Jewel Changi Airport Opening April 17, 2019

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Singapore Changi is already regarded by many as the world’s best airport. In addition to amazing shopping, the airport has all kinds of amenities, from a butterfly garden to a movie theater.

However, this year the airport will be taken to a completely new level with the opening of the Jewel Changi Airport. The Jewel is expected to make the airport a destination even for those not flying, as it will be an incredible entertainment destination with over 280 shops and restaurants. It will even have a Yotel, should you want to spend the night.

The Jewel will be next to Terminal 1, though will be linked to Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 by train. It will be located landside, so even passengers not flying can visit.

We’ve known that the Jewel is opening this year, but we now know the official opening date. The Jewel Changi Airport will be opening on April 17, 2019.

For Singapore residents there may even be a chance to get a preview. A public preview will be available April 11-16, 2019, and tickets for that will be available starting at 6AM local time on March 12. Each person can register for up to four people here.

The only thing not opening immediately is Canopy Park, which is expected to open around the middle of the year. This is the 14,000 square meter park located on the top floor of the Jewel, which features a 50 meter suspended bridge with a glass floor.

Bottom line

While I haven’t really been a fan of mall-walking since my tweens, I’m really excited to check out the Jewel. Really this isn’t even an airport amenity anymore, but rather Singapore is making Changi a destination for locals as well.

I hope to check this out shortly after it launches, and of course also have to spend a night at the Yotel.

(Tip of the hat to SINJim)

  1. Included in Jewel: Singapore’s first Shake Shack!

    (Also typo: think you meant to say it won’t be located airside).

  2. Yes. what a perfect timing. will definitely give them a visit since i will be in town that week. although as with everything new in singapore, crowd can be outrageous.

  3. Just missed it as I passed through Singapore last month. Looked nearly finished then already, at least from the outside. Not looking as spectacular as the renders though, unfortunately.

  4. @Cedric is sad. Cedric likes to go to a rundown terminal and stare at the stained carpet next to the concrete wall. He can’t do this in Singapore. Better stick to LGA buddy!

  5. Hmm ill be passing through SIN in early april and then again in the end of april. What airlines are going to use this terminal? Im taking SQ a lot but some of my regional flights might arrive into there.

  6. Why is it called a Yotel? I’d like an explanation like how JAL explained their new low cost carriers name đŸ˜‰

  7. Approaches to Changi (by road) can be badly congested at the best of times. The last thing travellers need is more congestion from this monstrosity opening.

  8. @ James & Denis. Yes, I’ve been to Singapore a few times. And there are other airports than LGA… if you step out the USA for once you will realise that most all airports are nice places to be in Europe/Asia/Australia. I’m just saying the airport isn’t the first place I think about for nature… and I’ve never heard of anyone asking for this. People wants a lot from an airport, but not a fake indoor park.

  9. @Cedric: Wow, so much I disagree with in your comment. No, most airports in Europe, Asia, Australia are not “nice places”. Some can have nice elements, but most are functional and tiresome. I lived in London for 6 years and barring the convenience of LCY, there was nothing good about any of the airports there.

    Just because you can’t think of people who want a park, just means that you lack imagination. I for one would love a park at my airport, or at least lots of nice foliage that can be very soothing in an otherwise hectic environment. I also love stunning architecture to take my mind off the stress.

    What makes Changi awesome is precisely that it has amenities that most people wouldn’t think of. If companies/institutions only gave people what they think they wanted, there would never be innovation.

  10. I think Cedric has a point – one doesn’t actively choose to visit an airport for “nature”. And Justin I presume that in your 6 years in London you occasionally chose to visit one of the many many parks and open spaces for a nature fix. I find it quite bizarre that Cedric has been pounced upon for what is a completely sensible comment.

  11. @jb there are yotels at Landside Heathrow and airside at Charles de Gaulle and schiphol plus numerous other places Honolulu airport has an open feel with a garden albeit dated Changi is particularly customer orientated with a swimming pool you can enjoy whilst in transit , and butterfly garden

  12. Only Changi Airport could get away with spending untold sums of money on a facility which has nothing to do with aviation, and looks like an environmental monstrosity to boot (an airconditioned greenhouse in the middle of the tropics?!…). In any free country there would be a huge public and political outcry about such a vanity project.

    The proud Singaporeans will jump on me and say how much this is a sound investment, just like the upcoming and completely unnecessary T5, which I’m sure the world and Skytrax will gush over as well. Right.

  13. It’s amazing that even with something as nice as this there are those who can only find the negatives and criticize. I feel very sad for the Cedrics and OTs of this world. Would not want to live in your reality which appears to be dark and full of negativity. So nice to see the Government of Singapore thinking outside the box. I deliberately booked a flight thru Singapore in October to see this.

  14. @Bill
    It’s not a terminal. It’s a central building between terminals 1, 2 and 3, but I should note its a bit closer to terminal 1, where the arrivals hall will eat into a bit of jewels floor space. T1 is used by most non Star Alliance airlines, including Qantas, Air France,

  15. When I visited Singapore I was talking to an older local person and he told me back when he was a kid and A/C was not common, locals would hang at the SIN land side areas to enjoy free A/C.

  16. @CMorgan. Have you ever lived in Singapore? If you have or are then enjoy your artificial world and being served by the 90 year old auntie or uncle the delicious Shake shack burger, enjoy your meal.

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