Marriott Bonvoy Award Sale: Book At Off-Peak Prices

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Marriott Bonvoy has just launched a promotion that could save you points on your next award stay over the coming months.

Book most Bonvoy hotels at off-peak pricing

First for some context, Marriott Bonvoy has three tiers of award pricing at hotels — off-peak, standard, and peak. As a reminder, here’s what that pricing looks like by category:

With this newly launched promotion, Marriott is offering off-peak award pricing at most properties:

  • This is valid for bookings between November 30 and December 14, 2020
  • This is valid for stays through February 28, 2021

We’ve seen Marriott offer a similar promotion twice in the past, where all properties had off-peak pricing during the promotion period. That’s not quite the case here, though:

  • 90% of Marriott’s roughly 7,500 properties are exclusively offering off-peak pricing
  • Of the 90% of Marriott properties participating, roughly two-thirds previously offered a mix of award pricing, meaning that pricing has been lowered at those properties

With this promotion, Marriott’s most expensive participating properties that are participating cost just 70,000 points per night, or an average of 56,000 points per night factoring in a fifth night free.

Note that any changes made to reservations after the promotion period ends would be subjected to the new pricing.

Bottom line

Marriott is offering a sale on award nights, whereby stays at 90% of hotels are pricing at off-peak levels. This is valid for bookings through December 14, 2020, and for stays through February 28, 2021.

This is ultimately a nice promotion, though it sure would be nice if all properties were participating. I imagine the decision to have some hotels not participate was made on a corporate level rather than hotel level. The hotels not participating are probably those with the highest reimbursement rates for Marriott Bonvoy, I’d guess for destinations like Hawaii and Mexico (where room rates and occupancy are both quite high).

Will you be taking advantage of Marriott’s award night sale?

  1. I’d rather see Marriott focus on restoring benefits. In North America you have no idea what you’re going to get at any property. Breakfast benefits are almost nonexistent, unless you consider a muffin and granola bar in a brown paper bag to be breakfast. Many properties offer no housekeeping except every fifth night. These two changes alone negate the value of staying at full-service properties.

  2. Damn! I just used the bonus points promo last week where you got a 60% bonus to top off and book an award stay for Maui in January. Now all the hotels are cheaper and I wouldn’t have needed to purchase the points.

    What is the easiest way to adjust my reservation or re-book at the lower redemption rate?

    Make a new reservation and hold it, then cancel the other and get the points back then apply to the new reservation? How long do points take to be re-deposited?

  3. I’m not seeing this on their website. I got an email from them with a bunch of other useless promo BS, though

  4. Marriot has been a bunch of liars since they took over the old sheratin program. I had a long planned stay in Zurich and while the new program promised off peak rates they were not added to the system till after my stay, 6 months after their promise. The room would better be referred to as a nicely furnished closet rather than the mini suite it was labeled.

  5. Mexico properties are in. Sheraton Puerto Vallarta over New Years weekend dropped from 30k/night (peak) to 20k/night (off-peak.) With the 5th night free, it’s 16k a night.

  6. @Ben, thanks for the tip!

    I have two upcoming stays within the window (by 2/28):

    Beaux Arts Miami, two rooms for a night
    Avalon Palm Springs, one room for 3 nights

    Redemption rates for both properties dropped such that, overall, I saved 100k points. I decided the easiest approach was to cancel and rebook

  7. @ MC — It’s automatically applied when you book. When you look at the price breakdown you should see the price listed as zero for the fifth night.

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