Leaked Seatmap For Singapore’s New A380 Suites Class

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Historically Singapore Airlines is one of the most innovative carriers out there when it comes to their onboard product. When they introduce a new product, they already have design teams who are working on the next generation of products, or so I’m told.

Singapore A380

In May of 2015 I wrote about how Singapore Airlines was planning on introducing new Suites Class & Business Class products in 2017, when they take delivery of their next batch of A380s. We didn’t hear much about the supposed new product for a while, though last March we learned that the Suites Class seat count would be reduced when the new product is introduced, which should come as no surprise.

Singapore’s current A380 Suites Class

Then in January we learned that Singapore would be moving the Suites Class cabin on the A380 from the lower deck to the upper deck, that the product would be revealed in the second quarter, and that it would be in service starting around October 2017.

Well, it looks like we now have another hint of what Singapore’s new A380 Suites Class product will be like. Singapore uploaded a seatmap to their website with the name “test.pdf,” which has the new seatmap. Based on this seatmap, Suites Class will have six seats, spread across three rows in a 1-1 configuration.


As you can see, they’re going with a single aisle configuration in first class. Etihad also has a first class cabin on the upper deck of the A380 in a 1-1 configuration.

Etihad-Apartment-First-Class - 1
Etihad’s A380 First Class Apartments

However, it seems like Singapore may have an even more spacious configuration than Etihad has. Etihad has 10 first class seats between the stairs and door one on the upper deck of the A380 (including The Residence), while Singapore will have only six. So Singapore’s new Suites Class product is going to be significantly more spacious, it would seem.

Based on the rest of the seatmap, it looks like the remainder of the upper deck will consist of business class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, without any sort of an onboard bar or lounge. Then the lower deck will have premium economy and economy.

I can’t wait for Singapore to reveal this new product, which should happen in the coming weeks. I have very high expectations, though also recognize that this product is probably very bad news for award space, given that they’re reducing the seat count in Suites Class from 12 to six.

What are you guys expecting from Singapore’s new Suites Class? Best product out there, or…?

(Tip of the hat to Point Me to the Plane and ukiechris)

  1. yes they want to reduce space award so people have to pay for the hot new product.. the price will be astronimical.

  2. Well they had to do something to try to regain their standing, after all, the ME3 has surpassed their current offerings lol. Not that I thought their current suites are bad.

  3. Do you know what routes this will most likely be rolled out on? I have a JFK-FRA-SIN A380 in Suites in September 2017

  4. More space and the same great Singapore Airlines service should definitely make this product one of the best in the world.

    It just needs a shower 🙂

  5. I am also flying JFK – FRA -SIN in first in late September, here’s hoping they are ahead of schedule…I just checked the seat map for booking and it is showing the old config. Not that the old one is a bad by any stretch.

  6. I’ve heard that SYD and LHR will be the first routes.

    Also hoping that they’re placed on the JFK route, my booking is for March 2018.

  7. Looks like SQ might put a galley between the F cabin and the door, so it might not be that much more spacious than EY.

  8. Air India were thinking of revamping their long haul first class as well with similar single aisle configuration.

    The idea was to not have seats, instead the space will be used for having adult cows in order to offer fresh milk to the Ministers and entitled passengers who routinely occupy the AI Business class seats. Any dung dropped by the cows also serves as a natural air sanitizer for the whole flight.

    No really the cow dung air sanitizer fact is true just google it

  9. I’m booked HKG-SIN-FRA-JFK in the middle of October, sounds like I’ve got a small chance, if they roll-out on that route. Hopefully they won’t have to downgrade people with the reduced seat count!

  10. And remind me again what BA did with F on their A380? Oh that’s right, crammed 14 ‘suites’ into the nose with tiny toilets, no bar, no showers, no space and then just to add a final kick, used the massive space in the upper deck bathrooms for J…. *rolls eyes*

  11. Interesting SQ is opting to move their suites class to the upper deck. I remember ten years ago the inaugural SQ A380 flight was SIN-SYD so I highly doubt they’ll place that new A380 for hte JFK-FRA-SIN route but who knows.
    Either way, this is quite exciting!

  12. Whilst new is always good, If you’re “stuck” with the old suites on the a380, I can assure you it is still a fantastic product..I am fortunate enough to fly it often and I always toss up between this and Etihad, Now the new Singapore if it looks like with be an apartment like Etihad it will likely be the winner, If will certainly cost more than 150,000 Krismiles to get.
    My opinion only is that the Etihad product is the best overall, the space, the shower and the usually excellent meals , but Singapore does have a few things Etihad doesn’t – I think the drinks on board are better ( if you like Champagne – Dom and Krug) , Singapore offers Caviar on most First class flights ( sometimes though it is only satays), Etihad only offers caviar to the residence – though you can get it in first if you ask early and nicely.

    The first class lounge at Abu Dhabi is crazy good.

