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If you check your Marriott Bonvoy account this weekend, you may find that you have an extra five to 50 elite nights in your account, which sure is a treat. Let’s talk about why, and how this should impact your Marriott strategy, if at all.

Marriott Bonvoy status is easier to earn this year

This year it’s easier than ever before to earn Marriott Bonvoy status, which makes sense given how demand for travel has decreased:

Regarding that last point, Marriott Bonvoy members are getting the following number of elite nights deposited in their accounts:

  • Silver Elite members will get five additional elite nights
  • Gold Elite members will get 13 additional elite nights
  • Platinum Elite members will get 25 additional elite nights
  • Titanium Elite members will get 38 additional elite nights
  • Ambassador Elite members will get 50 additional elite nights

Well, those elite nights are posting right now — they’ve already posted for many members, and for other members they should post in the next day or two.

I’m at 77 elite nights with Marriott Bonvoy

I’m a Marriott Bonvoy Titanium member (I was an Ambassador member until last year, but got a soft landing). And this morning when logging into my account I saw that I’m at 77 elite nights for the year.

This includes:

  • 30 elite nights for having both a personal and business Marriott Bonvoy credit card
  • 38 elite nights for having Marriott Bonvoy Titanium status
  • Nine elite nights from actual hotel stays this year

What’s the value in these elite nights?

Given that Marriott has already extended elite status for existing members, what’s the value in these additional elite nights? There are two potential areas in which they’re valuable.

Earn a higher elite tier

The first potential benefit of the extra elite nights is if you’re trying to qualify for a higher elite tier. For example, if you’re currently Platinum, this could make it easier to earn Titanium.

Unfortunately qualifying for a higher elite tier is unlikely to happen for me. While I could easily reach the 100 elite night requirement for Ambassador, I also need to reach the $20,000 spending requirement. Given that I’m at $590 in spending and need 23 more elite nights, I’d need to average around $850 per night for my remaining nights, and that’s not happening.

Maybe that’s useful for some, but it’s not useful for me (and unlikely to be useful for other Titanium members, given that Ambassador is the only status with a revenue requirement).

Extra elite nights could help you qualify for a higher status tier

Select Marriott Choice Benefits

There is one major benefit here, which I’m excited about — Marriott offers Choice Benefits at 50 elite nights and 75 elite nights. These are tied to elite nights earned, and not tied to status as such. The status being extended by 12 months wouldn’t get you additional Choice Benefits, while this does.

You can select from the following at 50 elite nights:

  • 5 Suite Night Awards
  • 5 Elite Night Credits
  • The ability to gift Silver Elite status
  • 40% off a hotel bed
  • A $100 UNICEF donation

And you can select from the following at 75 elite nights:

  • 5 Suite Night Awards
  • 5 Elite Night Credits
  • A free night award (valid at a hotel costing up to 40,000 points)
  • The ability to gift Gold Elite status
  • 40% off a hotel bed
  • A $100 UNICEF donation

Since I’ve just gone from 39 to 77 elite nights, I’ve just surpassed the requirements for both of these thresholds, and will be able to pick two Choice Benefits — I’ll likely choose 10 Suite Night Awards.

Additional elite nights can help you earn Choice Benefits

Bottom line

In addition to outright extending elite status, Marriott Bonvoy is also giving members 50% of the elite nights that correspond to their current elite tier. When combined with the 30 elite nights you can potentially earn with credit cards, this makes it really easy to qualify for Choice Benefits this year.

It’s generous that Marriott has not only extended elite status this year, but has even made it easy to earn Choice Benefits.

Have your 50% bonus elite nights posted, and if so, how will you benefit from it?

  1. Not sure many people will be impressed by this. After all, Hilton Gold delivers far greater value now that Marriott Gold after the embarrassing Marriott-Starwood merger. I’m Hilton Diamond and never have to fight properties over suite upgrades but when I was Marriott Platinum most of the time I wasn’t given a suite until I pointed out to the properties that there were suites available and they had made no effort to upgrade me.

  2. Mine posted too – funny enough, I was 7 nights shy of Lifetime Platinum status (593) and this put me over the edge. Unexpected perk!

  3. I am currently at 53 (with the 37 nights and my Old school Chase Marriott Premier card 15 nights) now, and it was funny I just hit lifetime silver status.. which doesn’t do much but its a funny surprise. Currently at Titanium status for the next almost 1.5yrs anyways. I’ll probably just get Titanium since my work will require stays anyways. I use the crossover rewards for United Silver.

