Qatar Airways 777 Business Class In 10 Pictures

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Update: Read my full Qatar Airways Business Class 777 Bali To Doha review.

Hello from New York! After flying from Los Angeles to Hong Kong on Americanfrom Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City on Cathay Pacific, and from Ho Chi Minh City to Doha on Qatar Airways, we connected to New York in Qatar Airways business class (yes, this was thanks to a $676 roundtrip business class fare).

This wasn’t my first time flying Qatar’s 777-300ER business class, though it was my first time flying it to the US, and was by far the longest flight I’ve taken in this cabin. Qatar’s 777s will eventually be outfitted with Qsuites, so these are seats that probably won’t exist in a few years.

Qatar Airways has one of the most outdated yet spacious business class cabins out there. Business class consists of a total of 42 seats, spread across seven rows in a 2-2-2 configuration. When Qatar Airways adds Qsuites to these planes, they’re actually able to do so without decreasing the seat count. That’s how spacious (and inefficient) the old configuration was.

For example, between doors one and two they have just 24 seats, while most airlines with cutting edge business class products (like reverse herringbone seats) can fit more seats in that area. The aisles in business class are wide, and legroom is almost unlimited.

While the cabin is outdated, the seats are extremely comfortable, and really this is an ideal configuration when traveling as a couple. You have a good amount of personal space, but can also enjoy the flight sitting next to someone. So I’d argue this is the most comfortable “standard” forward facing product out there (which excludes things like Apex Suites).

Much like on my last flight, the soft product was impeccable. Taking care of us the entire flight was Violah, who was probably one of the dozen best flight attendants I’ve had in my life. She was from Kenya, and had the most infectious smile I’ve ever seen. It’s not just that she was friendly, but she was also competent and attentive.

Amenities on the flight were as good as always — pajamas, amenity kits, slippers, mattress pads, etc. There was an extensive drink list, and as usual, the entire meal service was on demand, so you could order what you wanted when you wanted.

The flight time was about 14 hours, so we had breakfast after takeoff. I had a guava and mango smoothie, greek yogurt parfait, and paneer bhurji with aloo matar poha. Yum, yum, yum. Add in the champagne and karak chai, and it was a very good breakfast.

Then before landing we had a delicious lunch. I ordered the smoked salmon appetizer, tofu in panko bread crumbs with curry sauce as my main, and a selection of desserts to finish off the meal.

Between the two meals we were dead tired, and slept for eight hours. While the seats were comfortable, I actually don’t think they’re fully flat, unlike how Qatar advertises them. The footrest at both of our seats definitely didn’t create a fully flat surface. It’s possible that both of our seats were just malfunctioning a little, but I doubt it. So while the seats were angled, it wasn’t at all a bad angle — it reminded me of Emirates and EgyptAir, both of which have slightly angled seats in business class that are basically as good as flat. This is more a technicality than anything.

Two other thoughts about the seat. First of all, I wish the privacy shield between seats extended further (the below picture shows the full extent of how far it goes), in which case this would be a great seat when traveling alone. Second of all, while business class products have improved nicely, there is something really nice about sleeping on a surface where there isn’t just a small space for your feet. Sometimes I wonder how much seat comfort has really improved over the years.

While this product is outdated, it’s still great in many ways. It’s nice to be able to sit next to a travel companion and still be so comfortable. I can see why some people even prefer this to reverse herringbone seats. However, the real highlight of the flight was Violah.

If you’ve flown Qatar’s 777 business class, what did you think?

  1. Flew with Qatar in May from Manchester to Doha and then Doha to Auckland. Doha to Auckland was LONG. But perfectly comfortable and the staff was great. Had the most amazing steak on the way out, and the flight attendants kept me well supplied with champagne.

  2. do you mean “panko breadcrumbs” when describing the tofu? Unless something was very alarming about those breadcrumbs… 😀

  3. I’m glad to hear your comments. I get annoyed when people dump on this product because, while it might not seem flashy, if you’re with a partner it’s a fantastic product

  4. Panic Breadcrumbs? I never knew Qatar went so downhill, their breadcrumbs must have been a real shocker!!!!!! 😉 :))

  5. I’m confused ben. Was the tofu panicked or were the actually breadcrumbs panicked? Or were you the one that was panicked?

    Kind Regards,

    Breadcrumb Conoisseur

  6. Lucky, how is it that you were able to eat so many Indian items? Didn’t see you touching India on your route, does QR have these items standard on their business class menu?

  7. As a solo traveler it’s not an option I would ever consider even with the privacy screen extended fully. And angled beds??? No thanks! Soft product will only get you so far if the hard product is outdated. For me, that distance cannot be abridged.

  8. @mrwise – plenty of qatar flights i have been on have had the same arrangement – with indian dishes offered even on routes completely out of the way. Not sure whether this is due to regional tastes (a lot of qatar’s passengers going in and out are indian, as a large proportion of them work in qatar) but im not too sure.

  9. My wife and I found the seats on the 777-200LR to be very good on our flight ATL-DOH…. not so much though on the a330 flight DOH-SIN. The next leg was HKG-JFK in the mini-cabin of CX’s 777-300ER. They’re terrific for comfort and privacy but I’d still take the QR 777 business class over CX because of the exceptional service and catering.

