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I’ve reviewed Delta’s 767 business class before between Sao Paulo and Detroit, and was keen to see how their service to Europe compared, especially after the product was rebranded from BusinessElite to Delta One.

Delta 34
Los Angeles (LAX) – London (LHR)
Friday, September 25
Depart: 9:10PM
Arrive: 3:50PM
Duration: 10hr40min
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300
Seat: 9B (Delta One/Business Class)

Delta’s 767-300 business class cabin consists of a total of 36 seats, spread across nine rows in a 1-2-1 configuration. While I was the first passenger to board, there were already two federal air marshals in the cabin (at least that’s what I assume they were, as they were seated on opposite sides of the cabin and didn’t recline their seats during the 10 hour redeye flight).

Delta-One-London - 1
Delta One cabin 767-300

Delta-One-London - 2
Delta One cabin 767-300

I will say that Delta’s newly branded “Delta One” cabins are extremely sleek in terms of the finishes. I love the checkered leather pattern, and think the red accents look good on the seats. Unfortunately that’s about the only positive thing I can say about the hard product.

Delta-One-London - 3
Delta 767 business class cabin

Delta-One-London - 15
Delta One branding

The seats are staggered in such a way that the area where you put your feet is basically next to the person seated in front of you.

Delta-One-London - 4
Delta 767 business class cabin from seat 9B

That’s why on the sides of the cabins the seats alternate — in one row the seat will be closer to the window, while in the next row it’ll be closer to the aisle. There are pros and cons to both types of seats.

Delta-One-London - 8
Delta 767 business class cabin

The seats closer to the aisle have larger foot cubbies, meaning it’s easier to sleep in them. That being said, they also make you feel like you’re seated in the middle of the aisle, as you have no privacy.

Delta-One-London - 5
Delta 767 business class, seat 8A

Delta-One-London - 7
Delta 767 business class, seat 8A

Meanwhile the “true” window seats are much more private, as they have the console on the aisle side, meaning you can easily look out the window. The downside is that the foot cubbies in these seats are tiny, so unless you have really small feet/legs, you’ll probably have a hard time getting comfortable.

Delta-One-London - 6
Delta 767 business class, seat 9A

The seats in the center are equally staggered. In our case we had assigned seated 9B & 9C. 9B is closest to the aisle so has a larger foot cubby, while 9C is more in the center, with a console on the right side, making it “cozier.” It also has a smaller foot cubby, as a result. While these seats are nice when traveling with someone, they feel awfully “intimate” if you’re just seated next to a stranger.

Delta-One-London - 9
Delta 767 business class, seats 9B & 9C

Delta-One-London - 11
Delta business class entertainment screen and foot cubby, seat 9B

Since the cabin was still quite empty, I also took a quick glance at the Comfort+ cabin, which looked quite nice. Ultimately I like the 767-300 if flying in economy, given that it’s in a 2-3-2 configuration, which is far preferred to a cabin with 10 seats per row, for example.

Delta-One-London - 10
Delta Comfort+ on 767

In terms of the seat features, the seat controls are located at the front of the console, and are pretty simple.

Delta-One-London - 12
Delta business class seat controls

Behind the seat and to the side are the reading lights, USB port, 110v power port, and headphone jack.

Delta-One-London - 13
Delta business class reading light, power port, and headphone jack

Delta-One-London - 14
Delta business class power outlet

In terms of the seat “hard” product, perhaps the most infuriating shortcoming is the lack of storage. There’s literally no storage whatsoever at these seats, which is just pathetic.

Waiting at each seat were packaged Westin Heavenly bedding amenities, including a blanket and two pillows (one small and one large). Delta’s bedding is awesome, probably the best business class bedding out there. Kudos to them on that.

Delta-One-London - 16
Delta business class Westin Heavenly blanket & pillow

Delta-One-London - 17
Delta business class Westin Heavenly blanket & pillow

Also waiting at each seat were headphones, a bottle of Dasani water, and a Tumi amenity kit.

