Impressions Of The Park Hyatt Milan

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I just wrapped up my first ever stay at the Park Hyatt Milan. As much as I’ve been loyal to Hyatt for many years and have stayed at quite a few Park Hyatt properties, I’ve done surprisingly few of their European properties. There are eight Park Hyatts in Europe, and prior to this year I’ve only stayed at the properties in Istanbul, Vienna, and Zurich.

Then earlier this year I stayed at the Park Hyatt Paris for the first time, which exceeded my expectations. Now I just wrapped up a stay at the Park Hyatt Milan, which I had also heard great things about.

This is a Category 7 World of Hyatt hotel, so a free night stay cost 30,000 points per night.  You can earn these points in several ways:

Earn World of Hyatt Points

I used points for our stay, and then used a Globalist Suite Upgrade to confirm an upgrade to a suite at the time of booking. The fact that the World of Hyatt program lets you use suite upgrades on award stays is one of my favorite features, since it means you can confirm suites on the stays that matter most to you. For what it’s worth, the paid rate for a base room would have been around 600EUR per night.

There are different standards of “good” hotels. Some hotels are good after factoring in that you can redeem points at them, while some hotels are objectively excellent, regardless of whether you’re paying points or cash. This hotel definitely fits into the latter category.

In many ways I found the Park Hyatt Milan to be very similar to the Park Hyatt Paris in terms of the rooms, design, and service.

The hotel has an unbeatable location if sightseeing. It’s immediately next to the Galleria, and just a very short walk from the Duomo. This allowed us to do all of our sightseeing by foot.

Our suite upgrade confirmed into a Park Suite, which was a good size, though was a single room. I loved the design of the room — it felt luxurious and modern while still doing justice to the building it was in. The room had a comfortable king size bed, and then a large seating area. The bathroom was huge as well.

Possibly the greatest treat of our stay was breakfast. Thanks to my Globalist status we received complimentary breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant every morning. This is a beautiful setting, and has a glass dome for lots of natural light.

This may just be my favorite Globalist breakfast offered at any Hyatt hotel in the world. The restaurant has an excellent buffet that was exceptionally high quality (a great selection of fruit, balik salmon, etc.). You can select whatever you want from the buffet, and then you can also order whatever else you want off the menu. You can order as much or as little as you want. This include a lobster omelet with caviar, an avocado and ricotta cheese sandwich on walnut bread, etc.

The service was excellent, and the server recommended we order multiple things. She almost seemed disappointed when we didn’t want to order waffles or pancakes for dessert.

Since this is a smaller city hotel, there aren’t too many other amenities. There’s a decent enough gym, as well as a spa on the basement level. We didn’t use the spa, though access is free for all guests, and Globalist members even get a 20% discount on treatments.

My one (very) mild criticism of the hotel is that it doesn’t really have any public spaces where you can sit (other than the three benches in the below picture). I totally get space is limited in hotels and this is pretty common in Europe, but when jetlagged it’s nice to sometimes have somewhere to sit at 3AM where I can work, while Ford is still sleeping. The only public spaces at this hotel are the restaurants, and those are closed at that hour.

All things considered I can’t recommend the Park Hyatt Milan enough — the rooms, service, location, and breakfast, were all top notch. This is probably one of my five favorite Park Hyatts in the world, and an excellent way to redeem World of Hyatt or Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

Earn Hyatt points

If you’ve stayed at the Park Hyatt Milan, what was your experience like?

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  1. Yes, really enjoyed it too! One of the best Hyatts in the world. I had a suite with heated floors, whirlpool jet tub, and the windows opening out straight into the Galleria. The breakfast in the lobby was excellent and the hotel’s restaurant in also one of the best two star Michelin-rated restaurants in Europe.

  2. We had a very similar experience at breakfast with a server who was delightful and genuinely wanted us to experience as much of the food as possible (the blood orange juice was delicious). Definitely my favorite globalist breakfast to date. I was thoroughly impressed with the hotel and Milan.

  3. Twice I have stayed in a suite on Points Park Hyatt Zurich and Park Hyatt Vienna and got free brrakfast! I did Not have top status ! Do you know if they offer comp breakast for suite guests?

  4. This is so timely. Thank you! We are staying there this summer – on points, but with only Discoverist status. I’m a sucker for a fabulous breakfast. Do you remember how much it costs? Or, do you know if Hyatt does any status matching with other hotel brands? We are Diamond at Hilton.

  5. My husband and I stayed at the Park Hyatt Milan a couple of years ago during an anniversary trip. I booked four nights using points and while we weren’t upgraded to a suite, our upgraded single room was large and comfortable and the bathroom spacious. What made the hotel stand out, however, was the service. Our first morning we were a bit jetlagged and trying to figure out how to take public transportation to see the Last Supper painting. The bellman at the hotel actually went down the street for us, picked up our tickets, and walked us to the tram stop. This was only one example of service that was over and above the norm. I would go back there again anytime!

  6. I wonder how well the PH Vienna property is doing. I’m having a wonderful stay but am Explorist and was upgraded for a week from base room into a Park Suite. Am not mad about it. Just seems odd.

  7. I stayed there in May 2017 at the same time President Obama was at the hotel for the World Food Conference. He had the whole 7th Floor to himself (and I assume his people) and there were security people everywhere along with big crowds outside which required that guests phone the security detail to be escorted inside. On my first day it took 40 minutes to get through security which required showing two IDs, my hotel reservation and then checking the hotel to see if I did in fact have a reservation. The streets around the hotel were closed off to traffic but the rest of the surrounding area outside of the perimeter seemed normal. Aside from the crowds and media hassle, I loved the place. Wonderful staff and the breakfast was the best I’ve had at any hotel, anywhere.

