New World Of Hyatt Credit Card Launched, And It’s Fantastic

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Update: This offer for the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

Chase has been refreshing much of their card card portfolio lately. For example, in the past several weeks we’ve seen the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card and Marriott Rewards® Premier Plus Credit Card replace previous versions of the co-brand cards.

Now it’s time for Hyatt’s co-branded credit card to get a refresh, and it has some changes that I’m very excited about, and that I think other Hyatt loyalists will be excited about as well.

Details of Hyatt’s previous credit card (no longer open to new applicants)

For context, let’s first talk about the previous Hyatt Credit Card, which is no longer open to new applicants as of today (though existing cardmembers can keep the card with the current benefits). This card offered the following:

  • Welcome bonus: 40,000 World of Hyatt bonus points after spending $2,000 within three months, 5,000 World of Hyatt bonus points after you add an authorized user and they make a purchase within that same timeframe
  • Annual fee: $75
  • Bonus categories: 3x points per dollar spent at Hyatt hotels, 2x points per dollar spent at restaurants, on airline tickets purchased directly from airlines, and on car rentals
  • Perks: Discoverist status for as long as you have the card, Explorist status when you spend $50,000 or more on the card in a calendar year, and an anniversary free night certificate valid at Category 1-4 properties

The new World of Hyatt Credit Card

Today Chase is revealing their new co-branded Hyatt Card, which is called The World of Hyatt Credit Card, rather than The Hyatt Credit Card. This card is fantastic — it has better bonus categories, it lets you earn more free nights for spend, and it can help you requalify for status more easily.

Let’s look at the details:

World of Hyatt Credit Card annual fee

The World of Hyatt Credit Card has a $95 annual fee, so it’s $20 higher than the annual fee on the previous card.

World of Hyatt Credit Card bonus categories

The World of Hyatt Credit Card has some fantastic new bonus categories:

  • 4x points for spend at Hyatt hotels and resorts
  • 2x points on dining at restaurants, airline tickets purchased directly from airlines, on fitness club and gym memberships, and on local transit and commuting, including ridesharing services

There are two things that are especially noteworthy here. First of all, I will actually start using this card for my spend at Hyatt hotels. Previously I’d use the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card, because you might as well earn three Ultimate Rewards points over three World of Hyatt points, since they’re more flexible. Now I’ll gladly take four World of Hyatt points over three Ultimate Rewards points.

Furthermore, the bonus category of 2x points on fitness club and gym memberships is really innovative, and something we’ve never seen on another card before. I clarified with Hyatt that this would also include non-traditional gyms, like Barry’s Bootcamp, Soul Cycle, etc.

World of Hyatt Credit Card free nights

With this card you’ll also have the opportunity to earn more free nights. You get one free night at a Category 1-4 property on your account anniversary every year, and you can earn an additional free night at a Category 1-4 property after spending $15,000 on the card in an account anniversary year.

World of Hyatt Credit Card status opportunities

This is probably my favorite part of the card. Having this card can help earn you all three of the World of Hyatt status levels:

  • You get Discoverist status for as long as you have the card
  • You receive five elite qualifying nights every year just for having the card
  • You receive two elite qualifying nights for every $5,000 in spend on the card

Ordinarily earning Globalist status requires 60 nights per year, or 55 nights per year when requalifying. This means that for those with the card, requalifying will require just 50 nights, which is even better.

If you wanted to spend your way all the way to status, you could earn it as follows:

  • Explorist status requires 30 elite nights, so you could earn it by spending $65,000 (you get five nights just for having the card, and spending $65,000 would earn you 26 more elite nights)
  • Globalist status requires 60 elite nights (or 55 to requalify), so you could earn it by spending $140,000 or $125,000, depending on whether you’re qualifying or requalifying (you get five nights just for having the card, and spending $140,000 would earn you 56 elite nights, while spending $125,000 would earn you 50 elite nights)

World of Hyatt Credit Card Eligibility

The terms state the following:

The product is not available to either (i) current Cardmembers of any Hyatt Credit Card, or (ii) previous Cardmembers of any Hyatt Credit Card who received a new Cardmember bonus within the last 24 months.

