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I had just over 24 hours in London, as I was landing at London City Airport before 7AM, and departing from London Heathrow Airport the next day just after 10AM.

London is a city where I don’t have any hotels I love. I’m sure there are some great independent luxury hotels, but the reality is that I’m not willing to pay for a nice hotel in a city the same way I might be willing to pay for a nice hotel in a secluded location, since I spend little time in the room.

So over the years I’ve primarily chosen the most convenient points option for a group with which I have status, which has typically been with Hyatt or Starwood. I’ve actually never returned to the same Hyatt or Starwood hotel more than once, which should give you a sense of how little love I have for these hotels.

While I’m generally not a fan of Marriott’s takeover of Starwood, I do welcome having access to more hotels in London. For this particular stay I decided to check out what’s generally regarded as the best Marriott option in London, which is the London EDITION.

Rates were really high the night I was staying in London — about 625GBP — so I decided to redeem points. The hotel was bookable for 60,000 points, which was a bargain by comparison.

The London EDITION is located in Fitzrovia, on the edge of Soho, and already looks really awesome from the outside. As I walked in I was welcomed by the bellmen and walked to reception.

The EDITION London exterior

The EDITION London entryway

The hotel’s lobby was huge and so beautiful. I’m not sure if the pictures do justice to it, because the pictures almost make it look a bit outdated, but it’s most definitely not. This is easily one of the coolest city hotel lobbies I’ve seen.

The EDITION London lobby

The EDITION London lobby

The EDITION London lobby

The EDITION London lobby

In addition to couches with tons of seating, there’s also a beautiful lobby bar along the far wall.

The EDITION London lobby bar

Reception is located between the lobby pillars and to the left.

The EDITION London lobby

There I was assisted by a really friendly front office agent, Claudia, who welcomed me and thanked me for being a Platinum member. It was only about 8AM at this point, and she explained that my room wasn’t quite ready yet, but that it should be within a few hours.

She took down my number and encouraged me to have breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant.

The EDITION London reception

First I sat in the lobby a bit working. Even early in the morning the lobby bar was open and staffed, and I ordered a delicious cappuccino.

The London EDITION cappuccino

At around 10AM I decided to go to Berners Tavern for breakfast, which is the hotel’s main restaurant, located just off the lobby. It’s such a pretty restaurant.

Berners Tavern London EDITION

The breakfast menu read as follows:

Note that EDITION is one of the few Marriott brands where Platinum members don’t receive complimentary breakfast, not that I would have received breakfast the morning of my arrival anyway.

The menu looked tasty, and I ordered the baked eggs, tomato and harissa, yoghurt, spiced nuts and seeds, and bread. Mmmm…

Berners Tavern breakfast — baked eggs

As the meal concluded the same front desk agent who checked me in came to find me in the restaurant and told me that my room was ready. So I finished up, and then she escorted me to my room, located on the sixth floor.

The elevators were located past reception and to the right.

The London EDITION elevators

The hallways felt more generic, which is a bit different than the lobby.

The London EDITION hallway

I had been upgraded to a loft room, #603.

The London EDITION room exterior

The London EDITION floorplan

This room was so cute. It featured an entryway with the bathroom straight ahead, and then the rest of the room to the right.

The London EDITION loft room

The room featured a king size bed.

The London EDITION loft room

While I get that the throw is a signature EDITION thing, am I the only who wonders how often they wash it? Is it actually washed between stays, or…?

The London EDITION loft room living area

Near the entrance was a sitting area with a loveseat and a seat next to it, along with a coffee table.

The London EDITION loft room living area

On the opposite end of the room was a desk, and above it was the TV.

The London EDITION desk area

The room had a nice view looking out over nearby buildings. Obviously this isn’t a high-rise, so you don’t exactly have sweeping views.

The London EDITION view

The minibar, including the complimentary Nespresso machine, were back towards the entrance.

The London EDITION minibar

Iced coffee and Krug — talk about a minibar designed for me (though not at those prices). 😉

The London EDITION minibar

The London EDITION minibar

The minibar price list read as follows:

The bathroom was also back near the entrance, and was nice and large. It featured a sink, toilet, and walk-in shower, with both a rainforest showerhead and a handheld one.

The London EDITION loft bathroom

The London EDITION loft shower

Toiletries were from Le Labo, and were specially branded for the hotel.

The London EDITION Le Labo toiletries

Overall I thought the room was top notch, without a doubt the nicest room I’ve stayed at in London. In general I love the EDITION decor style — it’s modern without being boring.

My one criticism is that the sound insulation wasn’t great. While I couldn’t hear anything from outside the hotel, I repeatedly heard doors closing in the hotel.