Delta-One-London - 18
Delta business class headphones, bottled water, champagne, and Tumi amenity kit

This is a different Tumi amenity kit than I’ve received in the past on Delta, as it had a hard case. It must be among the nicest business class amenity kits out there.

Delta-One-London - 19
Delta business class Tumi amenity kit

The contents were only okay, though I did really like the Tumi pen in the kit. Personally I care most about the kit itself, as I find nice amenity kits to be great for storing cords, toiletries, etc.

Delta-One-London - 20
Delta business class Tumi amenity kit contents

Once settled in one of the flight attendants came by with pre-departure beverages. She just didn’t seem to be happy to be there. At all. I selected a glass of champagne. I do appreciate that Delta serves pre-departure beverages in glasses, which American typically doesn’t do, in my experience.

Delta-One-London - 21
Delta business class pre-departure champagne & water

The boarding process took quite a while, as eventually just about every seat on the plane was taken, including every business class seat. I know this in part because just about every economy passenger bumped into me when walking down the aisle. That’s a big downside of the 767, where everyone boards through the forward door.

Around 9PM the captain made a brief announcement welcoming us aboard, and informing us of our flight time of 10 hours.

At boarding finished up the “flight leader” came around the cabin to distribute menus. She also didn’t seem very excited to be there. She simply said “I’m Crissy and I’m the flight leader” while holding out the menu. That was it.

At around 9:05PM the doors closed, and five minutes later we pushed back, at which point Delta’s safety hilarious safety video aired:

Our taxi to the runway was pretty slow, though at 9:30PM we took off, right behind a Qantas 747.

I found it interesting that Delta has a jumpseat which slides out into the aisle behind business class, so one of the flight attendants was sitting between 9A & 9B during that time.

Delta-One-London - 24
Delta 767 business class cabin after takeoff

As we climbed out of Los Angeles I browsed the entertainment selection. First I checked out the airshow.

Delta-One-London - 23
Delta airshow enroute to London

The selection was fine, though nothing special. Mainly I thought the screen was kind of small, and the video quality wasn’t especially good.

Delta-One-London - 25
Delta 767 entertainment system

Delta-One-London - 26
Delta 767 entertainment system

Delta-One-London - 27
Delta 767 entertainment system

Delta-One-London - 28
Delta 767 entertainment system

So instead I decided to watch the entertainment I brought for myself — true, quality entertainment. My iPad mini nicely latched onto the seatback pocket.

Delta-One-London - 29
My entertainment selection

One other thing I noticed is that we lucked out with one of the few Delta 767s with Wi-Fi, which is provided by Gogo.


Service was very slow after takeoff, which to me was a bit puzzling for a redeye flight. It was 45 minutes into the flight before the drink service even began.

The dinner menu read as follows:

Delta-One-London - 30

Delta-One-London - 31

And the wine list read as follows:

Delta-One-London - 32

Service began with hot towels.

Delta-One-London - 33
Delta business class hot towel

That was quickly followed by drinks and packaged cranberry almonds. I had a gin & tonic. I find it pretty disappointing that they serve packaged nuts, at least as a point of comparison to many other carriers. It’s worth noting that Delta serves San Pellegrino and Smartwater as the standard sparkling/still water options. I love San Pellegrino, and Smartwater tastes good, though I’ve never really “gotten” it.

Delta-One-London - 34
Delta business class drinks — gin & tonic and cranberry almonds

After that it was another 30 minutes until the appetizer was served. Delta deserves points for presentation, as I do think they do a great job with the appetizer, soup, and salad setup. I also appreciated that they had pretzel rolls (I was proactively offered two).

Delta-One-London - 35
Delta business class dinner — starter, soup, and salad

That being said, as far as these types of appetizers I’ve had on Delta, I didn’t think this was one of the better ones. I don’t eat pork, and the cheese was kind of bland.

Delta-One-London - 36
Delta business class dinner starter — antipasto misto

The soup was fine, though was lukewarm by the time it was served.

Delta-One-London - 37
Delta business class dinner soup — vegetable soup

The chickpea salad was excellent, though quite small.