  4. First, they have not posted 15 nights from Marriott Boundless personal card since I open that card in April
    Second, they have not posted 38 night from this promotion. I was and am Titanium.

  5. Gotta laugh at all the clowns posting above complaining about how they got bonvoyed or how they constantly have to fight for a suite upgrade.

    These clowns find it hard to understand that you are very unlikely to get an upgrade in the US BECAUSE getting status is super easy with the credit card signup. Everyone and their dogs is Diamond or Platinum there.

    You just have to fly outside of the US to start enjoying upgrades.

  6. Marriott needs to rethink lounge access for Bonvoy platinums because there are going to be an insane number of Bonvoy elites in 2021, thanks to these unnecessary elite-qualifying nights. Worse yet, Marriott isn’t doing anything to reward customers who actually stay at hotels in 2020. What’s the point now? Suite upgrades in 2021 will be difficult thanks to this initiative.

  7. I’m at:
    190 paid nights
    13 award nights
    50 promotional nights
    22 credit card nights
    11events nights

  8. I’m a Plat at 43 nights today.
    Will get 25 nights added which gets me to 68 nights and Titanium.

    I’ll have to stay two nights and choose the 5 night choice benefit to put me at 75.

    At that point I’ll qualify for another choice benefit. Will likely go for the SNA as 5 more night won’t get me anything else beyond titanium.

    Im happy with what Marriott has done. My only gripe is that current hotels should be offering heavily discounted award nights.

  9. From the email that Marriott sent out: You will see these additional ENCs deposited in your account in late July.

    Just because some people have seen them posted and others have not does not mean that we/you have been “Bonvoyed”…!!! I know from personal experience that Marriott rolls promotions/credits out in phases…

  10. This was a nice bonus for me because it pushed me over to Lifetime Platinum status which I was otherwise 25 nights away from and unlikely to hit this year with such limited travel!

    Not that platinum is worth much but far better than gold and at least some minimal perks now that I’m no longer in consulting and don’t travel as often.

  11. I noticed my 33 additional nights this morning, but guys as it is right now bonvoy doesn’t have any perks Everytime I have requested an upgrade or tried using my suite nights.I have been denied. No breakfast now anywhere, no lounges/ drinks. ? Ugghhh

  12. is this bonus just for the united States or does it include Canadian members as well. I haven’t seen mine move. I went from titanium down to gold but if I got 13 nights I chill probably get back to platinum. thanks

  13. @Norman alsup: I agree. This will be a big problem in 2021 with all these elites. I will say I had a much easier time getting upgrades in 2020 before the pandemic than in 2019 or 2018. But getting any kind of courtesy in-room amenities like a bottle of wine or fruit plate have been nonexistent since 2019 except in Asia. At least for the rest of this year, I’ll take a limited-service Marriott brand over a much more expensive full-service brand that is providing no service. I’ve stayed at a Ritz-Carlton recently that wasn’t doing any housekeeping, had all in-room amenities (Even bathrobes!) removed and yet was still charging their full rate plus a resort fee.

  14. 81 nights here with this change…great perk definitely from Marriott towards members

  15. Before the extras I had 38 nights I now have 66 almost an extra 50%
    I am platinum. Lifetime gold

  16. Do you think Hyatt might do something similar to what Marriott is doing here? I already will get Globalist again for next year due to the extension, but it would be nice to be able to have a chance of getting some of the milestones since I’ve already gotten past the 30 mark before COVID?

  17. I am curious if you had not paid nights in 2019, or not enough to make Silver, BUT… you are already lifetime any status, do you still get these bonus nights based on that lifetime status, or nothing if you did not stay any nights? I ask cuz I am lifetime Gold at this point and only stayed 6 nights in 2019. And no bonus nights deposited to my account yet.

  18. @Norman
    per the 3rd bullet point in Lucky’s story and from Marriott
    “All Marriott Bonvoy members will have elite nights deposited into their account equal to 50% of the elite tier earned in 2019”
    That is where I got the 2019 from. We have not finished 2020 and haven’t fully earned from this year yet, so I presume that 2019 would be the latest fully qualifying year. As I only stayed 5 nights in 2019, but still had Lifetime status, I am curious about if I would qualify for any bonus nights this month they are handing them out. I appreciate the response thought, thank you

  19. It’s unfortunate that Marriott doesn’t seem to be doing anything for those of us who didn’t earn status in 2019 but already qualified in 2020 before the pandemic hit.

