with Singapore’s current Suites product is that the bed is extremely hard. I’m not sure they’re learning from that with the new product, based on the fact that they won’t have a proper mattress. Singapore could have been the first airline to offer a real mattress in first class, but it looks like that won’t be the case.

Furthermore, while each passenger has a lot of personal space, I can’t help but wonder if there’s not a more efficient way the space could have been used. As elegant as it is, doesn’t the below picture from Singapore’s new A380 website sort of remind you of a dentist’s office rather than the world’s best new first class product?

So let me be clear. My initial reaction here is “OMG THIS LOOKS AMAZING.” And I truly think it will be amazing, and that I’ll have a hard time controlling my excitement when I fly this for the first time.

But once I get over that, I do have some concerns about the execution of a few things. This is truly the most first world of all first world observations, but hey, that’s largely what this blog is about.

What do you make of Singapore’s new A380 Suites?

  1. I wonder why did they choose to remove one window in suites 1A-2A. From the photos it looks like there is space for a third window.

    There’s also a difference between the pictures. The single bed suite looks like it has shorter divider walls, the double bed suites looks like they are fully enclosed.

  2. @Lucky – I couldn’t agree more with you, and this generally is my reaction when SQ launches new cabin products since they always develop them from scratch (vs. buying “off the shelf” with mods like most competitors). Some things don’t seem to be fully thought through

    The suite color tone looks highly clinical as well. The other concern I had was the tray table, since it extends far from its anchor point, wondering how sturdy it will be. Nothing worse than cutting into food and having a tray flop up and down.

    Tons of wasted space in here. And I’m a bit shocked they didn’t put showers in there. Waste of space if you ask me.

    Look forward to your review of it in a couple months time.

  3. It’s look ok, but nothing mind blowing. Seems like they waste a ton of space. Would be cool if when the bed folded it converted to a work station or dining table. The pics and videos lack a ton of details about everything. If you’re looking to get mile high then this will be the perfect product.

  4. Fantastic. But I find myself somewhat torn as well, because they’ll now be offering a double bed in J.

    Because I’m in two player mode, all I really want is a flat bed and to be able to sit close to my bride (so Apex suites, Reverse herringbone, etc. are less preferable). So in some ways I might be more excited about the business class unveiling, especially as Suites seems elegant, exclusive, and awesome–but nothing that I’m dying to try out.

    Whereas the unveiling of the EY apartments was industry disrupting, included a shower, etc. I probably won’t be trying the new Suites for at least a few years.

  5. It looks amazing, although I do share your concerns with the dining issue.

    Curious to see more pictures of the product in the coming months.

  6. @Lucky – please note them idle seat of bulkhead row of new A380 business class can be converted to double bed as well. Unlike Qatar Qsuite, it doesn’t have a door, though.

  7. Why do so many people say it looks like a dentist office, wish that my dentist had an office like that. I would go the dentist every month if that would be the case :p

  8. Interesting that they worked with Zodiac on this, considering airlines purchasing custom seats from them have had issues with delivery performance.

  9. Underwhelming. SQ missed an opportunity to make their new F as iconic as the old one. The lack of companion dining on this arrangement is disappointing. Have to what focus groups, if any, they used for this design.

    The swivel office chair reminds me of the old AA F, albeit with a slower electronic swivel.

    Too bad they didn’t go with the design from DCA- that mockup was stunning.

  10. “If you’re looking to get mile high then this will be the perfect product.”

    I don’t know… those doors have some fairly meaningful cut-outs. Maybe for the exhibitionist that wants to join the mile high club? 😀

  11. there is a lot of empty space, but maybe that was the whole point.

    There are also a ton of moving parts. So I wonder about long-term durability. The business class seats with the center divider that has 3 positions seems like something that probably won’t get used in the double bed position a whole lot though.