    One of the factors that I decided now though is due to the Americans implementing a moronic no laptop in the cabin rule flying from a middle eastern country it is a real pain in the arse. Given that Abu Dhabi as the only US immigration area at airport, you’d think they would be cool but no. So unless they change it for all carriers, it may tilt me flying with Singapore … As the american peers that me haven’t thought that perhaps a terrorist might just fly that route.

  13. @lucky

    Honest critique here on picture selection: I’ve seen you use the blue-filtered SQ picture quite often, and while it’s “cool” to use on ig, it’s a terrible eye sore for use on your blog. I could be in the minority, but I feel it really in “high school”-like in nature, especially in comparison to the “cleaner” images you use later in the post. It really feels out of place. I know, really nit-picky comment, but I swear I roll my eyes every time I see you use it.

  14. Looks like its the end of the double bed era with the single aisle configuration. Glad I will get to experience it with my wife from SIN to SYD in July before its gone!

  15. The airport of Sydney confirmed it is workig with Singapore Airlines to make Sydney the first new A380 route on the anniversary of Sinagpore Airlines service commencing to Sydney.

  16. Lucky, some readers at SQTalk and Flyertalk have suggested SQ will not allow for award redemptions for new Suites class, have you heard anything similar?

  17. GAH! I have a double bed booked for JFK->FRA for me and my SO in March 2018. I’m really sad that we likely won’t get to experience the double bed 🙁

  18. If the suites really occupy nearly​ twice as much room as the Etihad Apartments, I hope they will be purpose built for two passengers (true double bed) … This would make a lot of sense to me, and be a real differentiator, and also mean the seat count is not really being cut in half.

  19. Articles like this might be called “luxury porn”. Almost nobody here or elsewhere can afford something like this and even those who can probably still think it’s a waste of money. And yet the number of articles that are about Singapore Suites or the Etihad Residence or the showers on Emirates are significant.

    It’s all a bit like “lifestyles of the rich and famous” – people can’t get enough of what they can’t have but like to dream about.

  20. @ Martin — I don’t think you’ve been reading this site for long enough. 😉 The whole point of this site is to show how you can have these amazing experiences using miles & points. I’m sure plenty of people can chime in and share their experiences flying Singapore Suites or Etihad Apartments on miles & points, without being loaded.

  21. @ lucky – How likely am I to lose my 2 confirmed award seats for JFK -> FRA in Suite for March 2018? What I mean is, if more than 6 people book the suites before they change their online system to only allow 6 suites, would I lose my seats if other people paid cash and/or have elite status with SQ? Or would it be the case where the first 6 bookings get to keep their suite seats?

  22. I’m flying SIN-SYD in Q1 of next year. Have both middle seats selected for me and my spouse. How would this impact our experience to “chat” since the seats seem pretty far apart. Would you recommend these seats for a couple? Only asking because SYD may be the launch city.


  23. @Martin – I’m scheduled to fly SIN-FRA-JFK in Suites class in two weeks and it only cost me $332 in fees along with 191,250 miles, which were easily earned between my Chase and Citi cards.

  24. Well, let’s see: moving Suites to upper deck: will the cabin temperature settings remain the same? Stand by for heat stroke possibility?? Hope not. I really do love Singapore First Class, Suites or not,

  25. Missed this. Got a JFK-FRA-SIN-BOM for late October. Don’t think Ill be disappointed whether I get to share a bed with my will-be wife or whether we get to be among the first to try the new product. Will be massively upset if they downgrade us as a result of less seats.

  26. SQ has 28 A380 aircraft. Five of those are being returned to Airbus and replaced with brand new. The new planes will feature the new suites. So most of the A380 fleet will remain the same for the foreseeable future. The first routes are rumored to be SYD and LHR. Both of these have two daily A380 flights. The likelihood of getting the new suites on other routes within the next year is virtually zero. It will be hard to get the new suites on LHR flight October-January.
    So there is nothing to worry about…

  27. @Adil, Lucky’s policy, as I understood, is to block those who consistently posted hateful comments, the type who felt it was totally cool to go #unfiltered with their pig-headed rants about Muslims, Jews, gays, etc, etc. @Credit might make some groan-inducing comments (I particularly dislike his faux-ironic shit about female Asian FAs), but he’s not in the same league as the bottom feeders that got kicked off here. Not even close.

  28. The best feature of Singapore airlines suites is the double bed. If that goes my wife and I will consider another airline.It would be a pity though-their lounge in Singapore is really something else.

  29. @Emirates4ever – While I agree Etihad’s apartments are nonpareil, I disagree with your assessment that ME3 “has surpassed [SQ’s] current offerings.” Having just flown Singapore first and biz SFO-HKG, I can tell you that its absolutely better than the Emirates premium product, which is among the most overrated in the sky.

    SQ biz is also a better hard product than Etihad biz in my estimation.

  30. Sorry to disagree, but first class cabin on upper deck is a huge mistake …
    The feeling of large space is only possible on lower deck, with higher ceiling vault and the wide staircase as in BA planes : comfort may improve with reduced number of seats, but passengers will not feel at ease !

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