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I had a roughly five hour layover in Helsinki, as I arrived shortly before 7PM from London, and would be departing shortly before midnight to Singapore.

I was quite looking forward to this layover, because earlier this year Finnair opened their new Platinum Wing at the airport, which is their most exclusive lounge yet.

Finnair Platinum Wing Helsinki Review

In this review Iā€™ll look at the access requirements, hours, location, and amenities of the lounge, including the seating, food, showers, sauna, and more. This is an excellent new lounge, and a real treat as a oneworld Emerald member.

Finnair Platinum Wing Access Requirements

Finnair’s highest class of service is business class (they don’t have first class), though they’ve created an exclusive lounge for elite members.

The Finnair Platinum Wing is available to:

  • Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo members (plus four guests)
  • Finnair Plus Platinum members (plus one guest)
  • Oneworld Emerald members (plus one guest)
  • Finnair Plus Gold members (plus one guest), though only temporarily, until the renovation of the Finnair Business Lounge is completed in early 2020

This lounge is in the non-Schengen area, so you can only use it when traveling on a non-Schengen flight (which would include long haul flights, London, etc.).

Business class tickets don’t get you into this lounge.

Finnair Platinum Wing Hours

The Finnair Platinum Wing is open daily from 5:30AM until 12AM, so it covers virtually all departures.

Finnair Platinum Wing Location

As mentioned above, the Platinum Wing is located in the non-Schengen part of the terminal, near gate 50.

Helsinki Airport is a breeze to travel through, so this is only a short walk from any non-Schengen gates. Here’s a map of the terminal, for context:

Near gate 50 you’ll see the entrance to the Finnair Lounge, which includes both the Business and Platinum Wing sections.

Finnair Lounge Helsinki exterior

Finnair Lounge Helsinki signage

Inside the entrance to the lounge there’s a reception desk, and then you’ll be pointed into the appropriate lounge — the Platinum Wing is to the left, while the Business Lounge is to the right.

Finnair Lounge Helsinki entrance

Finnair Platinum Wing Layout & Seating

The Finnair Platinum Wing is beautiful, and is significantly bigger than I was expecting, given the exclusive access requirements. It has seating for 155 people, but feels bigger than that to me.

Finnair Platinum Wing entryway

Immediately inside the entrance and to the right were some magazines and newspapers, as well as a departures board.

Finnair Platinum Wing magazines & newspapers

Inside and to the left was a cozy little area with just over a dozen seats.

Finnair Platinum Wing seating

Finnair Platinum Wing seating

Past that was the bar area, along with some high-top seating.

Finnair Platinum Wing seating

Finnair Platinum Wing seating

Then there was the main part of the lounge, which was in a triangular shape (sort of).

Finnair Platinum Wing Lounge

There were a few rows of seats with partitions.

Finnair Platinum Wing seating

Finnair Platinum Wing seating

Along the walls were my favorite seats, which were private and had side tables with outlets.

Finnair Platinum Wing Lounge

Finnair Platinum Wing Lounge

Then there was the dining area, with tables seating two to four people each.

Finnair Platinum Wing dining area

Finnair Platinum Wing dining area

In the back of the lounge was the self serve buffet, and then there were curtains to the side of that. I didn’t initially realize that the lounge continued there, but it sure does. There’s a pretty big, super cozy room back there with couches, chairs with ottomans, and more.

Finnair Platinum Wing relaxation area

Finnair Platinum Wing relaxation area

Finnair Platinum Wing relaxation area

I thought the lounge was beautifully decorated. Northern Europe design is often pretty minimalist, but to me this lounge felt cozy and warm.

I’d note that the lounge was pretty empty at all times. When I got there shortly before 7PM it was probably the busiest, but then by 7:30PM it got empty once again. It never really filled up much again, despite the bank of midnight departures to Asia (there were flights to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok). I’d say there were no more than a dozen people in the lounge at any point after 7:30PM.

So aside from the lounge being all around great, what really sets it apart is just how quiet it was.

Wifi in the lounge was fast and easy to connect to, and there were tons of outlets by all the seating.

Finnair Platinum Wing Bar & Dining Area

The Finnair Platinum Wing offers a la carte dining, though only between 12PM and 5PM. I guess they have quite a few flights to Asia around that time, though logically you’d think it would be open again late in the evenings, so that people can have a proper meal before getting on the midnight flights to Asia.

Finnair Platinum Wing a la carte dining hours

Fortunately the self serve buffet was solid as well. I wouldn’t say it was exceptional, but it was good.

Finnair Platinum Wing buffet

There was fruit, cheese, and sweets.

Finnair Platinum Wing buffet

Then there were a variety of appetizers and fresh salads.

Finnair Platinum Wing buffet

Finnair Platinum Wing buffet

There were also several hot options, which looked quite appetizing, even if the descriptions left a bit to be desired.

Finnair Platinum Wing buffet

Finnair Platinum Wing buffet

Hot options included:

  • Roasted root vegetables
  • Creamed potatoes
  • Meat soup
  • Vegetable lasagna with goat cheese
  • Pork ribs
  • Salmon with lobster sauce

There was a self serve coffee and tea station near the buffet.

Finnair Platinum Wing coffee & tea

All other drinks were available at the bar.

Finnair Platinum Wing Lounge bar

I was delighted to see that they had barista made drinks, and their cappuccinos were excellent, among the best I’ve had in a lounge.

Finnair Platinum Wing espresso machine

Finnair Platinum Wing Lounge cappuccino

There was a variety of self serve wine options, including Joseph Perrier champagne.

Finnair Platinum Wing wine

There was also an extensive drink list, which read as follows:

Finnair Platinum Wing Shower & Sauna

The Finnair Platinum Wing has both private shower suites and a sauna, with the latter being an amenity you don’t see in many airport lounges.