    If you just can’t bear to ride in your dentist’s office I’d be willing to take it off your hands

  12. quite underwhelmed, from the lack of imagination and the bland colour palette to the wasted space and head-scratching decisions (why is the TV on the side wall? so if I am facing forward at take-off I have to swivel my head to watch the TV?)

  13. Not very private as the walls do not go up to the ceiling. Anyone walking by could have a look in at you.
    Also, the photo with the man and woman is rather patronizing with the man at the desk on the computer while the woman is just lounging around on the bed reading a fluff magazine. :p

  14. I agree with you. With other airlines’ A380s, both lavatories are normally the same. For SQ, I don’t understand why one is the a regular one and the other has a vanity. EY and EK have a vanity in each seat.
    Also, if an F passenger brings a small carry on, where will they stow it? I hope there are no overhead cabins in F.
    I, too, am a bit disappointed. Out of all the airlines, I always thought SQ and EK were the most innovative especially back in 2007 when they introduced to us their A380s. Personally I felt EY always had an unfair advantage by always waiting for their competition to introduce their F cabin first and thereafter improve (EY introduced the Residence/F Apartments in 2014.)

  15. @Lucky – Just something I noticed, in the table you built, you state that the seat recline of the Suite seat is 135 degrees but the pres release you posted states “The swivel capability of the chair (between 135 and 270 degrees) with recline up to 45 degrees provides added flexibility for dining and relaxation.” I assume you meant swivel is 135 degrees and meant to say recline is only 45 degrees?

  16. Agree with all the comments. There’s nothing wrong with it but it just doesn’t excite me. The EY Apartments are so sexy and luxurious while this looks so clinical and bland. They seem to have wasted so much space but it still doesn’t amaze. Perhaps they’re focusing on the local Singapore market and their preferences rather than western/European style/tastes. A few years ago this would have flown people away but today, I dunno, I want something beautiful.
    I won’t be jumping through hoops to try this.

  17. this is a huge disappointment for me.
    so much compromises, so much wasted space for nothing, there is really no functional concept…
    current product is way better than this, even their new bussines is better concept than this.

    i really hope emirates did a better job…..

  18. I don’t get all the comments about wasted space.
    Basically you’ll buy yourself a room (‘suite’) in a plane here to hang around for 8+hrs without feeling cramped.
    There’s everything you need: a bed, a chair, a desk, a TV + SPACE.

    Pretty sure the whole experience will feel very relaxing not like being on a plane.

  19. Yeah the lack of dining together is a real head-scratcher. I don’t know how many couples do travel in Suites (I did on my honeymoon!) but if they’re going to have the double bed option, it is then awfully weird to be pretty far away from each other during takeoff and landing.

    It is also weird there’s not something else there when the bed is folded away, like in EY’s first class. I guess it makes the suite more spacious, but it’s also just like … a bunch of empty space.

  20. @lucky: books on SQ221 and received my seat change notification. SO and I had 3C/3D(double bed). Now we have 1A and 1F, which seems to me we are across from each other…which means, no double bed?

  21. No shower bothers me. For premium luxury products like this, I’d expect it. I’ve flown the Residence, Emirates and Etihad first, that’s one of the huge perks for me.

  22. As someone who will probably never be able to fly first class, I think it looks amazing. Some of you need a little perspective….

  23. @Lucky I don’t know which dentist you are going to but mine generally doesn’t have a double bed or Singapore Airlines first class service

  24. The colors do look clinical and sterile to me as well, but all the other details of the suite look amazing, down to the interior of the cabinets.

    I wonder if the design concept started out as “private jet” (similar colors)? As opposed to “yacht,” which the previous suites were based on. Other than “doctor’s waiting room,” I can’t see what other design concept they would have been going for. Surprised there’s not a shower.

    Also, the bed seems to a pretty thick mattress-y thing on it (not just a mattress pad), so I’m guessing it will actually be a big step up in comfort from lie-flat seats.

