Singapore Airlines announces new first, business, and economy classes

Singapore Airlines announced today that they’ll be introducing new cabins starting in September. They’ll initially be offered on their newly delivered 777-300ERs, which are rolling out starting in September. The aircraft will debut on the Singapore to London route, though no route announcements have been made beyond that. Singapore also plans to have this product on their Airbus A350s, though it’ll be a good while before they take delivery of those.

As a refresher, Singapore’s current longhaul Business Class product looks like this:


Their current longhaul First Class product looks like this:


And their current Suites Class product (exclusively on the A380s, and that won’t be changing with these announcements) looks like this:


Here’s a video of their new cabins:

As I watched the video I couldn’t help but ask myself “and this is different than the current product how exactly?” That’s probably not totally fair. There are some changes to the product, though they’re minor. Mostly it seems they’re updating the aesthetics and making some functional improvements, like adding more storage, improving seat controls, etc. But the actual “shell” of the seat seems very similar for both first and business class.

That’s hardly surprising given that their business class is industry leading as is. I do think they could have done a bit more with the first class cabin, though Singapore is so great all around that I guess they didn’t think they had to. The product looks nice, though based on how it looks I don’t think it’s worth going out of your way to seek out the “new” product instead of the “old” product.

You can find the official press release from Singapore Airlines here. Australian Business Traveller also has some great coverage of the new first class and business class, so check that out.

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  1. I’d be looking for a few more inches of legroom in business class personally. Great seats for sitting in, but if you’re more than about 6′ tall really uncomfortable when lying down.

  2. The diamond stitching in the leather reminds me of Bentley Mulliner or Mercedes Designo seats that have become very popular lately on less upscale cars as well.

  3. Maybe they should put the new seats on top of a little pedestal or something. 🙂

  4. @ Stephan — Nope, don’t think so. One is a bulkhead business class seat (which has much more room than the rest), while the other is a center aisle first class seat.

  5. While the new first does seem to be mostly cosmetic, the new biz actually looks like a decent upgrade. It looks like they’ve taken into account the feeling that the seats were TOO wide, and instead used that space for a better purpose like improved storage. Additionally, though I’m not positive, it looks like the back is slide down versus flip over, which many people didn’t like.

    The real question is will it be impossible to book on miles like when they released their last new products…

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