So you’re eligible as long as you don’t currently have a Hyatt Card, and haven’t received the new cardmember bonus on one in the past 24 months.

Why I’m excited about this card

I had the previous Hyatt Card and loved it, but didn’t find it worthwhile to actually put spend on the card. Rather I just held onto it for the annual free night certificate. In this case, they’ve created a card that’s not only worth holding onto, but worth spending money on.

The card is worth holding onto for the anniversary free night certificate and the five elite nights towards status annually, which more than justify the annual fee, in my opinion.

But then there are other perks that make the card worth spending money on:

  • I’ll be putting my Hyatt hotel spend on this card to earn 4x points, as it’s the best return you can get at Hyatt hotels
  • Earning 2x points on fitness club and gym memberships is a unique bonus category we haven’t seen on any card
  • I could see it generally making sense to put $15,000 of spend on the card per year; for doing so you’d earn an additional Category 1-4 free night (which can be redeemed for a property costing up to 15,000 points per night), plus six additional elite qualifying nights towards status

Bottom line

I think Hyatt hit it out of the park with the new card. Should this be your go-to card for everyday spend? No, probably not.

But they’ve created a card that’s worth holding onto, that makes it easier to earn status, that creates a path through which you can earn top tier status exclusively through credit card spend, and which has some unique bonus category.

Link: The World of Hyatt Credit Card

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  1. I’ve had the old Hyatt card for over 6 years. Do you think I can cancel that card and re-apply for the new card?

  2. Lucky, the US Bank cash + card gives you 5x cashback on gyms, and that’s the best card imho for the fitness category. It includes the non-traditional gyms as well, I use it for Orange Theory.

  3. Lucky – If I haven’t had the bonus in the past 24 months, and I close my current Hyatt card, can I then get the 60,000 point bonus?

  4. Equinox is at least $200 a month, and many augment it with $300 or more of boutique classes. Personal training could be several hundred a month. $500 to $1,000 a month (or more) in fitness spend is not unreasonable.

  5. I’ve had the old car for years so I believe as long as you didn’t get the old card within a year we can re-apply for the card, get the bonus and close the old card at the same time.

    Is there any easy place to see a list of a list of hotels by category level? Hyatt’s website seems to hide this info and even the individual hotel fact sheet doesn’t list the category level.

  6. Lucky,

    Your last point about the cat 1-4 night actually applies to rooms that cost up to 15,000 WOH points per night, instead of 12,000. Love this new card!

  7. I’m sure you’ve considered this already, but I’d love a post weighing pros and cons for existing members of upgrading vs canceling/reapplying (maybe once we know the 5/24 status?)

    I received the old card 11 months ago (when the offer was 2 free nights instead of points) and I’m about to see annual fee hit… I am exactly at 5/24 and waiting to get under this fall.

    I am trying to weigh potentially getting the 20,000 pts for upgrading (and not having a credit pull) vs. trying to get a retention offer to keep the card for another year (until its been 24 months since my bonus) and then cancelling/reapplying for the new card.

  8. This card presents a good fact-set for an explanatory article about why ‘upgrading’ a points card is a dumb move in about 90% of the cases vs cancel, wait, apply and get full sign-up bonus. Lucky’s great at showing the economics of the scenarios succinctly. Hopefully he’ll do so here.

  9. 90% of my stays are Starwood / Marriott; Platinum now but prob won’t requalify . I have one stay planned at a Hyatt (PH Zanzibar, using points). 2018 travel is pretty much all booked but lots to figure out in 2019. Wondering if it’s worth it for me to pick up this card. Trying to balance the sign-up bonus with the annual fee.

