Review: Changi Lounge At The Jewel Singapore

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Welcome to a review of what’s possibly one of the most beautiful Priority Pass lounges I’ve been to, but also by far the most pointless. This is a lounge that’s inside a mall that’s within an airport.

Background On The Jewel

A couple of installments from now I’ll be reviewing the Jewel, which will also be the first shopping mall review on OMAAT, as far as I know.

For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, the Jewel opened earlier this year, and it’s located at Singapore Changi Airport. It’s one of the most gorgeous malls in the world that’s on the premises of the airport, but it’s not airside.

The Jewel is a destination for both travelers and locals alike, since you don’t need to be flying to visit the mall.

Changi Lounge Singapore Jewel Review

Like I said, this lounge is as unusual as they come. So let’s look at what you need to know about the lounge — the location, the hours, the access requirements, the seating, the (lack of) food & drinks, and the showers.

Changi Lounge Singapore Location

The Changi Lounge isn’t located inside any of the terminals, but rather it’s located inside the Jewel shopping mall as such. I arrived at Terminal 1, which is the most convenient for accessing the Jewel.

In the arrivals hall the entrance to the Jewel is straight ahead, and is tough to miss.

The Jewel Changi Airport

Once you enter the Jewel from Terminal 1, turn left and you’ll see the signage pointing you towards the Changi Lounge.

Signage to the Changi Lounge

It’s just a short walk from here, and the entrance to the Changi Lounge is to the right, across from the early check-in counters that are inside the mall (yes, this really is a mall unlike any other).

Early check-in at the Jewel

If you’re coming from any other part of the mall, the Changi Lounge is close to the “E” lifts, for which you should find signage.

Changi Lounge exterior

Changi Lounge Singapore Hours

The Changi Lounge is open 24/7. A vast majority of shops and restaurants in the Jewel close overnight and there’s not much going on there, so I imagine this is about the only thing that has any action at night (though perhaps “action” is a strong word).

Changi Lounge Singapore Access Requirements

For one, the lounge is open to Priority Pass members:

  • Members can stay for up to three hours
  • The lounge can be used by members either upon arrival, or no more than four hours before flight departure
  • A confirmed same day boarding pass is required to access the lounge

I used this as an arrivals lounge, purely so I could review it. I don’t really see the point in using this as a departures lounge. I’d much rather already clear immigration and then go to a lounge closer to my gate, rather than being in a mall and still having to go through the airport “process.”

You can also buy access to the Changi Lounge at the following cost:

  • Three hours costs 38SGD (~28USD) per adult
  • Three hours including a shower costs 50 SGD (~37USD) per adult
  • You can add on a nap pod for 20SGD (~15USD) per hour

Changi Lounge Singapore Layout & Seating

On the plus side, the lounge is really pretty, one of the more elegant Priority Pass lounges I’ve seen anywhere. Reception is located just inside the entryway and to the right.

Changi Lounge entryway

Changi Lounge reception

I presented my inbound boarding pass and Priority Pass card, and was informed that my entrance was valid for three hours, and included a shower and Tiger beer.

The lounge is basically one big rectangular room with lots of partitions, and all kinds of seating options. I’ll let the pictures of the seating speak mostly for themselves.

Changi Lounge seating

Changi Lounge seating

Changi Lounge seating

Changi Lounge seating

Changi Lounge seating

Changi Lounge seating

Changi Lounge seating

There was a business center with a bunch of iMacs.

Changi Lounge business center

On the opposite side of the lounge was the dining area, which had a few tables (each with seating for two), and a communal table (with seating for 10).

Changi Lounge dining area

Changi Lounge dining area

This is also where the bar & food selection is.

Changi Lounge Singapore Food & Drink Selection

The food and drink selection in the lounge was abysmal. There’s a bar, though the only thing on the bar was bottled water, apples, hot water, and snack mix.

Changi Lounge bar 

Changi Lounge bar water & apples

Changi Lounge bar hot water & snack mix

There was also a small buffet with some salad, a couple of desserts (cream puffs and cake, neither of which looked appealing), and then a few hot options.

