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I got dropped off at Tunis Airport at around 1:30PM, plenty early for my 4:15PM flight to Montreal.

Tunis Airport exterior

As is normal in the region, there was a security check to even enter the terminal, which was pretty thorough, including a pat down.

Tunis Airport security check

I already had my boarding pass so could skip the check-in counter. The check-in hall was outdated but still grand and charming, in a way.

Tunis Airport check-in hall

I followed the signage towards departures, which had me going to the very left of the terminal.

Tunis Airport check-in hall

There was an immigration checkpoint, which was quick, and then security, where there was only a very short queue. I was through within a matter of minutes.

Tunis Airport security

Once past security there was a large duty free shop, and I turned right to walk towards the lounge.

Tunis Airport duty free shops

Towards the far end of the terminal is the Espace Privilege Lounge, which is the lounge used by most airlines at Tunis Airport.

Tunis Airport Lounge exterior

The lounge was pretty sad. It consisted of a large room with a bunch of small dining tables as well as some couches.

Tunis Airport Lounge seating

Tunis Airport Lounge seating

Tunis Airport Lounge seating

Tunis Airport Lounge seating

Towards the back right corner of the lounge was a small business center with two PCs.

Tunis Airport Lounge business center

The lounge had views of the ramp, which was pretty quiet.

Tunis Airport ramp

Past the entrance and to the right of the lounge was the buffet spread, which was about as sad as the rest of the lounge.

Tunis Airport Lounge buffet

Tunis Airport Lounge buffet

It featured carbs of many varieties.

Tunis Airport Lounge buffet

Tunis Airport Lounge buffet

Tunis Airport Lounge buffet

Then there were two juice machines, as well as an area with stacked bottles of water.

Tunis Airport Lounge juice

Tunis Airport Lounge water

All other drinks were available from a bar at the back of the lounge, so if you wanted a soft drink you had to ask a bartender. I felt a bit strange taking a head-on picture of the bar, given that there were three bartenders sitting there talking loudly the whole time.

Tunis Airport Lounge bar

On the plus side, the lounge had Wi-Fi, which worked intermittently. For a few minutes it would be high speed, then it could stop working completely, then it would work again briefly, etc.

The lounge had gender segregated bathrooms that weren’t kept especially clean, and there were no showers.

Boarding was scheduled for 3:45PM, though at around 3PM I decided to head to the gate. My flight was departing from gate 54, located at the far end of the hallway, a few minutes walk from the lounge.

Walking to departure gate at Tunis Airport

The entrance to gate 54 was at the end of the hallway on the right. While the queue to get into the gate was short, there was a single agent conducting security checks. One-by-one people would be called into the room and have all their belongings searched. I had to wait for maybe 10 minutes, though by the time it was my turn, there were dozens of people in line behind me. It seems like they could use a more efficient system.

Tunis Airport departure gate

The gate area itself was large, and probably the nicest part of the terminal.

Tunis Airport departure gate

Unfortunately we were departing from a remote stand, meaning we’d have to take a bus there. While boarding was scheduled for 3:45PM, they started loading the first bus at 3:30PM.

Bus to remote stand

It took about 10 minutes for that bus to be loaded. Right in front of the bus was a Libyan Wings A319, which is an airline you don’t see every day.

Libyan Wings A319 Tunis Airport

There was also a Tunisair A319 parked next to it.

Tunisair A319 Tunis Airport

The bus ride to the plane took about five minutes, and we arrived there at around 3:45PM. I have to say, I think Tunisair’s A330 livery is gorgeous — what a stunning plane!

Tunisair A330 Tunis Airport

Tunisair A330 Tunis Airport

I was excited to board and see what the onboard experience would be like.

Tunis Airport Lounge bottom line

On the plus side, Tunis Airport itself was easy to use, with short queues at immigration and security. The airport also isn’t that big, so it was easy to get around.

Otherwise it’s not a terribly impressive airport, though. The lounge was pretty sad in terms of decor and food quality.

For what it’s worth, it looks like the airport has another lounge (that’s actually part of Priority Pass, so could be accessed with a credit card with lounge access) and it looks like it might be nicer. But it could also be that the pictures were just taken a decade ago, and it has deteriorated a bit since then.

  1. Basically the same Shit in the whole region. A bunch of low quality carbs and not feeling comfortable. Tunis, Cairo, Algier..all the same

  2. It’s commendable you showed restraint by not posting pics of what the washrooms look like. Much less commenting on how every time you wait in line the employees are busy in their phones or talking to each other.

  3. The all white plane with red block lettering and a few red lines is “stunning”? OK, then. Beauty really is subjective.

    I think I would have grabbed a bottle of water and ditched that lounge as quickly as I arrived in it.

  4. Thats the most boring plane livery I have ever seen….beauty really is subjective haha.

    Question though- why so many security checks around the country?

  5. Anyone been to Enfidha Airport between Hammet and Sousse? It opened late 2009 and should be better than the Tunis one.

  6. We actually went to that same lounge Ben, thanks to you some time ago when you did our Tunis-Turkey itinerary. We were flying LH so our flight was at like 230AM, and we arrived late at night. There was nothing offered in terms of food, and some leftover stale crackers. The furniture was beat up and nothing special.

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