Delta-One-London - 38
Delta business class dinner salad — siciliana salad

After that it was another 30 minutes before the main course was served, which was the most underwhelming of all. My steak was lukewarm, tough, and fatty. I’d be disappointed even if I were offered this steak in domestic first class.

Delta-One-London - 39
Delta business class dinner main course — beef tenderloin

Meanwhile Tiffany had the pork tenderloin, which she didn’t really seem to enjoy any more than I enjoyed mine.

Delta-One-London - 40
Delta business class dinner main course — cocoa crusted pork tenderloin

For dessert I had a vanilla ice cream sundae, which was good.

Delta-One-London - 41
Delta business class dinner dessert — vanilla ice cream sundae

And Tiffany had a cheese plate, which looked nice.

Delta-One-London - 42
Delta business class dinner dessert — cheese plate

Altogether I found the meal to be pretty underwhelming, as both of the entrees were a total miss. They weren’t even warm anymore, and tasted like they had been in the oven for hours (unfortunately not hours leading up to them actually being served, though).

But really the service is what underwhelmed me the most. I’ll be the first to admit that Delta has the best staff of any US legacy airline. So they should be held to a higher standard. But this crew had zero charm, wasn’t attentive, was slow, and lacked finesse. I don’t think a single crew member once spoke to me in a complete sentence, but rather I was just constantly barked at.



“Main course?”

If I were flying American I would say that the crew was sub-par. For Delta — which I have higher expectations of — I’d say the service was downright disappointing.

The meal service was done more than 2hr30min into the flight, which seemed slow to me.

At that point I made my bed. Again, while the bedding was excellent, I found the seat to be tight, especially around the feet. This is probably my least favorite style of fully flat hard product out there, given that there’s no room to move your feet.

Delta-One-London - 43
Delta 767 business class bed

I managed to get some shut eye, though can’t say I slept very well. But I was at least able to stay in the flat position for nearly six hours, which is pretty darn good for a transatlantic flight.

Delta-One-London - 44
Delta 767 business class bed

Delta-One-London - 45
Business class cabin after dinner service

I was awoken about two hours out by the economy lights being turned on. Since we were in the last row of business class, those were pretty bright.

Delta-One-London - 46
Economy cabin lights before breakfast

Delta-One-London - 47
Delta airshow enroute to London

Delta-One-London - 48
Delta airshow enroute to London

About 90 minutes out the pre-landing meal was served. The pre-landing menu read as follows:

Delta-One-London - 49

It’s an interesting menu, as the flight does land in London in the afternoon. Even so, I don’t think I’ve ever been on a redeye eastbound transatlantic flight where there’s anything other than a breakfast option.

Service began with a cart being rolled through the aisle with drinks. I selected a coffee.

Delta-One-London - 50
Delta business class breakfast — coffee

After that the most matronly flight attendant of all approached me:

“Could I have the eggs, please.”
“What? Quiche or pizza?”
“The quiche, please.”

Tiffany was asked at the same time, and her breakfast came within a couple of minutes.

Delta-One-London - 51
Delta business class breakfast — tomato basil egg strata

Meanwhile 20 minutes later my breakfast still hadn’t been served, so I made eye contact with the flight attendant, at which point she brought it over. Except mine had a side salad rather than fruit, which is what’s supposed to be served with the pizza.

I totally get if they ran out of fruit, in which case I would have appreciated if she said “sorry, we ran out of fruit, hope the salad is okay,” rather than just plopping it down without an explanation. The strata itself was quite good, at least.

Delta-One-London - 52
Delta business class breakfast — tomato basil egg strata

Delta-One-London - 53
Delta business class breakfast — side salad

About 30 minutes out we began our descent. It’s worth noting that there are only two lavatories in business class on the Delta 767, which really isn’t a lot for 36 passengers plus the crew. Fortunately I changed out of my pajamas a bit early, though Tiffany had to queue for quite a while before landing to change.

