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Once past security I headed towards the Delta SkyClub, which is located about halfway down the terminal to the right, between gates 53 and 55. It’s past Lemonade, which is probably my favorite “fast food” restaurant in the US (and a tempting alternative to visiting the SkyClub).

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 1
Delta Terminal 5 LAX

The SkyClub is located one level up from the main concourse, and the entrance seems to mostly be under construction, and has been for a while. You can either take the rather narrow stairs up a level, or you can take a freight elevator.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 2
Delta SkyClub LAX stairs

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 3
Delta SkyClub LAX stairs

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 4
Delta SkyClub LAX elevator

The entryway is also quite narrow.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 5
Delta SkyClub LAX entrance

Fortunately the club gets considerably nicer once inside. At the entrance I presented my boarding pass to London, and was promptly admitted. I was told the flight should be on schedule, and should board around 8:15PM.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 6
Delta SkyClub LAX reception

The lounge is gorgeous, though lacks natural light. Near the entrance are a ton of seats underneath a circular dome with some cool neon lighting.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 7
Delta SkyClub LAX seating area

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 8
Delta SkyClub LAX seating area

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 9
Delta SkyClub LAX seating area

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 10
Delta SkyClub LAX ceiling

The lounge is a good size, though not huge given the number of people who have access to the SkyClub and the number of flights Delta has out of LAX.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 11
Delta SkyClub LAX seating area

Past those seating areas is the bar and buffet area.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 12
Delta SkyClub LAX seating area

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 14
Delta SkyClub LAX bar

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 15
Delta SkyClub LAX bar

And then next to that is an area with dining tables and benches.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 13
Delta SkyClub LAX seating area

Then the back part of the lounge has high-top seating facing the windows, as well as some of those cool private cubicle style seats, which Delta seems to have in most of their SkyClubs. I just wish they had built in power outlets.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 16
Delta SkyClub LAX seating area

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 17
Delta SkyClub LAX seating area

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 18
Delta SkyClub LAX seating area

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 35
Delta SkyClub LAX view

Back near the entrance of the lounge is even more seating, though again, it lacks natural light.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 19
Delta SkyClub LAX seating area

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 20
Delta SkyClub LAX seating area

In terms of decor I’d say the SkyClub is among the better US lounges, as the furniture is modern and fresh. That being said, based on my several past visits to the SkyClub LAX, it does seem to be consistently crowded.

The most impressive aspect of the SkyClub — and where Delta blows away the competition — is the food spread.

There’s water and tea, and then a Vivreau water system with still and sparkling water.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 21
Delta SkyClub LAX drinks

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 22
Delta SkyClub LAX drinks

Then the buffet really is leaps and bounds better than what’s offered in other US lounges.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 23
Delta SkyClub LAX buffet

There was a chopped salad.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 24
Delta SkyClub LAX food spread

Then there were two types of soup.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 25
Delta SkyClub LAX food spread

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 26
Delta SkyClub LAX food spread

Then there were several types of bread (including pretzel bread — yum!) and pita crackers with a variety of dips and spreads.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 27
Delta SkyClub LAX food spread

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 28
Delta SkyClub LAX food spread

Then there were all kinds of fresh veggies, including celery, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 29
Delta SkyClub LAX food spread

Then there were antipasti sticks with sundried tomatoes and mozzarella, as well as bowtie pasta.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 30
Delta SkyClub LAX food spread

And then there was packaged cheese and freshly baked cookies (the cookies are frighteningly good).

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 31
Delta SkyClub LAX food spread

Lastly, there were two types of snack mix which actually tasted good, as well as popcorn.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 32
Delta SkyClub LAX food spread

I do have to say that everything is tastefully plated, especially given the volume of food they’re serving and how many people visit the buffet.

As is the norm at SkyClubs, there was a Starbucks espresso machine as well as standard drip coffee in a canister.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 33
Delta SkyClub LAX espresso machine

The one thing I find odd about the food in SkyClubs is that all the forks, knives, and plates are plastic, which seems cheap to me.

I decided to have a snack in the SkyClub, given that I figured it would be 90 minutes into the flight to London before dinner would be served.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 34
Delta SkyClub LAX snack

The bathrooms were stylish and well maintained, and there were also separate shower facilities.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 36
Delta SkyClub LAX bathroom

I spent my time in the lounge catching up on work, which was easy thanks to the fast Wi-Fi connection. Tiffany joined me a couple of hours into my layover, as she had taken a separate flight from San Diego. The flight to London was at 9:10PM, so at around 8:10PM we headed to the gate, given that Delta seems so start boarding pretty early.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 37
Delta SkyClub LAX gate

At around 8:20PM boarding commenced, at which point we were on our way to London!

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 39
Delta 767 LAX

Delta SkyClub LAX bottom line

As much as I don’t love Delta’s frequent flyer program, there’s no denying that operationally they run a better airline than American and United. The SkyClub at LAX is well designed and has a superior food spread to what other US airlines offer.

That being said, the lounge does tend to get crowded, and the food isn’t quite as good as what you’d get at an American Express Centurion Lounge, for example (not that there’s one of them at LAX yet).

Is the Delta SkyClub LAX pretty awesome for someone entering simply thanks to a credit card with lounge access? I’d say absolutely. That being said, in terms of international business class lounges, it certainly can’t compete with the likes of the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, etc.

If you’ve visited the SkyClub in Los Angeles, what was your experience like?

  1. The showers in the Sky Club are good too. And the complimentary liquor selection is miles ahead of the competition.

  2. @ Ben — DL doesn’t have the dishwasher capacity for real plates and flatware at LAX like they do at the new SFO lounge. They were going to add a full kitchen and a paid menu, but apparently that was dropped due to cost. And, BTW, mushrooms aren’t a vegetable… 😉

  3. Spot on review. It is a nice and large Sky Club , but is always so crowded , that it does not provide a relaxing experience at all.

  4. I don’t agree that it’s “gorgeous” but then I don’t like the Delta aesthetic at all. But I have to say a nice return to form on the lounge review – excellent. Exactly what started me reading this blog in the first place. More like this please!

  5. @Gene: Mushrooms are as much a vegetable as tomatoes are.

    On-topic: forget the cubicle chairs; it seems outlets are in short supply throughout the entire lounge…

  6. @Steve “@Gene: Mushrooms are as much a vegetable as tomatoes are.”

    No, Mushrooms are as much a vegetable as pork chops are. Tomatoes are as much a vegetable as cucumbers or green peppers.

  7. I’ve used this lounge plenty of times and find it to be one of the better Delta lounges in the US. Nice ample space. Showers are great too when connecting from Asia. Wish more Delta lounges in the US were like this.

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