Changi Lounge food selection

Changi Lounge food selection

For whatever reason the displays for all of the hot options were open…

Changi Lounge food selection 

Given how few people use the lounge, combined with these display cases just being open, I have slight concerns about the quality of the food.

Changi Lounge food selection

Changi Lounge food selection

Changi Lounge food selection

There was also a mushroom soup.

Changi Lounge food selection

Then there was a fridge with soft drinks, juice, and water, as well as a coffee machine.

Changi Lounge drinks

Changi Lounge coffee machine

The only alcohol that was free was a single Tiger beer with every visit, but they did have drinks available for purchase. Here’s the menu for that:

They also had food for purchase from nearby restaurants in the mall. I assume they have some sort of an arrangement set up. Here are a few of those menus:

Changi Lounge Singapore Showers

The Changi Lounge doesn’t have its own bathrooms. Rather you have to go out into the mall to use the bathrooms, and then you’re given a code to get back into the lounge through one of the back doors.

The lounge does, however, have a few shower rooms. I decided to sign up for a shower (so I could check out the room), and that required about an hour wait.

Changi Lounge shower room

The shower room as such was very nice, with a sink, toilet, and walk-in shower.

Changi Lounge shower room

Changi Lounge shower room

Changi Lounge shower room toiletries

This might be the first lounge I’ve ever been to that had shower rooms but no bathrooms.

Changi Lounge Singapore Bottom Line

I’m utterly confused by the Changi Lounge Singapore. Physically the lounge is beautiful, but I can’t really figure out what market they’re going after here?

If I were departing from Changi Airport then I’d much rather already clear immigration and use one of the airside lounges.

If I were arriving at Changi Airport, the only real circumstance under which this would be useful would be to get a shower.

I guess in theory it could also be useful as a place to get some work done. However, even then I don’t think I’d use this place. The Jewel has so many amazing coffee shops and venues. I’d much rather sit at the nearby Starbucks Reserve, and actually have a decent cold brew.

The lounge’s food selection doesn’t look particularly appetizing and the drink selection is abysmal.

There’s no doubt some novelty to having a Priority Pass lounge inside a shopping mall, but I just don’t at all get the market for this.

Can anyone make sense of the Changi Lounge at the Jewel?

  1. @Lucky, did you get a chance to see the nap pods? Are they included in a Priority Pass visit? If they are, a couple of hours of extra sleep could be another reason to visit, in addition to taking a shower on arrival.

  2. @lucky or anyone else, do you have any recommendations for how best to do a ~10ish hour overnight at Changi? There are so many options for transit hotels airside. The Crown Plaza Changi looks overpriced for what I need (just a halfway decent bed). Thanks.

  3. With support from the Singapore government, Singapore is booming as a cruise origin/destination/stopover. While available for pure inbound/outbound air travelers, the main purpose of the Changi Lounge is to provide a serene space for elite/suites cruise passengers who are starting and/or ending their journey in Singapore Changi Airport. For example, if travelers arrive at 6 am on a red eye, ship check-in won’t be until the afternoon. The lounge, as an arrivals lounge, is perfect for a shower, something basic to eat, followed by a city tour (or simply relaxation). Even Jewel, in itself, rightfully counts as a complete tourist attraction (presumably this will be covered in another blog installment).

  4. @YGeorgeW: The Crowne Plaza is indeed not cheap, but it might be worth the few extra dollars to avoid the time, stress, commute to anywhere else. If you have one of the IHG cards that offer an annual free night certificate, this is a good place to redeem that. I stayed there twice in the past 3 weeks and found it to be efficient, friendly, clean, and easy to access, especially if you happen to be flying out of T3. If flying out of T4 (as I did), it will be a bit of a hassle unless you just take a cab directly from the hotel’s entrance to T4 entrance. If you just want a cheap bed, maybe look into YotelAir hotel within Jewel. I haven’t stayed there so can’t vouch for it, but I get the impression it’s the bare bones cheap place to stay for a brief overnight layover.