Delta-One-London - 55
Delta airshow enroute to London

Delta-One-London - 56
Delta airshow enroute to London

Our descent into London was smooth, and we had a smooth touchdown at 3:40PM.

From there it was a 10 minute taxi to the gate, where we arrived at 3:50PM.

Delta-One-London - 58
Delta 767 upon arrival at Heathrow

We began the trek to immigration from there, though it’s worth noting that they didn’t hand out Fast Track cards. That didn’t impact me since I have an EU passport and could use the automatic gate, though I do believe they were supposed to hand them out.

Delta One bottom line

Ultimately this flight got us direct from Los Angeles to London, and that was the primary goal. That being said:

  • The staggered business class configuration offered by Delta on the 767 is one of my least favorite out there. It’s worth noting they have awesome reverse herringbone seats on their 747s and A330s, but this product is really sub-par, in my opinion. Delta typically exclusively flies 767s to London.
  • Delta has the best employees as far as US legacy airlines go, which is why the service on this flight was disappointing. It was the worst service I’ve had on a Delta flight, and I would have considered it disappointing even on another US airline. It especially contrasted to the super-friendly agents I interacted with at the Delta One check-in facility.
  • The food on this flight was underwhelming. While the appetizer and dessert were quite good, the main course was terrible.

Anyway, personally I won’t be flying Delta to London again if I can avoid it since I find the 767 hard product to be uncomfortable. That being said, I’d like to try Delta’s reverse herringbone business class on the A330 or 747. And I also realize the bad service on this flight was the exception rather than the norm.

If you’ve flown Delta One recently, what was your experience like?

  1. I’ve flown Delta business class between Europe and the U.S. several times. I find the hard product to be ok. The seats and leg space can be a bit narrow but reasonably comfortable. I’ve almost always been disappointed with the service. One time they forgot to take away my food tray and it just sat there for an hour while I tried in vain to get someone’s attention.

  2. I agree with your assessment of the 767 in J. I will go out of my way NOT to fly that equipment overseas. I even remember the bathroom lines from a trip I took last year. I think your review of the A330 seats would be very favorable. The 747 is also nice, though a bit older. I was surprised to hear that the crew was as bad as you say as I’ve yet to have a crew that lousy on a DL long haul in J.

  3. No, this is about the par-for-the-course to above-average Delta experience. (Par for the course is them stranding you in Atlanta or MSP due to one of their ancient planes having mechanical issues)

    Nick tends to spin just about anything (see his teeth-gritting justification for the ‘Bruschetta Omelette’ or the awful seating on their 757) Heck, your 767 even had new leather seats, which is more than the puke blue ‘BusinessElite’ most people get.

  4. Hahah you Americans have the worst airlines ever. Even air India is better than this crap. BA is amazing, next time fly with them

  5. @Alpha: I didn’t think I spun my last experience with Delta on the 767 at all, frankly. I’m right with Ben in thinking the 767 has got to be revamped more than (admittedly attractive) seat covers. In fact I believe it was I who used the term “puke blue” to describe the old BE design on Delta just last month 🙂

    And the bruschetta omelette was very good, just stupidly named. As for mechanical delays, DL still does far better than UA and AA, so at a certain point you just have to grin and bear the fact planes do occasionally have issues.

  6. @Lucky — Did you use the Delta arrivals lounge at LHR?

    @Alpha — Please. Isolated, anecdotal reports of mechanical problems or other delays simply are not representative of the airline as a whole. DOT statistics prove otherwise. Also, what’s wrong with the flat beds in the transcon/international 757 fleet? Which airline has a better hard product on that aircraft?

  7. This type of seating configuration should be more comfortable on wider widebodies, though, from what I’ve heard. I just think that the 767 is an uncomfortable plane in J, no matter what the seating type is.

  8. I used to do delta’s sin-nrt route pretty often in a mixture of J and Y, but since their switched the aircraft to a 767 a couple of months back from a 777 i’ve stopped flying with them. Even the Y product is considerably underwhelming, the toilets are so close to the comfort plus seats that it stinks.