    I hit 51 nights in early March, earning Platinum through February 2022 – essentially two full years – but haven’t gotten to take advantage of it at all in 2020, and won’t be able to safely do so until at least early next year whenever an effective COVID vaccine comes out. (The sentence “All current Marriott Bonvoy status is being extended by 12 months, given the pandemic” is actually incorrect, as status earned this year has *not* been extended, as far as I’m aware.) Without an extension, this takes away at least 50% of the value of Platinum that I paid good money (and points, which cost money) to earn.

    Now, they’re adding elite nights for people who qualified in 2019 but not those who already qualified in 2020? I was well on my way to Titanium this year and probably would have earned it if not for COVID. Seems to me a better solution would be either (a) base it on status earned in 2019 or the first half of 2020, whichever is higher, or (b) just lower elite qualification requirements across the board like IHG did.

    Something that would help on both fronts would be combining 2020 and 2021 into one status year. Then, someone earning status in 2020 would have it for the rest of that status year (2020/2021), all of the next year (2022), through February of the following year (2023) – effectively the same 12-month extension that was given to those who qualified in 2019, which seems fair. And in, say, January 2021, they could add more elite nights into people’s accounts based on how many nights they stayed in 2020 – so in my case, I’d receive 25 nights at that time, bringing my 2020/2021 total to 76 so far, and qualifying me for Titanium through February 2023. (Technically, if they did that, they should provide another Choice Benefit at 100 and 125 nights so they’re not taking anything away that someone could otherwise earn if the years weren’t combined.)

    Just a thought. But it feels frustrating that Marriott is rewarding those who spent a mere 10 nights at Marriotts last year (or simply held a credit card without spending any nights in their hotels!), and none this year, more than someone like me who had only 8 nights last year but 51 in the first 2.5 months of this year.

  20. Ben, do you think Marriott will bring back Lifetime Titanium status? Also since your Lifetime Platnium do you think Ford should get credit nights so he can be Lifetime Platnium as well?

  21. @Eddie

    How could you do 190 paid and 13 award nights when July 11 is only the 193rd day of the year.

    Is your pants burning? 😉

  22. still nothing. Platinum member. would help a great deal since in Europe there is no credit card advantage.

  23. @Eskimo: I live in a Marriott branded hotel and I’ve stayed at other Marriott branded properties during the same period.

  24. Just wanted to say I got my answer about if I get any more nights even though I only stayed 5 times in 2019. As a lifetime gold, I got another 13 nights this morning. With my 5 free night certs, that will leave me only 2 nights till I reach Platinum and that is great. I still value my Globalist and Diamond status with Hyatt and Hilton more however

  25. Welp, I have to take back part of what I said yesterday. Just checked, and 25 nights were deposited in my account, bringing me up to 76 nights and Titanium status! (Quick recap: only stayed 8 nights last year; stayed 51 in the first 2.5 months of this year, earning Platinum; was concerned I wouldn’t get any additional nights deposited based on the wording of the promo.)

    Apparently it’s not based on status earned in 2019 like Marriott’s wording suggests, but more based on status currently held at this point in 2020 regardless of how/when it was earned (including lifetime status, as Scott pointed out above).

    Now if only they give that 12-month status extension to folks who qualified this year… (Even if it only applied to status earned before the extra nights were deposited, i.e. Platinum for me, I’d still be happy!)

  26. The interesting thing is, this goes directly against one of the FAQs on Marriott’s article about this:

    Question: “I achieved Platinum status in April this year but only received 13 Elite Night Credits in my Account. Why did I not receive 25 Elite Night Credits?”

    Answer: “The 50% Elite Night Credits is based on the status tier that you earned in 2019. It is not based on the tier you achieved in 2020. The Elite status that you earned in 2019 was Gold Elite, which is why you received the 13 Elite Night Credits in your Account.”

    Based on this, I wonder if behind the scenes, they officially made the cutoff the end of March 2020 rather than December 2019. I mean, they specify April in the FAQ, so maybe I got lucky by earning my status in March and getting sorta grandfathered in.

    Anybody else here earn a higher status in 2020 than they did in 2019, and can confirm (a) what month you earned it and (b) whether your deposited elite nights correspond to your 2019 or 2020 earned status?

    My backup hypothesis is that it’s because I didn’t earn any status at all in 2019. Like, maybe if I’d stayed 2 more nights and hit that 10-night Silver threshold, I would’ve accidentally screwed myself and only received 5 extra nights this year. After all, it’s Marriott, so who really knows how their system works behind the scenes?

  27. Has anyone herd any news on what Marriott’s next points-based promotion will be and when it will start?

  28. @Jason, yep, you should see the total reflected in your lifetime nights when they post; mine jumped by 25 accordingly.

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