    Actually got to see President Obama close up in the lobby when he leaving on his final day. I often wonder how hotels are selected for presidents and other VIPs.

  8. My wife and I have stayed at the three Cat 7 European PH’s (Zurich, Paris, Milan) on an anniversary trip in 2016 and were absolutely thrilled and repeatedly impressed by each. We had the same suite as you at the PH Milan and loved the bathroom and overall architecture. Room service breakfast (as Hyatt Diamond at the time) was amazing and complimentary, and service overall was exceptional.

    That trip, and our experiences at these hotels, is what caused us to fall in love with the Park Hyatt brand. And since then we’ve added Vienna, Hadahaa, and Sydney to our list of all time favorites (largely thanks to your recommendations).

    Glad you enjoyed it, and excited for the full review!

  9. Stayed here last December. I agree with Lucky, the public spaces are sorely lacking.

    It is very elegant and the location is the best. Close to La Scala too.

    I was not wowed by the breakfast, or the food generally. 5 star level, yes, but not outstanding. Same goes for the service.

  10. I’ve stayed at PH Moscow about a gazillion times for work. It has a dated lobby with almost no public space, the rooms are pretty dark but modern walnut finishes, and a decent rooftop bar (which is a thing in Moscow). A pretty good gym with no windows. Location is good, right across from TSUM (a big department store) and the Bolshoi. But it is not a cool hotel at all and I’d skip it if you have other options.

  11. I hope you got to enjoy a refreshing Aperol Spritz and some delish food at Aperol Terrraza just next to the Hyatt. Was there in April and had a great time.

  12. Hah! We were just there for 2 nights at the end of May. We must have just missed you? I took Yanisa on a tour of Northern Italy by train, including taking the Bernina Express over the Alps.

    It was my second stay there (the first in 2014) and I think the PH Milan is possibly the best hotel in the system.

    Didn’t use a TSU, don’t have any this year, was upgraded to an exec room that had TV issues. Not fixed, they elected to move us to a fifth floor suite for the 2nd night. Service recovery was great needless to say. Lovely amenities waiting in the first room for us upon arrival.

    And like you said, you can’t beat the location.



  13. We got a better suite with our upgrade, I think called a Terrace Suite? It had a full living room, a 2nd small bathroom, a big bedroom and a massive bathroom with two separate vanity areas and two closets if I recall. There was also a small terrace with a tiny view of the top of the Duomo. When we were told we could order ANYTHING on the menu, I asked “even the caviar omelet?” and they said, sure! I said, “I’ll take two!”.
    When we checked in and waiting for our room we were told to get some drinks at the bar and they offered to make anything we wanted!
    The only bad thing was we were told about some complimentary afternoon tea service when we checked in that we had just missed. The next opportunity wasn’t until the day we checked out but they gave us a certificate and told us we could do it after we checked out. So the day came and we sat down and asked about the tea service. They looked at us quizicly as we showed them the certificate. They then asked what kind of tea we wanted and they brought us some hot water and some tea bags. We asked if there were any snacks that go with the tea service and they said “we can bring you some nuts from the bar….”. Mmm… not what I was expecting for a 5-star tea service.
    Reminded me of Amy Schumer’s “U” hotel experience after she checked out 😉

  14. If you apply a club upgrade you get as Explorist do you get free breakfast at the restaurant?

  15. Last year my wife and I stayed at the PH Moscow, PH Zurich, PH Vienna, PH Paris & PH Milan.
    Milan was by far the most run down and uninspiring, yes the location is great but so are the locations in Moscow, Vienna, Paris and Zurich. My wife is a big contributor to TripAdvisor and the PH Milan did not get a glowing review as did the others. If I were is list them in order of best to worst then: Vienna, Paris, Zurich, Moscow, Milan. Best breakfast – Paris & Vienna then Zurich then Milan & Moscow.

    BTW my wife is a globalist and has been for three years and we stay in Hyatt’s wherever we travel.

  16. I stayed there in April of 2016 and then again last September for a belated anniversary trip. Just also finished up a stay at the Paris Vendome. I think the Park Hyatt Milan is my favorite so far. The people are really nice and both times we have upgraded to suites with points and cash and a free night too! Love the Park Hyatt properties my mission is to stay at them all.

  17. I’m surprised by how much everyone likes this hotel. It’s nice, the suites are spacious.. but it’s definitely not in the same league as Park Hyatt Zurich, for example.

  18. Lucky,
    We really enjoyed this Park Hyatt in Milan. The location & staff were amazing.
    I do remember a nice lounge at the Park Hyatt with seating outside & inside that offered a complimentary Prosecco & Italian aperitivo :

    Dehors—an authentic Milanese aperitivo set in a cozy outdoor setting—is an idyllic spot to cap off your evening in Milan. An extension of neighboring Mio Lab, this stylish lounge at Park Hyatt Milan offers unparalleled views of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Enjoy a fresh cocktail accompanied by delicious pintxos created by our Executive Chef Andrea Aprea. Because Dehors offers an experience that can only be reveled in outdoors, it is only open during the spring and summer seasons.

  19. As a former Hyatt Diamond, of the Park Hyatt’s in Europe, I’ve stayed at Paris, Milan, Zurich, and Vienna. Of them, I think I enjoyed Paris more by the slimmest of margins, but it could be that Paris was the first truly luxurious property I stayed at. Milan was definitely memorable as we also splurged to eat at VUN, a Michelin started restaurant. The waiter we had must have been going through training as after he served us food, he turned around and said “Yes!” to pat himself on the back. My wife and I still find it amusing today.

    You can’t go wrong with any of the upper end properties in Europe, provided you have top tier status, of course.

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