  9. Reminds me a lot of the refurbished 767’s on AA. Disappointing there as well, especially compared to my previous flight in F on the A321 to JFK.

  10. I have found the bulkhead seats to be better for the foot “cubby” area. At 6-3 I find 1A to be the best of the bad because I hate how narrow the overall seat is But my experience is limited to the -400. Is this different on the -300?

  11. Used to like the 767 config, then had the pleasure of the A330 herrings and they blow the 767 away in terms of comfort.

    I am desperately trying to find the A330 both ways for next months trip, but it seems I might have to suffer KLM’s 777 in one direction 🙁

    Those new Tumi cases are awesome. I know I shouldn’t but I have hung back to be last off just to see if anyone leaves them behind, I let the crew know and scoop them up. The content is poor (the lip moisturiser is okay, as it the lotion (although the red flower on AA is AWESOME IMO)) but its all about the bag, great for electronics

  12. All those record profits, and you still have the ancient 767’s on premium Intl routes. Putting on new seat covers and naming the product something different doesn’t mean much to me. Because that’s pretty much all that was done. Perhaps a slight refresh of the menu as well, since the choices are more different than the predictable menus of 2011-2014. But those TV screens in Delta One are old and rather small when you compare to other products out there. In my experience, the Delta One/Business Elite product was good…for 2012. In 2015, and with all those record profits, they need to step it up a notch or two with the hard product overall.

  13. Hahaha! I freaking LOVED the safety video!! If all airlines had fun with them like Delta more people would pay attention. My favorite part is the guy drastically aging while the inflatable vest part was going on! Thanks for sharing this @Lucky I don’t fly Delta so never would have a chance to see it.

  14. WOW, I want to take this flight just so I can get a suitcase full of those Blue Sapphire bottles !!

  15. The problem is the size of the 767 fuselage, and that 1-2-1 all isle seating has become a marketing benchmark for International J.

    That leaves precisely one seat AFIAK that can get the job done, and that’s the Thompson Vantage seat AA and DL and almost every other 767 operator uses.

    The only thing better is if you sacrifice a column of seats and do a herringbone 1-1-1 layout, like AC.

  16. Fortunately the A359/A339 and possibly 789/7810 are coming in the next few years… For now if you want to fly deltas excellent J seating just book an A330 however not easy to find to London

  17. Is anyone else tired of the DL branding? All that san serif diagonal writing is making me nauseous. Not to mention the awful dishware they use. It’s like something you would get at a boxy surburban banquet hall for a low-end wedding. And the blue just has to go. No really.

  18. Is anyone else tired of the DL branding?

    All that san serif diagonal writing is making me nauseous. Not to mention the awful dishware they use. It’s like something you would get at a boxy surburban banquet hall for a low-end wedding.

    And the blue just has to go. No really.

  19. In regards to Sams’ comment on badmouthing our legacy airlines and touting how great BA is.
    Granted all airlines have “issues” but having flown BA from LHR to BGO with the luggage bin above us duct-taped shut by the flight attendant after all belongings were stowed away, probably would not have passed quality or safety control by any of our carriers.

  20. This is the same hard product that AA is using in their refreshed 767s.

    I found it incredibly uncomfortable.

  21. I would consider removing the photo of the air marshal. I don’t think I need to explaine why. So many reason why you shouldn’t publish this photo.

  22. Sounds like you got my aunt! She’s ex-NWA and recently was able to switch back to being LAX based instead of being based at DTW.

    Let’s just say that, after being an FA for 40 years, her approach to customer service is DILLIGAF.

    Come to think of it, that’s her approach to life. We’re not close. 😉

  23. @Brad “I would consider removing the photo of the air marshal. I don’t think I need to explaine why. So many reason why you shouldn’t publish this photo.”

    Obviously. Because if that really is a FAM, the standards for law enforcement physical fitness have fallen so far as to embarrass the entire nation.

