Jet Airways 737 Business Class In 10 Pictures

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Hello from Mumbai! I just took the 2hr40min flight from Dubai to Mumbai on Jet Airways, and figured I’d share my initial impressions. I’ve flown Jet Airways a few times before, though have never written a full review of my experience, so this will be the first time (the full review will be up within a couple of weeks).

Jet Airways’ 737 business class features a total of 12 seats, spread across three rows in a 2-2 configuration. The seats have slightly better pitch than you’ll find on US airlines, probably around 40″ or so. They’re perfectly comfortable and in fairly good condition, though it’s also clear they’ve been around for a while.

Each seat had a power port and personal television that could be extended from the center armrest. The entertainment selection was reasonably good, though I was happy just having a power port and being able to work.

What really impressed me was the soft product, where a lot of airlines could take a lesson from Jet Airways (I’m looking US and European airlines here).

First of all, the crew was friendly, especially given the number of “difficult” passengers on this flight. They were charming and interacted with passengers in a graceful way. Yes, even the passenger in 1A who disobeyed the crew’s instructions not to make phone calls three times during the taxi to the runway in Dubai (those are three separate phone calls, with each phone call getting several warnings). And yes, even the people who repeatedly got up while we were taxiing in on arrival.

The crew also worked nonstop for the entire flight. I must have been offered at least a dozen drink refills during the flight.

For a 2hr40min flight the service was phenomenal. There were pre-departure beverages and hot towels, the cabin senior came around to welcome each passenger aboard and hand them menus, and then socks and eyeshades were distributed.

There were also plush pillows and okay blankets at each seat on boarding (the pillow was pretty good, but the blanket had a horrible odor, even though it was packaged).

After takeoff service began with warm mixed nuts. I was impressed by the alcohol selection, as they had Billecart-Salmon champagne — wow, you don’t often see that in short-haul business class.

This flight only had a “refreshment” service, given that it departed between lunch and dinner hours. Despite that, there was an appetizer, main course, and dessert, and all were delicious. I love Indian food (especially Indian vegetarian), so I might be a bit biased there. While the portion wasn’t huge, that was for the best, as it meant I’d save more room to eat on the ground. For what it’s worth, the menu from Mumbai to Dubai showed a four course meal.

I’ll have a full review soon, but suffice to say that Jet Airways’ short-haul business class exceeded my expectations. I’m now quite excited to see what their longhaul first class is like, which I’ll be flying soon.

If you’ve flown Jet Airways business class, what was your experience like?

  1. @Lucky I’ve flown AUH-BLR with Jet before and the food was exceptionally good for a short flight but the crew were mediocre. However, I’m more curious to know which airline had better service: Air India First you flew last year or Jet Airways?

  2. My Jet Airwarys DEL-LHR flight last year in first is still one of my favorites ever. I had the cabin to myself, the food was amazing (if they have Dum Biryani go for it!) and everyone was amazing! Sinc eI had the cabin to myself they let me decide the schedule and the lighting. Enjoy.

  3. “I must have been offered at least a dozen drink refills during the flight”. — One of the reasons is that you are white. Indians give special treatment to white/ caucasian people. Enjoy it, i would say!

  4. better still. Perhaps you could use pictures from different stages of the journey, rather than pictures of successive parts?

  5. @a – Why comment if you can’t even be bothered to read the article where he clearly says he is excited to try long haul first class. You’re just wasting everyone’s time with inane comments like that.

  6. The first thing I notice was hospitality of the crews, while at the same time shooting at us and european crews. Do you get a complaint email similiar to Matthew from Live and Let’s Fly?

  7. Flew Jet Airways DXB-BOM earlier this year and Aishwarya was on the flight in Business Class. I’m surprised that she chose Jet Airways over the Emirates flight departing at the same time.

  8. One of the many things i enjoy is your willingness to fly these exciting more regional carriers such this this exciting report on Jet Airways as well as Icelandair, Royal Brunei, Kuwait Air, etc. Your review or Air Serbia was fun to read as with these 10 pictures of JET.
    Happy and Safe Travels

  9. Ha! Now i can finally say i have flown in a J cabin which you have also flown! Jet J cabin has usually good food. Don’t know who caters the DXB leg, but the ex-BOM flights are catered by Taj-SATS, hence the delicious food.

  10. @Dave loosen your tightie whities, friend. Its possible to miss out on something. Not everyone is as perfect as you are.

  11. A lot of people do find Jet Airways superior to Air India overall. I am one of those people.

  12. Jet regularly offers very attractive buy-ups to Business Class on the Dubai route. These are even better value on the evening rotations operated by the widebodies. I’ve paid INR 5000 (around USD 75) to upgrade into the excellent flat bed business class on the A330 and 777.

  13. @ag Lucky did a layover before continuing on in Jet Airways First class. He isn’t in Mumbai ATM.

  14. Have tried J class, 9W ,PNQ-AUH , Nothing spectacular , standard 2×2 ,3 rows in front, no screens, old plane, red eye flight, minimal service on demand. Nothing to write in praise of?

  15. Has anybody flown Jet Airways in Economy on transatlantic flights? Can you share how it might compare to AA, UA, or DL? Sometimes its an option in our corporate travel tool but never tried them out….

  16. For a short haul that is quite a full packed business experience. Looking forward to the full review.

  17. I appreciate the quick entry – I had skipped Jet a few years back based on some local (India Resident and Ex-Pat) feedback, so I am anxious to see your feedback on the airline as a whole (from the EXP perspective, especially as your peer in this regard).

  18. Why almost no airline get it right when the subject is blankets? Is that so difficult to provide a nice quality one on premium cabin?

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