Official: The Centurion Lounge San Francisco Opens November 6, 2014

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American Express has gotten into the airport lounge business, as they’ve been opening several of their own lounges for cardmembers around the country, called Centurion Lounges. So far they have lounges in Las Vegas, Dallas Ft. Worth, and New York LaGuardia.


American Express has announced two more lounge locations in the near future, in San Francisco and Miami. The Miami club is expected to open sometime in 2015, without an exact timeline yet.

There has been a lot of buzz about the new San Francisco club, which is much closer to completion. However, the opening date still hasn’t officially been announced (at least not by American Express).

As I shared last week, the plan was for the new lounge to open on November 6, 2014. That wasn’t in writing, however, but rather through an unofficial source.

I can now “officially” confirm that The Centurion Lounge SFO is scheduled to be opened on November 6, 2014, per a memo sent out to employees at SFO. The memo also states the opening hours for the Centurion Lounge, which will be 5AM till 11PM daily.


For what it’s worth, the lounge is scheduled to have a ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:30AM on November 6, 2014:

American Express will open its new lounge, The Centurion Lounge, in Boarding Area F of Terminal 3 with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:30 a.m. on November 6, 2014.

So, who’s going to be the first person to visit the lounge, given that it opens in a week?

  1. I just walked by it on Monday and it looks GREAT! Similar hip decor as others with dark woods and wine racks (playing off wine country?)…and best of all, great food to come!

    In Terminal 3 (United), follow the signs to Gates 74-75. Lounge is on the left as you approach the gates with a glass-enclosed staircase to the 2nd floor.

  2. I’m hoping to try it out on the 12th of November! I have a ~3 hour layover and am flying United. I love that this lounge is in the United Terminal as I am (for better or worse) a United flyer.

  3. Awesome! Based on your speculation last week, I booked a trip to LA out of terminal 3 for the 7th. I’ll definitely have a review up shortly after!

  4. I have a flight on the 6th from SFO at 9AM. Do you think it will be open prior to the ribbon cutting ceremony?

  5. I fly to San Francisco from Los Angeles at least once a month (usually 15-20 trips a year). I use the Delta Shuttle from LAX, and it’s a pretty easy experience. I understand Delta’s presence at SFO is pretty minimal compared to the other two, but it’s a shame I won’t get to use this lounge. In my experience it would take 5-10 minutes to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3, and then however long it takes to get through security. I have SkyPriority in the terminal where it’s offered, but I don’t think this would be the case in T3. It would be nice to see them allow passengers who are trying to access the lounge a separate line or something. I dunno…I’m sure American Express invested a lot in this lounge…

  6. @Coalharbour–the Centurion Lounge in LAS most definitely allows arriving passengers. We’ve been in there several times while waiting for family who is arriving later.

  7. The Centurion Lounge in LAS most definitely allows arriving passengers. We’ve been in there several times while waiting for family who is arriving later.

  8. @ italdesign — Yup, as long as you’re not arriving off an international flight where you have to go through customs, in which case you can’t re-enter the terminal. Otherwise absolutely.

  9. Does domestic arrival passenger from another airline have access to this lounge? We will get there on AA. I’m assuming we won’t be allowed to enter terminal since we don’t have onward flight.

  10. @ Valeria — Correct, I don’t believe you can enter the terminal if you don’t have a boarding pass departing SFO that day, and American uses a different terminal.

  11. I’m flying out of SFO on AA – will it be possible for me to visit the lounge? I’ve got plenty of time to stop by before the flight, so it’s just a question of getting through security.

  12. I’m sure i wont be the first but wont be too far off as I pass through SFO on Thursday. Unlikley to make the ribbon cutting though unless my SYD-SFO arrive way early. Look forward to checking it out!

  13. i will be flying out of SFO on B6 back to JFK tomorrow midday. This is perfect! How difficult is it for me to get back and forth to this lounge?

  14. i will be flying out of SFO on B6 back to JFK tomorrow midday. This is perfect! How difficult is it for me to get back and forth to this lounge? I can guest a person in as well?

