1. Oye. Isn’t it easier to fly non-stop on a widebody?
    Biz folks have carry on bags. What about someone that checked luggage? Re-check??? What a waste of time. Seems doomed to failure. 001 should be retired.

  2. I;m going to have to disagree with you Dan.

    For starters – in “User Experience”, its basicly sitting on the top deck of a 747.. without a bottom deck below you. The luggage bins are a standard A32x bin, so no problem getting your 22′ rollaboard in.

    Checked luggage is fine and adds a grand total of 10 minutes extra check-in time at LCY. If you’re working in the City of London or the Canary Wharf area (where this service is really being targeted at), those minutes all add up – plus it wipes out the haul over to LHR (which what despite the advertising say, Paddington ISN’T Central London. Therefore by the time you’ve summed together Tube/taxi+Heathrow Express, you might has well spent 50 minutes on the Tube to Picadilly Circus

    The recheck is actually one of the best parts of the product – if you’re a NON US Citizen. Have you been stuck at entry at a US Airport in a queue trying to get through those wonderfully friendly and non shouty CBP people? This is where time time difference comes in.

    Both LCY and SNN have free WiFi too, so you’re connected up, and when you arrive in the USA, you walk out of the terminal as a Domestic Passenger. To me, that would be one hell of an advantage if I was coming through on the later Virgin service, having to get to Heathrow in the first place, negotiating Heathrow T3 and fighting through immigration and customs when I getting off the plane…

    Now Richard Quest. – Isn’t he a *touch* exuberant? 😉

  3. Happened to catch this episode here in Japan the other day. This Richard Quest guy is getting on my nerves; too bad CNN is the only English language channel I can find at this hotel.

    On the SNN stop-over, why do they have to xray the bags again? And why can’t they do immigration and customs the way it has worked on trains forever: agents board the plane and walk through the cabin (during refueling stop) and check passports? Oh, I forgot, they’d need all their fancy camera, finger print and passport scanner equipment…

  4. @Lucky – Are you going to do a same-day turn around for review purposes? I was hoping a 30,000 word BA F TR would show a familiarity with the BA product that would impress the powers-that-be….guess I’ll need to start a blog. I look forward to reading the trip report!

  5. @ Kevincm — I tend to agree. While in general the transatlantic all business class market just isn’t that lucrative, I think this actually has a chance at succeeding. I’ll have to wait till after the trip to draw any conclusions, though, as it is such a unique product.

    @ Oliver — I love Richard! His overly enthusiastic personality never gets old with me. As far as scanning bags goes, I noticed that as well. I guess every time people get off a plane they need to be scanned. It seems like they also do the safety demo twice, even though it’s the same passengers the whole way.

    @ gba — I’ll actually be in London for a couple of days. Amazingly enough I’ve never been, so I’m quite excited.

  6. Enjoy London Lucky – alas, I’ll be experiencing United’s “finest” flying the clapped out skies and be landing on the 29th from SFO… down the back of course and landing into the black hole of LHR T1… Alas I know which I’d prefer across the pond 😉

    There is an EXCELLENT Live TR in the BA Fourm: – makes very good reading

  7. Lucky, it is good that you like Richard… but I am in agreement with Oliver that ever time I saw Richard on CNN, I switch channel to another news network… I just can’t stand him at all…

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