  10. I flew on this plane recently and you are right, it is not full flat. It is a minor angle at the foot rest that drives me crazy! I keep getting the feeling I was sliding. It’s a good product overall. The only issues is that food departing US is terrible and there is no WiFi.
    Otherwise, there is lots of room around the cabin, you get 3-4 windows on each seat

  11. I’ve zero problems with this plane and seats. Love the unlimited legroom and Qatar is my ME3 favorite airline. Never had a bad flight with them.

  12. I’m looking forward to sampling this product next year on a return trip to Italy on Qatar. I think I will get to sample nearly every one of their business products, except their QSuites, unless we get an updated aircraft. Given our travel is in May/June 2018 – that is possible. So we get an A380, a 777-300ER, 787-8 and A330-200. I will be travelling with my partner – so all should be fine.

  13. Just got off a Qatar 777 flight from Amsterdam to Doha and have to say it’s the best flight I’ve ever been on (although Iberia and BA are my only airlines of comparison, so that might not be saying too much). For a 6 hour flight, it really is unbelievably comfortable. A few hours time I’ll be getting on the A350 to HND and be able to compare.

    Perhaps I’m weird, but I didn’t like it in the lie flat position and would have found it more comfortable in a slightly raised position

  14. Did 2 overnight flights in this product last month and lucky enough to have a pair of seats to myself each time. Making up the bed in the right hand seat while enjoying dinner in the left makes for a very pleasant experience. These seats are still fantastic for sleeping because of the unlimited room especially around the feet – no foot cubby and slept extrenely well.
    They go close enough to fully flat for me – remember the plane always flies on a slight angle! Certainly no sliding for me and much flatter than the angled flat seats on TG, TK and MS.
    QSuites were much better but for overnight flights it’s still an excellent product.

  15. I recently flew to South Africa on a combination of A330 (old and new), 777 and 787. Service on all were fantastic. Whilst I did enjoy the 787, I did find the space of the 777 to be more comfortable. I got more sleep due to not having my feet cramped in the 77 seat. Even the old 330 seating, which is similarly very spacious, was very comfortable. The privacy doesn’t bother me, when you’re asleep, you’re asleep so I can’t see the person next to me.

  16. I flew 777 as a solo flyer on a “sake fare” last month NRT-DOH. The privacy screen came further forward on my seat and the only privacy issue I had was having full view of my neighbour’s screen; which was compounded by them watching the same (Japanese) film 3 times consecutively.

    I could not work out if it was an angled bed, which indicates how good it was and I actually preferred it as being more spacious than the 787 with its foot coffin. I also liked that they give you an undersheet. BTW I don’t like the new PJs; which feel cheaper than previous.

    The storage is greater but mostly located in the seat back infront, so not so convenient.

    The available floor space is indeed huge and it feels so spacious. There is also more overhead storage capacity.

    The BIG caveat in all this is choice of seat. Under no circumstances chose anything other than the center seats. They are perfect, with full aisle access. Last year, I was allocated a window seat on a full flight and vowed I’d never fly Qatar again – they are that bad. Once the aisle pax changes seat to bed, it is near impossible to get out. Far worse than any BA biz seat. If you are the aisle pax then you will be awakened if the window pax requires to get out. My problem arose because Qatar swapped planes from 787 to 777 and kept my window seat pref. If it happened again I would refuse to board the plane. Do not sit there!!!

    So yes the 777 is a bit tired, but it still gives a great sleep in the centre seats.

  17. “So I’d argue this is the most comfortable “standard” forward facing product out there” Lucky come on are you kidding me Qantas A380 Hard Prodcut Blows this out of the park for one it is actually fully flat two your feet are not restricted at all you have heaps of space and legroom and three there is a massive massive privacy divider inbetween all seats.

  18. This is indeed a very dated hard product (lookin’ at you too, Qantas!). I would not enjoy it travelling solo. A shadow would make it ideal. Paniced breadcrumbs notwithstanding, I don’t think I would have enjoyed your meal selection on that route. Seems more geared for Indian sub-continent destinations/departures. Was there a good western selection?
    I am booked on the newish A350 NCE-DOH in J in a week, and am looking forward to that very much.

  19. I have a couple of upcoming flights on the 777 and have chosen the aisle seat in the center row but wondering what is a better option: the 4th row aisle seat (in front of the galley) or the last seat (row 7 in front of the economy cabin)?


  20. @Gordon W

    you make a good point. I’m flying this from DOH – ATL soon and I was wondering what a good seat for a solo traveller would be. Thanks!

  21. @Gordon “I flew 777 as a solo flyer on a “sake fare” last month”

    How were the breadcrumbs on that sake fare? Panicked? Or pleasantly drunk on rice wine?

  22. @Franck and Lucky.. Actually you can raise the footrest in bed position by sliding your bag + blankets underneath it. Then its perfectly flat.

  23. @Owen. On the DOH-NRT route, Qatar extend their drink list to include Sake, Shochu, Kirin Beer and Fukujuen Hoji-cha tea. Alas there was no panko to be seen even within the delicious Kaiseki option. Much sake was consumed to compensate.

  24. If that’s what they serve for ‘breakfast’, I hope there’s overhead air vents for each seat. Parp-parp!

  25. Ashamed that Lucky suffers through those old 777 seats, when he could fly
    and has yet to review business class on an VIETNAM AIRLINES A350 long haul.

  26. I’m flying from Doha to New York in early January and my seats have changed to the new Q suites. So looking forward to see what that experience brings.

  27. I find the QR 777 business class seats to be very spacious and amongst the most comfortable seats. Changing to the Q Suites will be going a step back in terms of comfort.

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