    Could there be a more useless boondoggle, by the way? Why fly two cops at random in F around the country on a small fraction of flights? Troublemakers aren’t going to fear that the one time in their lives they really make a mess is going to be on one of those few flights, especially when FAM behavior is so obvious with early boarding, shirt bulges, exclusive cabins, aisle seats, no napping, all middle aged men, bypassing security, flying in pairs, and so on.

  24. If anyone is interested in flying Delta 747, you should do it sooner than later. Delta is retiring another 747 by the end of the year. Delta 747s fly NRT-HNL, NRT-MNL, DTW-NRT, DTW-ICN, DTW-PVG, DTW-AMS, DTW-CDG, ATL-AMS route.

  25. People do not complain about the antiquated B757’s and the B767’s of Delta or AA or UA. Also don’t complain of the exemplary attitude of the flight attendants, or the in flight food service, that’s their duty to be rude. That is the “US 3”.
    To know the difference, take a trip to anywhere on Emirates, or even on Etihad or Qatar Airlines – The “ME 3”. and then compare the total experience – from airport to airport. Your choice – A380, A330 or B777.

  26. My understanding is that Delta will not be operating any 747’s to Europe in 2016, so if you have a hankering to fly one across the pond, this is the time to do it.

    Several weeks ago I flew Delta One from Amsterdam to Detroit and was seated on the Upper Deck of the ageing 747. With only one seat on each side of the aisle (14 seats in total), the cabin felt very ‘clubby’. There were two lavatories at the front of the cabin. Happily, the inflight meals and the service were both excellent. All-in-all it was an excellent flight.

    I’ll be very sorry to see Delta’s 747’s retired. My first 747 flight was way back in 1971, when Boeing’s new ‘Queen of the Skies’ had been in service less than a year. I flew New York to Paris aboard TWA’s famous (and later, sadly, infamous) flight #800. The inflight movie was “Summer of ’42”, starring Jennifer O’Neill: And turbulence over the Atlantic was so bad the ‘hostesses’ couldn’t serve dinner. I was a bit underwhelmed by the experience, though I in time came to love this airplane.

  27. Lucky, You should NOT post photos of any passengers on the airplane…but knowing what YOU look like is a bonus for all flight attendants (‘matronly’ or not).

  28. I agree with your perspective on the seats, entertainment, and food. However, the “matronly” reference to your flight attendant was unprofessional and unnecessary. They are not there for your viewing pleasure so her appearance is irrelevant. You didn’t like your service? Fine. Did your flight attendant’s appearance have anything to do with it? No.

  29. Have flown Delta several times in J to Asia, Oceania, and Europe on all their different equipment from the 757 transatlantic to the 777 and all in between (including the A330’s and L1011) I never expect too much and can’t recall ever disembarking with regretting using them, I’m just happy I was able to fly J. I’ve also flown in J on Singapore, Cathay, British Airways, Lufthansa, Qantas, V-Australia, Korean, Swissair, and even Alitalia back when they flew 747. (I was actually dreading the Alitalia 747 flight at the time, but it turned out to actually be the most memorable for good reasons (Alitalia domestic and intraeurope a different story). My put is that Delta works fine and is just as consistent as with my experience on other carriers. I’m not sure that one is really so great over the other where it’s something to write home about more than something to put into my brag bag. With Delta… One thing I like above all is the 767-300 international fleet. Their refurb with the BE seats and the larger lavs is great and I’d take that any day without hesitation. The only thing I’d like Delta to do is include slippers on the transatlantic flights (like they do on transpacific) nothing more disgusting is to see someone walk up the aisle in their socks or even worse bare feet and then go Into the Lav, what are they thinking? (hopefully those are not the posters who show a low ratings as I would have a different impression of expectations I think). Happy flying and safe travels and don’t forget to give the crew a smile like you would like them to give you :-).

  30. Wow there never seems to be a good review for a US legacy carrier – and rightfully so. They are just so bad compared to other airlines around the world. It’s amazing that they continue to offer sub par products, both hard and soft and in both J and Y. I’m guessing that’s why they’re complaining about the ME3 competition so much; they’ve relied on Americans not knowing any better and just assuming that what AA, DL or UA offered was best and that they’d continue flying them. Invest some of those record profits in a better product, or at least on training courses to teach the FA’s some manners…
    @Lynn: Google “top 100 airlines in the world”, BA is 20th, Delta only manages 45 (not to mention UA at 60 and AA at 79).