  25. @mark No. The LAX-SIN route will be serviced by an A350-900 ULR, which will be in an all business and premium economy configuration. No first class or suites class.

  26. is it me or do the styling/furnishings of the lavs look much better than the suites.???

    never the less, interesting product,i hope they do not block award space on this route for a long time!

  27. Amazing how many people are complaining about a product that they have no intention of ever paying for.

    The complaint is that it looks like a dentist’s office? I’d prefer to fly in a dentist’s office over coach any damn day.

  28. you people keep complaining about it being clinical etc etc… ok here’s a new flash… Singapore IS clinical… what do you expect from a country that is tone deaf and clinical… they arent going to listen to what people actually want, if they had focus groups lol they are probably going to ignore them and do what they want….

  29. @Steve – love your accurate observation!

    I feel the same way about people, who dress (in my opinion) as sloths when flying business or first.
    The crew dress/present themselves with their attire in a decent manner and I feel the passengers should out of respect as well.

  30. I though it is very bad feng-shui to sleep with your legs point to the door… SQ should be one of the airlines to pay close attention to feng-shui due to their large Asian customer base 🙂

  31. Benjamin, 5 year reader here. 1st, thank you for the hard work, the objectivity and always a constructive attitude/tone. 2nd, just bought the tickets to try this product during CNY. Looking forward to your trip review, so I can better plan my trip. Warmest regards, Rc

  32. I honestly really like this product.

    Their is so much open space and doesn’t jump out of you. The swivel chair is a good idea and helps utilize much more space. Its closed off, but also is very airy. I hate the colors of Etihad and Emirates, it feels so obnoxious. Honestly, the hard product imo is the best. Compare it to his already favorite first class, Air France. The bed seems a little better then the previous, i hope they offer a mattress pad. Everyone is so underwhelmed because they expected to high. if u look at things from perspective its amazing and top 3 worthy

  33. So, not to rain on anyone’s parade here, but they could only find Caucasian models to pose as passengers for the promotional photos? Singapore is an Asian carrier after all. Surely they have some Asian customers?

    Nice review, and nice looking product.

  34. Solid execution by SQ, now let‘s see what EK presents in two weeks at the Dubai Air Show as their new First Class

  35. That the bed will have to be set up by staff and not converted back easily is a head-scratcher. This may have not changed from the old Suites but you’d think they could’ve done something about it rather than the automated swivel control on the seat.

  36. @Steve

    It’s intriguing what subtle messages are sent. Note the group singing in the launch video. A mix of East and South Asian faces. No such mix in these promotional photos. Obviously I can only speculate as to intent here, so I won’t, but race always matters.

  37. So this is how it work, the window in all existing a380 will be changed exactly the same as the new a380s, or perhaps remain the same?:/ I don’t think they did that, did they? I seem like a guy without knowledge in here…

  38. @Steve

    I agree. It’s fair game to question normative social depictions and what those images represent to their intended audience.

  39. @ DannyD

    That’s is good news for people who don’t believe in Feng Shui because there will be less people flying in the New Suites which means more available space for award redemption down the road or lower ticket price from a supply and demand perspective. It’s like a piece of real estate with bad Feng Shui is cheaper to buy or rent due to less demand.

  40. The new Suites look like a terrible and surprising step backwards. I want to enjoy the view out of the window, not have my back to it and be facing the door to my suite while eating or working. The color scheme makes it look like a nursing home – it’s not luxurious, warm or welcoming in any way. With recent upgrades to Emirates 777 First cabin and Etihad’s amazing First Class Apartments…it’s pretty shocking that Singapore came out with this exceptionally bland and disappointing downgrade. What were they thinking?

  41. Flew the new SQ Suites on new year’s day and was very impressed with the product. It’s much better in ‘real-life’ when compared to the press pictures. Seat and bed are very comfortable, it’s just unfortunate that the dining position leaves you staring at your neighbor across the aisle. I’ve just published my review
    here if you’d like to check it out 🙂

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