Weekend in Paris: Hyatt Regency Paris Charles de Gaulle

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Given that my flight would be leaving Paris at 7:30AM on Sunday, I figured it would make sense to stay near the airport the night before. I’ll still cover my actual time in Paris in the next installment, though first wanted to get this hotel review done.

I took the train to Charles de Gaulle Airport and proceeded outside to the shuttle center, where the Hyatt Regency has a shuttle that runs every 30 minutes.

Shuttle center

While many hotels have shared shuttles, the Hyatt Regency has its own shuttle which arrived within about 10 minutes.

Hyatt Regency shuttle

Now, while this is an airport hotel, it is a bit of a haul from the airport. Maybe this is because Charles de Gaulle Airport is the size of a city, though it took about 20 minutes before we made it to the hotel.

Hotel exterior

There was no wait at check-in, and within a few minutes the friendly agent gave me a key for my room on the Regency Club floor, and also explained to me the hours of operation for the Regency Club. My rate was 125 Euros, by the way — expensive for an airport hotel, cheap for Paris.


The elevators were located on the other side of the atrium. The atrium was really nice and featured a restaurant and lounge, though I didn’t try them out.


Lobby lounge

The hotel only has four floors, with the top being the Regency floor. My room was located almost all the way at the end of the hallway.


The room itself was fairly large for a standard room (at least by European standards). It featured a king bed, chair with ottoman, and work station.

Regency King room

The furnishings in the room were modern(ish) yet simplistic.

Flat screen TV

The desk featured plenty of space to work and a comfortable chair.


The Diamond amenity was a bottle (half bottle?) of wine and a small box of chocolates. Certainly nicer than amenities I’ve received at other Hyatts, like four “aged” apples at the Hyatt Regency Mainz.

Diamond welcome amenity

My room boasted views of the courtyard. I still can’t figure out whether the hotel looked futuristic or like a prison…

View from my room

The bathroom was a fair size with a single sink and shower/tub.



At around 7PM, after dropping off my stuff in the room, I headed to the Regency Club which was located just down the hallway.

Regency Club

The Regency Club is fairly small though well appointed. There’s a main level, and there’s a spiral staircase which leads up a second floor with even more seating.

Regency Club

Regency Club second floor

While the spread wasn’t extravagant, everything was incredibly tasty. They had fresh baguette, cheese, crackers, meats, salmon, and several desserts. The fridge was also well stocked with any drink I could possibly desire (… Diet Coke). The lounge was staffed with one attendant that was friendly and prompt in clearing plates.


After I got back to my room I got caught up on work (the internet speed was very good, by the way) and went to bed early.

My one slight annoyance is that the hotel shuttle only starts running at 6AM, and the only alternative is a cab which costs about 25 Euros. My flight to London was at 7:30AM, though I decided to risk it the following morning and take the 6AM shuttle instead of paying almost $40 for a cab.

Given that the shuttle dropped me off right at around 6:30AM, take it from me — arrive at Charles de Gaulle more than an hour before departure. Stay tuned for more on that. Screw the gym, I got a week worth of exercise at Charles de Gaulle trying to get from the shuttle center to check-in to my gate.

Overall I had a perfectly pleasant stay and wouldn’t hesitate to return if I had an early flight out of Charles de Gaulle (or even a mid-morning flight, given the cost savings of staying near the airport vs. in the city).

  1. That is why I stayed at the Sheraton CDG. Last time I was there picked it up for 100USD on Hotwire, and it included club access….

  2. We stayed at the Hilton near the Terminal. It still took 30 min by train from the hotel – walk to the train at terminal, take train to the next terminal and then get to the security area for the gate and another 20 min to get to the gate itself. All in all, allow lots of time at CDG for transfers, hotels etc etc.

  3. Nice & useful report but I had trouble with the context. Checking the trip index I noted that the trip was three months ago.

  4. Sorry to veer slightly off topic, but I am having a prolonged argument with my friend-can anyone verify with absolute certainty-aka “I have done it myself very recently”-that the Visite zones 1-5 will or will not work for the CDG Roissybus?
    Thank you, I can’t stand it anymore.

  5. @ace

    I can’t say I have done it, but I did check it out for a client traveling to Paris. According to all my sources a Visite zone 1-5 WILL work for the Roissybus. They opted for the RER B though, so take it for what you will.

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