  31. Oddly enough, Delta Airlines is one of the better US airlines. United is generally considered the “national carrier”, but there service is, in my opinion, appalling. I find any service received from a United flight attendant to be “grudgingly given” at best. Given that you probably paid megabucks for a business class ticket to London from Los Angeles, I would expect expect the seats to flatten out into a bed, so I could sleep, and the food had better bet edible. However I will say, last time I flew Delta, I flew economy. My experience was rather good. US airlines used to charge 5 euros or 6 dollars for a beer in economy. I was always particularly miffed by this because the least you can do is give someone a drink so you can relax in the super uncomfortable economy seats. Last time I flew, the rescinded the fee on alcoholic beverages, the food was edible for economy and at least the flight attendants were polite, as in they didn’t hate their jobs. I was so surprised that the trip wasn’t horrible I wrote them a glowing review on my blog. I guess that’s what you’d call the soft bigotry of low expectations. My review can be found here.

  32. More terrible service, food and ambiance on a US based airline. Almost embarrassing.

    Then again, on the return trip, after being in Europe or Asia, you return to the obnoxious US immigration and customs, followed by an underwhelming or down right third world experience at most US airports.

    The US is the laughing stock of the western world.

    Exceptional indeed.

  33. Always enjoy your reviews. I have been flying JFK/DTW/ATL to CDG and return several times over the past few months and have also been disappointed with the total detachment of the FA to the pax. I have had ONE flight where I was able to provide positive feedback to DL about a FA (a “mature” FA at that). All the others receive feedback about their lack of attentiveness, etc. It is disappointing.

    I do have a question that I hope you can answer: I am often forced, through my corporate booking agency, to purchase an AF ticket for a code share DL (apparently a better negotiated rate for same itinerary with AF). This results (or lacks a result) of added bonus miles based on miles flown (AF ticket) not ticket cost (DL ticket). Instead of 48K miles I receive 16K (when I was silver). After every trip I send a message to SkyMiles marketing and suggest a change to the program. I get the same stock response regarding code share rules, blah blah. MY QUESTION…do you or anyone reading this have any suggestions on how to “finesse” the system to get more miles (short of buying a DL ticket)? Thanks!

  34. “They are not there for your viewing pleasure so her appearance is irrelevant.”

    True, but when was the last time you dealt with an unattractive salesperson?

    Lucky – No pork? Yikes! So sad.

  35. I have no issue with the Delta 767s. Business class seats; comfortable enough for transatlantic flights LAX/FCO through MSP several times, and I’m 6′-4″ (LAX/MSP has been 757s). FAs have been friendly enough, perform their job and don’t become a nuisance. I like to watch some entertainment, do a little work and not be bothered…. It’s not a 5 star hotel. Same for the 767s LAX to JFK.

  36. Next time fly on Emirates EK 206 from JFK to MXP and feel the difference. Or fly Emirates EK 216 LAX to any part of the world via Dubai. Then compare Delta, American or United with Emirates.

  37. Next time fly on Emirates EK 206 from JFK to MXP on an A380, and feel the difference. Or fly Emirates EK 216 LAX to any part of the world via Dubai on the A380. Then compare Delta, American or United with Emirates.

  38. Next time fly on Emirates EK 206 from JFK to MXP on their A380 and feel the difference. Or fly Emirates EK 216 LAX to any part of the world via Dubai on their A380’s. Then compare Delta, American or United with Emirates.

  39. I just flew this product this week and it was by far the most uncomfortable business class experience I have flown. I could only sleep as if I was being prepared for burial and for some strange reason they turned on the full lights for each meal instead of having people use their over head light or reading lamp (the flight home they left the lights off).

    There is also zero storage, not even a place to place your wallet or passport. I am glad delta is retiring this product for long hauls.

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