Even More Leaks: Singapore’s Revealing New A380 Seatmap

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Singapore Airlines has been developing their new premium cabin products for the past several years, and they plan to reveal them at a media event in Singapore this Thursday, November 2. I’ve been amazed up until now about how there haven’t been any leaks, given the number of people presumably involved in the project.

Well, earlier today, under two days from the official reveal, pictures have leaked of the mock-ups of the new cabin. The new Suites product looks insane, with a fully enclosed private bedroom that almost looks like the Etihad Residence.

While Singapore Airlines hasn’t confirmed officially that this is their new Suites product, I think it’s safe to assume that it is, since it matches everything we’ve been hearing about the new product up until now.

Well, there’s now yet another major leak when it comes to Singapore’s new A380. Specifically, SQTalk seems to have the seatmap for Singapore’s new A380s. Keep in mind that Singapore Airlines is reinventing all four of their cabins on this plane, so it’s not just Suites that’s being redone.

Here’s what the new seatmap supposedly looks like:

Very, very interesting!

What doesn’t surprise me is that it would appear that the Suites in rows one and two can be converted into a double bed, though if you’re not traveling with someone the “shield” can be lifted for privacy. It also looks to me like there are two lavatories at the front of the cabin, with one being significantly larger than the other (though Singapore has confirmed that they won’t offer showers).

Singapore is also introducing a new business class seat, though we haven’t heard much about that. That’s where the seatmap starts to paint a clearer picture of what we can expect. First of all, Singapore will have 78 business class seats on their reconfigured A380s. The surprising part is that they’re fitting those 78 business class seats in the same space that they currently have 66 seats, so they’re going for a denser configuration (that assumes I’m counting correctly). That’s not to say it’s going to be worse, but it is denser.

Singapore Airlines’ current A380 business class

In terms of the seats themselves, they’re not going for a staggered configuration (where seats alternate between being closer to the aisle and closer to the window), as many airlines do nowadays. Instead it looks like the seats by the windows will have passengers seated close to the aisle with a console by the window, while those in the center seats will be seated close to one another, with consoles on the outer aisle.

I feel like Singapore Airlines is going to come up with something great in business class, though based on the seatmap I’m a bit skeptical.

What do you make of Singapore’s new A380 based on the seatmap?

(Tip of the hat to Julian)

  1. So only THREE of the suites will have a bed and the other three won’t? That’s what the picture suggests.

  2. Are all six suites the same? The “bottom” three don’t seem to have beds, and the bottom right seems to have a completely different layout.

  3. Honestly? If their new business class seats don’t require that passengers get up and “unfold” it into a bed, it’s already an improvement imo. However I’m quite sceptical in that the business seats look like they’re going to be closer to the aisle than the window..

  4. @ Lukas @ Matt D — It’s confusing, but I suspect for the purposes of the rendering they’re just showing that some Suites can turn into double beds, and left out the bed. Agree that’s strange, though. As far as the bottom right one goes, maybe it has a slightly different layout due to the configuration of the plane, which wouldn’t be too unusual. Quite a few airlines have slight differences between seats.

  5. The beds are probably mounted on the wall and can be stowed away when not in use. Given the ample space behind each seat, I imagine these are functional recliners with leg rests (see 3A). Partitions between rows 1 and 2 can be lowered to form a double bed, while row 3 are stand alone suites which can be a good option for individual travelers. Another thing I noticed, suites on the left side of the plane are slightly forward than the right.

  6. Looks absolutely stunning and looks much much better than Etihad “apartments” as it is so much more though out as Etihad “apartments” are poorly designed.

  7. I think the differences on the seatmap are just to show the various configurations the suites can accommodate. Obviously the first two rows accommodate double beds, or shared suites. But I think that 3A is simply meant to show that the “lounger” can rotate like the American first class seats on their 777s do.

  8. no worries, it will only take 20 yrs for US’ big to catch SQ in terms of hard product…which isn’t too bad. consider it will take them100 yrs in terms of soft product.

  9. Curious on roll out. Saw the London / Sydney routes announced. Interested when JFK/FRA May hit in the rotation of new A380or refurb as not that familiar with Singapore’s priority routes (but would think this one would be up there in priority)?

  10. Horrible business class seats!

    Close to the aisle? Already horrible on the A330 and B777 etc. series.

    Sitting right on the aisle (and worse yet, laying down or sleeping) offers no privacy and invites all sorts of brushes, touches, bumps, disturbances by carts or people passing by.

    Looks like SQ fail – the ANA 787 (staggered with proper window seats) or Swiss long-haul (“thrones” or at least seat on the window with table in between) or Emirates (proper staggering) are nearly the only ones with a really private business class.

  11. Business looks like a reverse heringbone configuration, doesn’t it? Direct aisle access from every seat and a flat bed is all they need to be competitive, given their soft product.

  12. The photo of the chair facing the bed: looks exactly the same as… umm… hospital.

    I am quite underwhelmed. But I am sure it will still be a great product.

  13. It’s 68 seats, not 78 🙂 – pitch seems to be roughly the same as now (look at the windows on that seat map to compare) – which is generous. And looks like some kind of reverse herringbone seat.

    Maybe with doors? Just one more day!

  14. Premium Economy occupies the same space on the A380 as Lufthansa but SQ has only 7 rows by the window (LH has 8) and 4 rows in the middle (LH has 5). So SQ forgoes 8 seats in total.

  15. I can’t get past the front lower deck… ‘straight ahead and turn left… for Premium Economy!’

    But seriously people, 2nd November is tomorrow… why can’t we just wait until SQ reveals all rather than hunting down leaked info and speculating!

  16. I think only 1A/2A make a 2 person room. The left side has the four sequential windows, whereas the right side is three sets of two windows. If you google 9V-SKU you can see that difference on the outside.

    I actually think the seatmap is showing seat 3A with the dinner table extended out from the little side table thing. You can kind of make out the arms extending from that side table. Hopefully the seat still has a leg rest you can extend too. Can’t imagine it wouldn’t.

    Also, it looks like 2A is showing that the IFE Screen can pivot to face the chair.

  17. Also, it’s clear the tablet has 2 docking stations on each of the two tables… Maybe they go to electronic ordering for snacks and what not. Just couple clicks on the tablet and the server shows up with what you ordered. A lot of hotels do that now obviously.

  18. @TMoorak — I thought JFK/FRA/SIN was going to be replaced by a return of the (very long) nyc/SIN next year on an A350-900ulr (previously run on a A340-500)? I forget if the NYC airport was to be JFK or EWR. Are they goint to run both JFK/FRA/SIN and nyc/SIN? I hope they do the JFK/FRA leg is a great 5th freedom route.

  19. A friend works at Temasek Holdings ; inside news about a new route -> ORD-(CDG or ZRH)-SIN in 2019 or 2020

    Chicago to Paris or Zurich will be a fifth freedom operated by this A380 flight or an A350-1000;

    They are yet to finalize whether flight will fly to CDG or ZRH.

  20. @Krisflyer sounds about right. Hopefully it’s ZRH – and it makes more sense as it’s already home to another Star Alliance carrier. CDG is just an absolute nightmare to go through

  21. This looks pretty good to me. I think it makes a big difference to have a proper bed, like in the residence or the setup LH had on the 747 for a while.

    Presumably Lucky couldn’t include this in his list of the world’s best first class product (bedrooms apparently get excluded … even though SQ has long referred to and marketed suites as separate to first class …. which somehow made the list while the residence didn’t?! )

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