I ended up napping, working a bit, meeting a friend for drinks, and then late in the evening I decided to order room service dinner (I know, London has a lot of options, but it was the most practical option since I had work I wanted to get done before the next day, when I’d have an eight hour flight without wifi)).

The room service menu read as follows:

I decided to order from the “create your own home style meal” section, and ordered roasted cauliflower steak, which came with my choice of two (huge) sides.

The London EDITION room service

They also brought me some sweet treats that they said they tried to deliver me earlier (but I had my “do not disturb” sign on).

The London EDITION sweet treats

While I didn’t have a chance to visit it, the hotel is also known for the Punch Room, which is the hotel’s reservations-only bar located just off the lobby. As the name suggests, they have about 30 specialty punches. Going to a bar that requires reservations alone just doesn’t sound fun, so I guess I’ll return sometime with someone else, because I am really curious.

The hotel’s only other real amenity is the gym, located on the basement level. It’s fairly basic, though has all the necessities.

The London EDITION gym

The London EDITION gym

The London EDITION gym

After a solid night of sleep I headed to the airport really early the next morning.

The London EDITION bottom line

I have a new favorite hotel in London. Sure, EDITION isn’t the best brand for Marriott elite recognition (they don’t offer Platinum members complimentary breakfast), but this is a beautiful hotel that I actually enjoyed staying at.

The hotel’s design is lovely, the food I had was excellent, and I was particularly impressed by the service, in spite of my fairly limited interactions.

I plan on returning to this hotel, and highly recommend it.

  1. There are so many properties in London though. I stayed at the Shangri-La Shard last month and despite the noisy restaurant at the lobby-level, it was a great place (best tip is to order drinks in the pool area rather than the restaurant when you’re at the top of the hotel, the view is towards the better side of London and it is far less crowded).

    The Taj 51 Suites are also beautiful and so is Claridge’s… Might be worth it to pay for one of these experiences once…

  2. As you wrote, “there are some great independent luxury hotels” in London, and the chains just aren’t in the same league (except price-wise – and this one doesn’t just have expensive rooms; those menu prices look pretty toppy, even for London and even with the pound in its current weak Brexit state).

    So much of this looks close to being properly luxurious, but it’s just not good enough: a full English breakfast but with no potato dish? (bubble & squeak is traditional, but sautéed potatoes would do at a pinch, or even rosti), but to have it padded-out with cheapo baked beans (baked beans?! FFS)? For true luxury you should have options like kidneys and kedgeree.

    And £25 for a simple chicken curry on the room service menu is just crazy – in a city full of gorgeous Indian food.

  3. I am usually complementary about your photos (best in the review business in my book) but this time – as you say yourself – they just don’t do the hotel justice. I mean really they flatten everything out and as you say make the place look dated when it really isn’t. Even the Berners Tavern looks ho-hum. It’s not – it’s one of the most attractive dining rooms in London (and yes you do say it’s pretty). I know you know all of this but just for anyone who has not been….

  4. Oh….and I can’t believe I’m disagreeing with @The nice Paul – potato in an English breakfast? I don’t think so.

  5. The EDITION is my favorite hotel in London. Lucky is right that the photos here aren’t doing it justice because the lighting really creates the scene.

  6. I hate how every Edition in the world looks exactly the same. I’m all for brand consistency, but some variation would be nice. They all have the wood paneling and bed with the exact same throw.

  7. @Evan
    Really? “No” to bubble & squeak??

    B&S covered in runny yolk from a fried egg which has swum in bacon fat is just about *the* perfect breakfast taste.

    Salivating now. 🙂

  8. @Evan +1

    @The nice Paul, potato in a full English? Are you mad? The only carbohydrate should be white sliced bread. In the Qantas 787 review you stated “you could care less” I’m beginning to question if you are even british after all.

  9. @ Iain

    Ha! “When in Rome…” and Lucky is American, so I politely adjust my English. 🙂

    But I am curious by the rejection of potato-based fried products in a Full English. In my defence (since no-one seems even to have heard of B&S) I cite the glorious, silver service Full English served in post-WW2 British Rail restaurant cars (before they were pretty much all abolished). Sauté potatoes were always, always served.

    Where do you stand on kidneys, kippers and kedgeree? 😉

  10. I don’t know when you took those photos of a people less lobby, I stayed there for 4 nights last year and the lobby was busy at all times.

  11. @The nice Paul – yes of course we’ve heard of B&S, just not in a full English!

    Kedgeree fine – kippers and kidneys? Bleugh. Thankfully it’s not 1956.

    Although in a few months time we’ll probably be grateful for anything.