  10. They did a nice job, but it’s too late for me to go back. Their small footprint and weird changes they made when they switched it to World of Hyatt got me to fully commit to SPG/Marriott. Adding Marriott to a hotel program that I was already fond of (and more or less still am) has really helped me out. A good deal of my work travel doesn’t allow me to book super expensive hotels. AC and Autograph Collection hotels (and to a lesser extent Marriotts and Courtyards) has been a blessing. I still have the old Hyatt card for the free night and “status,” but I’m thinking it’s time to transfer the credit to one of my other Chase cards and say goodbye :-\

  11. Where can we upgrade? Is there a link? Any is there a statement which said that there is upgrade offer? Thanks!

  12. I just checked the card’s website and am blown away that this article doesn’t mention that world of hyatt members get a whopping NINE points per dollar on any Hyatt hotels. Did this detail just pass you by? This is arguably the most lucrative feature of the card. Am I missing something??

  13. Ryan – Pretty sure that’s 5 base points plus 4 points from the card, for a total of 9 points spent at Hyatt properties. If so, Lucky’s article is correct. The card is only contributing 4 of the 9 points.

  14. @ Ryan — As mentioned by SEAguy, those five points you earn anyway, so that’s not a feature of the card.

  15. This is probably the best Hyatt card I’ve ever seen! You basically get the 2 free nights Cat 1-7 offer from before (Cat 7 = 30,000pts x 2 = 60,000) plus better perks.

    The only thing that worries me is seeing them be a little more free with how many points they give out. Makes me think that we’re about to see a devaluation before the year is out. I predict not a huge one, but maybe 2,500 – 5,000 increase to each Category.

    Lucky – with your points valuation you still think that 4x WoH points is > 3x Chase UR? The flexibility of having those 3 UR might be a little more valuable than 1 more WoH point, especially since you’re already earning 5 WoH points per dollar as a Globalist. I think I will personally upgrade to the card for the ancillary benefits but not use it at Hyatt stays.

  16. @Matt 60,000 points is a good amount for Hyatt. Basically equivalent to 140,000 points for Marriott or 70,000 points for SPG. I think this is one of those no-brainer cards if you stay at Hyatts regularly because of the card’s signup bonus and elite qualifying nights. If you don’t stay at Hyatts regularly, I’ve heard people brag about getting upgrades with Discoverist status before. Probably not common, but for $95/year could be worth keeping for a year or two and seeing how it works out for you.

  17. @SEAguy

    Why is it a dumb move? If you’re, for example, 12 months in from your last sign up bonus, it’s better to convert to this new card for the 2000 points and card benefits, then cancel after a year, and reapply to get the welcome bonus.

  18. Lucky,

    spending for status within 12 months starts from the date new account open or Jan 1st?


  19. I am not sure it is an outstanding value compared with the original card. For me, the only really attractive aspect is the 5 qualifying nights, but it still only a small part of what is required for an elite status. The anniversary free night award is the same, and I agree with the earlier comment that 4x Hyatt points is not necessarily better than 3x Ultimate Rewards.

  20. It actually works out that spending $15,000 annually on the card gets you 2 free nights. 1 from the free nigh certificate the spending triggers and 1 from the 15,000 points minimum you’ll get from the spend!

  21. “Ordinarily earning Globalist status requires 60 nights per year, or 55 nights per year when requalifying. This means that for those with the card, requalifying will require just 50 nights, which is even better.”

    ^^I became a Globalist through the Hyatt Globalist Challenge. I’m working on requalifying for next year. If I get this card, does that mean I would just need to do 50 nights instead? Or is that deal only for people who qualified for Globalist without the Challenge?

  22. Lucky,
    I just asked you a question on the Q&A section since I had not received my email for the day, you answered it in this post. i will definitely be upgrading saving me 5 nights and getting an extra Free Night. There are some good Cat 4 Hotels out there.

  23. Lucky,
    To upgrade just call the Chase number on the back of your card, they will credit you for any used portion of your fee for $75 and then charge you $95. This is perfect as the account number stays the same but your benefits start now. I am leaving for Sydney Saturday and staying at the Park Hyatt will definitely use my Hyatt Card now.