  15. @ Singapore Flyer — Not difficult, though you will have to clear security twice. You can absolutely bring a guest.

  16. Sweet. I saw the article just in time as I have a flight through SFO this evening.

    I dropped my platinum AMEX in March when they gave up US Airways Lounge access, but this might just inspire me to sign up again (combined with the fact they offer Priority Pass which opens up the lounge at SJC too).

  17. @ Steve — They’re typically pretty fast, though they seem to ask more questions there than at other airports.

  18. I actually cleared security 3 times in under 5 minutes total time. It was a lot smaller than I imagined, but it was nice and had enough relaxing spots if you can snag it.

  19. I stopped by the club yesterday for the tour and it was great. It kind of felt like an Apple store walking into it. The main feature of the club was their “Wine Wall” with an automated dispenser for 18 bottles of wine. Very nice. It was around 10pm, so food selection was limited but still looked much better quality than most other lounge I’ve seen in the US.

    They also offered as shower room (single) and semi-private nap area.

    My main complaint was the relatively small square footage. The United Club around the corner in international is at least 4 times the size. There will be many times it will be hard to find a seat here.

    Also worth noting that centurion members received a free gift (cookbook by the chef and something else, chocolate?)

  20. As a foodie from Marin flying out Nov 7 it was very Disappointing! Dallas AMEX dramatically better!
    1. Security thru int terminal sux. Don’t be stupid like me and go thru int TSA line that DoesNot Staff TSA Pre and can’t pronounce GLOBAL entry. Go UA far end and breeze thru?
    2. When you get to the club on a Friday evening, don’t expect much. The front desk will be swamped and painfully slow. The pork will be overlooked and dry.
    3. If you are expecting a place to sit down, think again. Think Sardine Factory!
    4. You have to wonder how clueless the construction team was to take so long to finish so small a space.
    5. How stupid of me to imagine a great airport experience in the first place. Next time I’ll just drive to Carmel. Thank you TSA!

  21. How can Amex get the Centurion Club in Las Vegas, Dallas and NY so right and get San Francisco so wrong? The food presentation looked like it had been picked through and not replenished for approximately 2 hours. In other clubs, the food is constantly replenished. The food variety in Vegas is second to none, San Francisco has gone just the opposite direction. Where are the cookies? Bowls with a couple of grapes and some died cranberries is their excuse for a salad bar. The Michelin chef is standing behind the food presentation hacking squash all night long. That and grilled mushrooms were the only things replenished and neither was all that good. He may be an accomplished chef, but he obviously has little say over the menu; its just a stark extreme to the other clubs. Even the bathrooms in other clubs are constantly cleaned and restocked. Since the bathrooms are right in direct view in the bar, I can attest noone cleaned or replenished them in the 2 hours I sat there, so it was no surprise that there was no toilet paper. They have a wine machine which is a novelty at first until you realize you get 1 oz at a time and unless you are sitting nearby, you need to keep walking back and forth.

    If you don’t get in for free with the Platinum or Centurion card, save your money.

  22. Centurion Lounge in SFO, i fly Alaska 2-3 x a month, was easy to zip through TSA precheck ,took maybe 5 minutes to get there, was surprised how many folks there,a sat. at 2pm, appx. 100guests, desk staff were awesome and super friendly , they spend most of there time, explaining to a line of folks ‘why they don’t have access’ ..LOL anyway the food was unusual and really picked over and not refreshed, even though there was 9 chefs in the kitchen overlooking the buffet?
    alos that buffet and a heavy desert selection was the only food, i would have killed for a nut//pretzel!!

    But very nice relaxing seating options, nice lighting and friendly staff, heard staff say ‘cocktails’ was the biggest seller.was worth the visit

  23. It is time to brand this as a Centurion Studio so there aren’t so many people. I’ve seen the stack of receipts from people who paid to enter and mid day it was easily 100+. I haven’t yet been denied a seat, but in my recent visits there have been only a few seats available, so I’m sure the day will soon come that there are no available seats.

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