Review: Premier Inn Abu Dhabi Airport

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After landing on Etihad from Beirut, I made my way through immigration toward the Premier Inn. After spending the last two nights on economy class flights, I was beyond excited to sleep in a real bed.

It was a long walk from arrivals to the hotel. The signage was good, at least.

The lobby was simple, as you’d expect at an airport hotel. Besides a few chairs, there was a restaurant called Nuevo and a Costa.

Checkin was speedy, even though there were a couple of people ahead of me.

Once I had my room key, I took the elevator up to the 5th floor and found my room.

Rather uninspiring hallway.

For an airport hotel, and considering the price, the room was impressively large.

On the left upon entering, there was a suitcase stand, open closet, and an empty refrigerator.

Further in, there was a desk, mirror, and TV. The room decoration was fine. Everything felt and looked clean, and there were no strange smells.

Against the inner wall, there was an awkward-looking couch. I suspect it was there to fill the space…

The bed itself was comfortable, but getting into it was an experience. The sheets were so tightly folded you’d think the bed was fresh out of the factory with pre-installed sheets.

I’m not a huge fan of bedspreads, so the lack thereof made me happy!

Meanwhile, the bathroom was spacious, but basic.

I worked for a few hours after arriving before going to sleep, so there’s nothing notable to write about. However, it’s good to know that there was no exterior noise from the airport. There’s also free Wi-Fi for all guests.

There weren’t many good alternatives for dining nearby, so the best option was either room service or going into town.

Bottom Line 

The Premier Inn Abu Dhabi Airport is a no-frills, reasonably priced place for an airport overnight. The room was nice enough, and at this price point, understandably there were few luxuries. I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again next time I’m looking for a cheap overnight at AUH.

  1. Looks perfectly acceptable. I was going to stay there during a 10 hour layover, but the transit desk staff organised complimentary transfers and suite at a 5 star hotel by the sea. I didn’t even ask for it. Had actually asked for directions to the airport hotel. Not sure if this is common at AUH, but it certainly impressed me at the time.

  2. That’s not an awkward looking couch, that’s a chaise lounge. It’s not there simply to fill space, it’s there because many people prefer to recline and read/do the crossword/use their computer on something that isn’t their bed.

  3. I had to go back to Daniel’s intro post, which has the price of the hotel. 244 AED, which I guess is about EUR 57 or USD 67.

    And I like chaise lounges.

    Nice review, but did you end up eating at the hotel?

  4. Well, it’s around 70 USD if you book well in advanc or 110 USD for short term bookings (room only). I went there regularly for short overnight stops, after I discovered it.

    Yes, past tense is used correctly, because after the demise of AirBerlin I’m no longer connecting through AUH, but rather DOH or DXB …

  5. The chaise lounge is actually an option to add a 3rd person to the room. They make it up like a single bed. If you had of bothered to do research on Premier Inn’s you’d know that.
    Also important to note that Premier Inn’s also have a “get a good night sleep” guarantee or your money back.
    Why don’t reviewers on this site actually do some research (except for Lucky and Tiffany)? Not every airport hotel is a Hilton or SPG.

  6. @AussieBen:

    Complimentary suite? Which hotel? Airline? If it was complimentary, who paid for it? Airport? Airline? If so, which class of travel

    OMG so many qns 😛

  7. A note on food options – the hotel is part of the “SkyPark” facility. On the 4th floor where the rental car desks are located you will find a few extra choices for eating: McDonalds, Hatam (grilled lebanese style food), O’Briens sandwich bar and ‘La brioche’ (french cafe style). All all fairly decent in terms of quality and price…(well, McDonalds is as you would expect).

  8. I like Daniel’s reviews so this isn’t intended as a bash – but does the world really need a review of a Premier Inn anywhere?

  9. Daniel – see if you can review Premier Inn’s new Hub line of hotels. They have revolutionary pod like rooms which are perfect for single travelers. I’m staying in Central London Hub (Westminster) as I write – 3 nights for less than GBP 180

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