  24. A couple of things to be careful of:

    People keep saying “after 2 years”, but it’s not 24 months after you opened the card. It’s 24 months after the date you received the sign up bonus; which for many people could well be 27 or 28 months after they first applied.

    Also, not all 15K hotels will let you use that certificate. I tried to use mine at a hotel in the wine country a couple of months ago, and was told “that property isn’t accepting certificates”. 🙁

    On a happier note, it seems to me that having this card gets you three or more free nights for $15k spend. One night for having the card, one night from completing the spend, and at least one night from the points you get from doing the spend. If you can do the full spend on restaurants, air lines, and gyms, another free night from the bonus spend points. For those who do a lot of Hyatt stays, and will spend the full $15K at 4X on those stays, that’s a full 6 nights at 15K properties.

  25. Interestingly I was asked to participate in a confidential survey about a new Hyatt card, which was extremely thorough. I didn’t post anything here because I literally had to sign a confidentiality agreement. This was about a year ago and it looks like they went with the best version of the card, with all the features I prioritized (as anyone who cared about points and re-qualification would have!) Glad to see the card. It’s a big improvement, and essentially reduces the Globalist requirement to the same as it was for Diamonds who qualified on nights after that first 60-night year.

  26. @ David,

    Your analysis seems correct as long as Chase doesn’t consider the 2k points a ‘new card member bonus’ thus making you ineligible for the full 60k points sign-up bonus when you cancel and reapply. I assumed the 2k points would disqualify you for an additional 24 months because, it’s a bonus, for a new card, but perhaps upgrade bonuses are treated differently.

    Relatedly, the 2k points and the extra $20 bucks in annual fee seem like a push, so the only upgrade value is enhanced bonus categories and $15k spend cert. For someone that tied in to Hyatt, why not keep the old card and get the new one a year from now to double up the annual certs?

  27. @Lucky…

    For those (few) of us who break 60 nights every year already, will the additional 5 night credit count towards the 70/80/90/etc night milestone awards?

    Also, is the $15k in spend certificate a one time thing annually, or does it stack at the $30k/$45k/etc levels?

  28. I think all that one can say about this new Chase WoH card is that Chase has decided to rescue the current Hyatt visa card from oblivion to which it was condemned after the CSR was introduced and one could suddenly earn 3x for Hyatt stays in a transferable currency. This new card makes paying for stays at Hyatt properties with a Hyatt card relevant again, which is a sufficiently compelling reason to justify what I intend to do: to upgrade from the Hyatt visa to the new WoH visa. What is not clear is whether one needsy call Chase to request the upgrade or Chase will proactively send out invitation to do the upgrade.

    Even with the additional 5K elite qualifying nights, it is still too expensive to make status by just spending on this card. The ‘opportunity cost’ remains prohibitively high, everything considered, especially in relation to the chain’s small footprint.

  29. Think I’ll hold the old card until I hit my 24 months. Since I’m already Explorist via status match, with no hope of hitting Globalist anyway. So really I’m only giving up the extra 1$ on Hyatt spend (since I use my Sapphire Reserve card currently) and half a point for my gym membership (currently use my Freedom Unlimited)…and I’m $20 cheaper on the annual fee. Definitely not worth 2k Hyatt points to upgrade the card. Once I hit 24 months on the old card I’ll reevaluate if I want it or not, if I do it’ll make sense to cancel the old and apply for the new.

    They’ve made the new card more appealing but I don’t think I’d say, at this point, that it’s ‘compelling’.

  30. I applied for the Hyatt card two months ago and still haven’t gotten the bonus. Does it male sense to ask Chase for product change and reconsider the bonus?

  31. @super

    The hyatt card from about 3 years ago was 2 free nights at any Hyatt including those $900/night Hyatts in Japan and Australia. That card gave you auto platinum (not that hyatt platinum was that awesome) and the spend on that was pretty low. That I think was their most generous card. Maybe too generous and they ended up with world of hyatt.

