Review: OneWorld Business Class Lounge Los Angeles

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The OneWorld business class lounge is connected to the first class lounge via an open door. Since the lounge was more or less empty I briefly ventured over there to check it out.

Door from OneWorld First Class Lounge to Business Class Lounge LAX

The business class lounge was arguably nicer, as it had a greater variety of seating options. There were couches, dining tables, lounge chairs, etc.

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX seating

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX seating

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX seating

There were also about a dozen iMacs lined up along a wall.

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX seating

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX seating

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX seating

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX seating

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX seating

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX seating

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX seating

Furthermore, as a cappuccino-holic it’s worth noting that while the first class lounge has a self-serve cappuccino machine, the business class lounge has made-to-order cappuccinos from the bartender.

Oddly the business class lounge actually had a more extensive food spread than the first class lounge, as it had four hot dishes.

Beyond that it had chips, meat, and the same cold options available in the first class lounge.

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX buffet

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX buffet

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX buffet

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX buffet

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX buffet

The alcohol selection wasn’t quite as extensive as in the first class lounge, though.

OneWorld Business Class Lounge LAX bar

On the whole the first class lounge isn’t really any nicer than the business class lounge, and arguably the business class lounge is maybe even nicer. That being said, I’d guess that during peak times the first class lounge is much quieter than the business class lounge, so it’s probably nice to have the added privacy, even if the lounge itself isn’t nicer. Of course, if I hadn’t been in a premium cabin, there are a number of options available in LAX for anyone with a credit card with lounge access.

  1. Domestic lounges in the US are pretty pathetic – this seems at least marginally better. It’s amazing that people pay good money to join for access to what amounts to box quality wine, domestic mainstream beer, and an occasional cube of cheese.

    What was in the hot section of the buffet?

  2. This is a few years ago, but the Biz side had Dogfish Head 60 min IPA on draft at the bar. Real quality craftbrew at the time. Still is quality craft brew but it’s almost become mainstream now….

  3. @Daniel,

    It really depends on how much you drink at airports during the year, specifically alcohol.

    $12/drink (including tip)
    * 45 drinks


    450 United Club membership
    2 tip/drink * 45 drinks

    Now 45 drinks sounds a lot. But if you have 4 drinks per round trip (2 drinks/direction) that’s only 12.5 trips you need to take to make your money back. (maybe on vacation you go wild and have more at the bar)

    Not to mention if you want to work and need Wifi and the airport doesn’t have it for free.

    If you fly internationally and get lounge access then based on status, the numbers become more difficult. But, you can make a case to pay for lounge access.

  4. @Jeff – That is incredible. DFH 60 is great beer. I prefer 90, but I also prefer iipa’s in general. It’d be awesome if more lounges got good craft beers going. Maybe it’s my SD bias, but Ballast Point Sculpin would be a fair option.

  5. Also, can you imagine if they offered Pliny at SFO. I’d happily put up with the regular weather shenanigans.

  6. That’s the lounge I was thinking of in my comment to the post about the first class lounge. I think it is fantastic for a USA lounge. I’ve been in it durng peak time and thought it handled a crowd well.

  7. @Franklyn Miller

    A willingness to spend $12 of your own money on an airport drink would correlate highly with spending $450 for access to not have to spend that money. Personally, I find it insulting that they charge night club prices for all but the “house” wine/beer. Plus, $8 for a pretty awful sandwich. At least the International lounges make an effort to put out food that can be considered to be a meal – or at least more than a bad snack.

    Personally – I have Aegean access to lounges, and even then it barely seems worth going into the lounge to create a makeshift sandwich of Pepperidge Farm crackers and monterey jack cheese.

  8. Agree with Daniel on this one. I did not renew my United Club membership and don’t regret it one bit. Airport lounges, Hotel Exec Lounges, all pretty much passé to me these days except for the super nice ones. But i still enjoy Lucky’s reviews of them.

  9. I visited the oneworld Bradley terminal lounge on my way to Tokyo today Malaysia air flight 93. The lounge had 4 hot meal choices, a very good Mac and cheese with more of an Alfredo sauce, a meet dish, a vega tabl dish and one other, plus white rice and roasted garlic soup. The lounge was pretty empty and had ample employees. We were glad as we did not have a change to get lunch before we left for the airport

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