  5. @YGeorgeW: I just noticed that if you do indeed opt for Crowne Plaza, book today through the Rakuten portal to get either 10% cash back or 10 AmEx MR point per $ spent. That would certainly take some of the sting off of the price.

  6. @YGeorgeW – the Yotel accessed from inside Jewel Changi is perfectly clean and serviceable for a quick rest. No window, but comfortable bed and decent shower. It’s about a 5-10 minute (indoor) walk from Terminal 2.

  7. I would not be remotely worried about food hygiene. Singapore is very focussed on food hygiene. Any place that serves food gets rated A to D – seriously I have never seen a D. If someone gets sick the report it to SFA (formerly NEA) and the place is inspected and will likely lose their rating (and possibly be shut down if a repeat offender and be reported on the SFA site). Literally every place that serves food must show their rating.

    I have also stayed at Crown Plaza (I actually lived there for several weeks when I moved to SG). They actually rent rooms by the hour with a minimum of hours – email them directly to find out the rate. There are also transit hotels inside immigration.

  8. @YGeorgeW

    If you are cheap, there many free napping areas in Changi.
    But be warned you will be waken up for random boarding pass check at late hours.

    You could also try complete an achievement challenge feat to visit every lounge possible in SIN. I count 10+ lounges recently (even more from airline), so that gives you less than an hour each. Just like collecting CX lounge stamps in HKG.

  9. @YGeorge – if you just want a bed, check out the new Yotel at the Jewel – small rooms, but very modern.
    This lounge is great for longer layovers, especially if you are flying in and out of different terminals. Get a shower at the lounge, do some shopping at the mall, take photos at the waterfall, on to your next flight …

  10. The food options are clearly intended not to cannibalize the F&B in the mall, which is the only part that’s somewhat profitable. The shops are apparently doing abysmal business.

  11. This type of lounge will cater to MANY types. Luxury mall lounges are the new thing, and they serve a purpose!

    There is one in NYC!

  12. i recently visit this lounge back in august during my round trip to india from sfo via singapore. i found only showers is usefull. but food is ok i rather just get the food in the mall or use one of the pp lounge in the changi terminals.

  13. It’s perfect for flights such as SQ11 from LAX/NRT that lands at 3am in the morning – the Jewel shops are closed, MRT trains have stopped running and its way too early for hotel check-ins.

    Business travellers arriving later in the morning could also use a quick refresh before heading to town for meetings. That’s why the corresponding PP arrivals lounge in HKIA was always packed in the mornings (closed in November this year when their contract ended).

    Re the food, dont worry about it – its Singapore. The local agency has strict guidelines for buffets (i.e. how long the food can be kept before its thrown out or replaced).

  14. A shopping gallery/mall operates at HKIA at the smaller terminal, open to passengers and public but it doesn’t seem to do that well.

    I don’t understand your point about a shower room and a bathroom. You are getting a shower, a toilet and a sink, so what more do you require?

  15. Nice report. Agree that the lounge looks stunning. And you didn’t have to worry about the food. The food safety standards regime there is enforced by roving inspectors, island-wide. If anything, I imagine Changi Airport f&b outlets would be under even stricter hygiene controls!

  16. @crosscourt it’s odd to think that someone paying exclusively for lounge access doesn’t have access to a bathroom onsite. Instead they’d have to leave the lounge or spend more money to get access to a shower room.

  17. Mainly for visitors here on a layover long enough to check out Jewel (since you can’t access it on the transit-side).

    Get off flight > clear customs > check out jewel > wash up or have a meal in changi lounge > go for your next flight

  18. I just used this lounge for departure from Singapore. I was flying out on United, and they didn’t open the counter until 3 hours before departure time, but I got to the airport 5 hours before. So I went to Jewel to check it out, and then sat in the lounge for an hour before the counter opened.

    Otherwise, yes, I agree that I’d much rather have checked in and gone to a lounge airside.

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