  32. This card is a useful as the new Marriott cards are to someone without status who values perks (such as late checkout, upgrade, lounge): Worthless. I will stay with Marriott hotels where I have Platinum status and if that is not a good option, would rather stay at a Hilton (Diamond though Amex) or IHG (Platinum through Chase). Another option on the expensive side is LHW, but will see what happens to that program.

  33. The free nights are hard to use as some hotels will not allow and expire after one year. So, not as valuable as having 12k or 14k points.
    Only the higher signup bonus is interesting..

  34. @SEAguy – I’m confused by your suggestion to keep the old card AND get the new card.

    Is that strictly for the annual free night (as holding the old card makes you ineligible for any sign-up bonus per the posted language:
    “The product is not available to either (i) current Cardmembers of any Hyatt Credit Card . . .”

    Did we get a definitive answer on whether someone like me (who has had the Hyatt card for 4 years) can cancel it, apply for the new card AND qualify for the bonus points?

  35. @Craig. You’re right, my mistake. You can’t hold the old and get the new at the same time. Personally, I’m holding the old, and my wife will get the new, so I had it in my mind that we could have two certs at the same time, but that does require a second person. Sorry about that.

  36. Hmmm…one thing I’d be interested in clarity on is the free night you get for 30 qualifying nights in the program (and subsequent milestones)

    Assuming one stay paid, I see the spend possibilities on this as not that bad:

    Cat 1-4 per year
    Cat 1-4 at $15k in spend
    Cat 1-4 at 30 nights from program at $60k (1 paid assumed, 5 for having it, 24 nights for spending $60k)
    Cat 1-7 at 60 nights from program at (1 paid assumed, 5 for having it, 54 nights for spending $135k)

    So for $135k in non-bonused spend I get 135k points, Globalist status, 4 suite upgrades, 4 free nights (3 restricted)? And if I take the points at 10 night milestones I technically earn 1.4 points per base spent beyond that (25k points for $25k spent and 10 nights adds 10k points in program)? Again, this is non-bonused spend and I know that $135k in that category is a lot.

    Is this correct?

    I have big spend and Hilton 100 nights for business (only real option) but I get nothing above and beyond (now only program that gives away top tier for free!!! GRRR). I always worked hard for Hyatt Diamond because of vacation spots (wouldn’t be possible for me even if stays still qualified these days). This would be huge for me to put my non-bonus spend. Am I missing something?

  37. The sign up bonus is good, but I don’t see the big deal thereafter. For those who do 30 or 40 nights, sure, the qualifying nights via spend makes this a good choice. Otherwise, the opportunity cost of 1x spending to get the second cert seems pretty high. 4x Hyatt v. 3x Chase is a wash for me. But let’s say someone has $4k in Hyatt spend per year. The opportunity cost of putting $11k more on this card just for a cat 4 cert makes it close to a wash.

    I don’t have enough regular nights to be interested in spending my was to Glob. So, this card to me would go in the drawer after the 60k. I’d take the one free cert every night, but It’s now $20 more in AF. Maybe I would use the card occasionally at Hyatt instead of a 3x Chase card, but only if I had a planned use for Hyatt points on the horizon.

  38. Would have liked if the Hyatt card one up’d the Marriott card on the free night cert to let you use it on higher categories and pay the point difference.

  39. That’s probably as compelling as a hotel credit card is going to get. The problem for me has always been Hyatt’s tiny footprint. They have aspirational hotels, sure, but not enough hotels around the world to earn points at for those aspirational hotels.

  40. I have had the current Hyatt card for over 4 years. If I cancel it, how long do I have to wait to sign up for the new card to be eligible for the new sign up bonus?

  41. Can the annual free night be used at the Hyatt Zillara and other all-inclusive properties?

  42. @ Andrew — It can be used at Category 1-4 properties, so those hotels wouldn’t qualify for that.

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