Save Miles! United Partner Flights Pricing At Discounted Rates

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Are you looking to travel to Europe, India, or Central Asia this winter using United miles? You may be able to save thousands of miles!

As part of their devaluation last year, United MileagePlus has a split award chart. Flights exclusively on United have one price, while flights on partners require more miles.

Typically you’d pay 70,000 miles one-way for partner flights to Europe, and 80,000 miles for for similar flights to India and Central Asia. If you’re flying United exclusively, you’d spend 57,500 miles for a one-way business class ticket to Europe, and 70,000 to India and Central Asia.

I see partner flights pricing at the lower, “United only” price on routes to Europe, India, and Central Asia for flights in January, February, and March.


So there’s a discount of anywhere from 10,000 to 12,500 miles each direction by booking now.


Two round-trip business class tickets to Europe on a partner airline would typically require 140,000 miles per person, so 280,000 miles total. At this discounted rate, you’d be looking at 115,000 miles per person, or just 230,000 total. So you’d save 50,000 miles!

Given the specific timeframe involved, I’m not positive if this is a system glitch, or a push to drive more bookings over the slow winter travel period. View From the Wing is calling this an “unannounced sale,” so let’s go with that.

While these prices are displaying at the lower rates online, I would not expect to get the same prices over the phone, necessarily.

And if for some reason this pricing is not intentional, the additional miles might be pulled from your account in future. I wouldn’t be concerned about tickets being arbitrarily canceled though.

We don’t know how long this will last, but if you are hoping to travel during this time period using United miles, I would certainly try and book today!

(Tip of the hat to View From the Wing)

  1. It is a sale, though unannounced. My reservation said “Saver Sale – North America”. Maybe they just didn’t finish rolling it out yet and they will make an announcement soon?

  2. I booked two one-way business class tickets to/from Europe in February – on my account page, the mile deductions are listed as “Saver Sale – North America” – so it’s definitely not a mistake fare! Looks like it’s a sale for January, February and March.
    Now, the question is, if you later rebook for a date later (for example, fall of 2015), while keeping the region, and class of service the same, will it change the ticket without triggering a reprice and asking for additional miles? It might work if you do it online (just the way it did when you changed tickets after the great devaluation of 2014), although I have a feeling that if it gets complicated and you need to call in, the United agents would refuse to change the ticket without collecting additional miles as it was a limited-time sale.

  3. Hey Lucky, do you think if I book a partner biz class for March and then change it for a partner biz in May they will require the extra miles to make the change?

  4. North Asia to China may be the best value of them all. For example from 50,000 you can go first class Air China from Beijing to Australia!

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