For the sauna there are separate changing rooms for men and women, and then they lead into the same sauna area.

Finnair Platinum Wing sauna

I didn’t end up using it, but it does seem like a cool amenity!

Finnair Platinum Wing sauna

The lounge also has three shower rooms, and I love the system they have for reserving these.

Finnair Platinum Wing shower exterior

Rather than having to go up to the agent at reception to request one, you just go up to the door. If it’s red then it’s in use, while if it’s green then it’s available. If it’s available you can just book it instantly for a 30 minute block through the screen, and the door unlocks.

Finnair Platinum Wing shower

The shower room itself was nice, with excellent water pressure.

Finnair Platinum Wing shower room

Finnair Platinum Wing shower room

Finnair Platinum Wing shower room

Finnair Platinum Wing shower room toiletries

Finnair Boarding For Flight To Singapore

My flight to Singapore was scheduled to depart at 11:55PM from gate 55, just a short walk from the lounge.

Boarding was scheduled to start at 11:15PM, so I headed to the gate quite a bit early. Sure enough, they started the boarding process at 11:15PM, though what I didn’t realize is that they were first letting passengers into a holding pen of sorts.

Finnair departure gate Helsinki

Finnair departure gate Helsinki

Boarding for the flight ended up starting at around 11:25PM, with business class being invited to board first.

Finnair Platinum Wing Bottom Line

Helsinki Airport is a joy to transit through thanks to how easy connections are, as I’d much rather fly through here than Heathrow or other airports. As a oneworld Emerald, the Platinum Wing is the icing on the cake.

This lounge is absolutely lovely, from the decor, to the variety of seating options, to the drinks, to the shower rooms and sauna. The only thing that didn’t impress me that much was the food selection, which was good but not amazing. Perhaps it’s better when they offer a la carte dining during the day.

Finnair did an incredible job with this facility and as a oneworld Emerald I’m grateful to be able to use it.

If you’ve visited the Platinum Wing, what was your experience like?

  1. This was very helpful as I will going through Helsinki airport in April, with a few hours to spare before my A350 flight.

    One day I will take FinnAir’s flight from HEL to FUK šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the review.

    Now that Iā€™m losing emerald status , Iā€™m more interested in the business class lounge. Whatā€™s the difference between the business class and platinum lounges?

  3. The lounge is great, but during the afternoon bank of flights (roughly 3 pm to 5 pm ), it’s an absolute zoo. I’ve visited it when there was literally not one seat available. When I first looked at these photos, I didn’t even recognize the place, lol.

    So if you want to experience a terrible HEL, fly in from Europe at 3 pm and continue to Asia at 5 pm. The Schengen side is even worse…

  4. @Daniel
    I would flying in from non-EU/Singapore airport at those times is even worse, since you have to clear security, and sadly there is no priority line in the transit part for OWE / J class travelers.

  5. I really like the use of dark tones for the plush lounge chairs and carpeting. A refreshing change from the usual beige everything with blondewood timber.

  6. Let’s count how many he said “….as a Oneworld emerald.”

    Bizarre to me that an airline creates a lounge and excludes it from passengers traveling in the highest class of service it offers.

    Nordic or not, the upholstery looks dumpy.

  7. @D, since HEL is my home airport, I donā€™t know if there is a priority line at transfer security. What I have seen, though, is a fast connection line which you may choose if your flight is leaving soon. Coming from landside, there definitey is a priority line.

    Arriving non-Schengen pax will pour straight into the gate area if the departure airport is considered safe, ie non-Schengen EU countries, the US, Singapore. In those cases, there is no security screening at HEL. So in this particular case, Lucky did not go through security (or passport control) at HEL.

  8. What a lonely life to be in a lounge with absolutely nobody there and the be on for flights on the go all the time itā€™s just not much of a life

  9. @D

    Correct. I have transited twice through HEL at mid morning and late afternoon. It was an absolute zoo and transit immigration lines were so long that both times I almost missed the connection. I asked one of the guys trying to organize things there if there was a priority line and there was not.

  10. Agree with the above comments. Complete myth that HEL is a “joy” to transit.
    The non-Schengen to Schengen immigration line in the afternoon is an absolute cluster. No priority, people cutting in, sloooow immigration officers. I’ve missed flights and at other times had to sprint to length of the terminal to be the last on board.
    Definitely one of the worst places to enter Europe.

  11. @ Etops

    Yes I forgot to mention that. My transits included sweaty sprints through the cramped airport loaded with chinese tour groups.

    The other airport that some people are so excited about to transit in, VIE, is a similar disaster. Totally unsuitable to connect.
    On the flip side, the airport disliked by many, FRA, is extremely efficient to connect through.

    Of course I can imagine that americans are OK with HEL as at least it has transit facilities, something US airports not yet have.

  12. Hi Lucky
    I noticed the Oneworld Sapphire logo in one of the photos, while you didn’t mention the Sapphire as part of the entry requirements/entitlement to the Platinum Lounge.
    Just a question!

  13. A fun review of an exotic locate replete with a sauna as an interesting addition to this Finland-themed lounge (with Finnish cocktails!); nice photos – i like the litter of puppies resting under the Christmas tree

  14. Nice to see they finally added blueberry juice on the ground. The previous premium lounge (nor the inferior business lounge) did not.

  15. Thanks Lucky, nice review. Couple of thoughts:
    1) Disappointed you didn’t try the sauna – as our Finnish friends point out it’s a national institution and arguably the USP of AY lounges!
    2) From the perspective of a UK traveller going Asia bound, i.e. non Schengen all the way, HEL *is* a joy to transit. Gate to lounge to gate is literally just round a couple of corners, you can’t really make it any easier. But I agree the AY lounges are zoos during those afternoon hours.

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