  12. The log-cabin siding in the elevator lobbies is a so not London look. Appalling! The dated faux wood panelling in the not very big bedroom looked like a cheap carport conversion for guests you don’t want to stay long, in Kansas or somesuch place.
    As for the casually arranged extremely faux-fur throw, did they provide long BBQ tongs to remove it to the floor in a corner of the room?
    I think you got a dud room in exchange for the earliest possible check-in.

  13. @ glenn t — That’s actually a much better room than the standard one, or the “upgraded” one I waited several hours for a few weeks later. They all have the same paneling and throw as far as I can tell.

  14. @lucky The Punch Room is a great bar, despite its reservations only policy. As a guest they can usually swing a table with a very short notice, so while staying take the ‘reservation only’ with a grain of salt. More like notify in advance that you’d like to go.

  15. Kippers, kidneys are Kedgeree are fine but no one is putting them in a fry up, and the same with potato; it’s cheap filler. Fine for the happy eater on the by-pass but no greasy spoon would be seen dead serving spuds. My knowledge of post war rail travel is limited to watching the tidfield thnderbolt and brief encounter, and whilst a lot of time was spent in the buffet, not once did they sit down to a rosti.

  16. I’m intrigued by the “A 12.5% discretionary service charge…” at the bottom of the room service menu. I get what it’s for, and I know it’s common practice to add a service charge (for those of us Australians not used to tipping) – but to me “discretionary” means I can “choose” to pay it if I like (or they can “choose” to charge it…)? Interesting…their interpretation of the English language. (PS – I like the panelling, feels sophisticated and sharp)

  17. Still love to see the central London prices as a Englishman in Australia these prices still seem very reasonable. Lol.

  18. @Simon,it is indeed discretionary in the UK. You will probably not be popular amongst the staff, but if you ask to have it removed, or reduced they will do so.

  19. Did you tip Claudia when she showed you to your room? How much?
    I would be grateful for guidance as I’m never sure of what to give.

  20. Wait. “There I was assisted by a really friendly front office agent, Claudia, who welcomed me and thanked me for being a Platinum member.”

    You are platinum premier ambassador. There is a HUGE difference between platinum and ambassador. I’m surprised you didn’t call them out.

    Were there no suites available? I’m disappointed you didn’t test out Marriott’s new suite upgrade policy. If a suite was available online you should have gotten it.

    As for the room itself. Who designs a room but doesn’t put a telephone on the nightstand by the bed? That’s inconvenient for wake-up calls. Also, it would appear there is no clock in the room, also inconvenient. Finally, the bathroom looks a bit too institutional, almost like a hospital bathroom.

  21. In terms of best Marriott hotels in London, the J.W. Marriott Ritz-Carlton is basically a Ritz-Carlton is all but name.

  22. Whoops. I meant to say, on terms of best Marriott hotels in London, the J.W. Marriott Grosvenor House is basically a Ritz-Carlton is all but name.

  23. Agree the Marriott selections aren’t the best. County Hall is reasonably good. Starwood has some great options – Best Marriott-Starwood hotels in London to me are Town Hall (though it’s in Bethnal Green), but has one of the best restaurants in London and the Great Northern, which if sound proofing was your issue, has that covered in spades… and the rooms, with kitchens on each floor, bar and restaurant are really cool

  24. Marriott London County Hall used to be great — the renovations were superb — but the service has gone down to 3 1/2-star level. Housekeeping is outsourced to a temporary agency. They had a rat problem last year, too. The M Club lounge isn’t a buffet and they limit you to three small, one-piece appetizers at night. If you want more you have to pay. No complimentary spirits. Just beer, wine and Spanish sparkling wine. Breakfast buffet in the restaurant is of a lower quality (aka cheaper) and more limited in selection than other London properties.

  25. agree with the throw comments.

    i always pick it up with two fingers and throw it on the floor into the corner where it belongs.

  26. I discourage anyone from staying at a common brand hotel in London.

    London is well known for gorgeous and luxurious boutique hotels.

    If picking a chain, then try the St. James’ Court or the Taj 51.

    The End.

  27. You missed noting the creepy screen saver on the television that is a canvas with a knife slowly emerging and cutting a hole, and then a hand emerging.

    Otherwise, your review is spot on. My favorite London hotel.

  28. This is my go to hotel in London.

    Good location. Awesome vibe in the lobby.

    And really creepy portrait on the wall of every room… straight out of a horror movie.

  29. TIP dont pay over £600 for hotel in center of London, go to Marylebone Station,catch train £10 to Wembley or south Ruislip only 15 20 min by train, if flying in to Heathrow take taxi 20 min .Ramada .Holiday inn. plus others, only £85 per night only 5min walk from station dont get mugged off for 1 or 2 night stay in London, all these hotels only 20 min from Heathrow by Tube or taxi

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