Review: Jet Airways First Class 777-300ER Mumbai To London

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Update: The inevitable has happened. India’s Jet Airways has ceased operations as of April 17, 2019.

There were a couple of reasons I was especially excited about my first flight in Jet Airways first class. First of all, last year I flew Air India’s 777 first class, so I was curious to see how Jet Airways’ product compared. Second of all, the funny thing is that I had already flown the Jet Airways first class product three times on other airlines. Jet Airways used to lease their planes out to other airlines, so I’ve flown the actual product already on Turkish, Thai, and Etihad.

Jet Airways 120
Mumbai (BOM) – London (LHR)
Tuesday, June 13
Depart: 1:45AM
Arrive: 6:45AM
Duration: 9hr30min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 2A (First Class)

I boarded through the forward door, where I was immediately greeted by Dolly, the cabin manager, who escorted me to my seat. Jet Airways’ 777 first class cabin consists of a total of eight enclosed seats, spread across two rows in a 1-2-1 configuration. While the color scheme used might not be my favorite, this is a really solid hard product.

Jet Airways 777 first class cabin

If you’re traveling with someone I’d recommend the pair of center seats, which are great since you can have lots of privacy if you want (the partition can be raised), but can also easily talk to your companion.

Jet Airways first class seats 777

Jet Airways first class seats 777

I had assigned myself seat 2A, the window seat in the second row.

Jet Airways first class suite

The suite had a large ottoman, which could also double as a buddy seat, should you want to dine face-to-face with someone.

Jet Airways first class suite

At the front left of the seat was a storage compartment with a power outlet. There was already an amenity kit placed there on boarding.

Jet Airways first class storage compartment

Then to the back left of the seat was another compartment with a magazine pocket, headphones, the headphone jack, and the entertainment controller.

Jet Airways first class storage compartment

Right in front of that was a small screen with seat controls, including reading lights, seat adjustments, etc.

Jet Airways first class seat controls

The tray table could be folded out from the window-side of the seat, and was huge. It’s plenty big even if you’re dining face-to-face with someone.

Jet Airways first class tray table

On the top right of the suite was a reading light and individual air nozzle, which is a feature that I always appreciate, given how warm airplane cabins are often kept.

Jet Airways first class reading light & air nozzle

Then at the front right of the seat was a small closet for storing clothes.

Jet Airways first class closet

The Jet Airways amenity kit was fairly basic.

Jet Airways first class amenity kit

It had socks, eyeshades, a hair brush, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and Chopard lip balm and body lotion.

Jet Airways first class amenity kit contents

I was impressed that Jet Airways offers Bose headphones in first class. It’s amazing how many of the world’s top airlines drop the ball when it comes to headphone quality.

Jet Airways first class Bose headphones

A minute after settling in, Dolly came by my seat to give me an introduction to the suite, welcome me onboard, and explain that James and Renita would be taking care of me, but that I shouldn’t hesitate to call on her if I need anything. Dolly was awesome.

She asked if she could go ahead and set up the pajamas for me in the lavatory, so that I could change. Works for me!

The lavatory was located at the front of the cabin in the center, and was fairly spacious. While it didn’t have that many amenities, it was always kept clean.

Jet Airways first class lavatory

Jet Airways first class lavatory

Jet Airways has fairly nice pajamas in first class. They’re not the highest quality I’ve ever had, but I appreciated their unique pattern. As I emerged from the lavatory, Dolly insisted on hanging my clothes for me, which was a nice touch.

Jet Airways first class pajamas

I was also offered slippers.

Jet Airways first class slippers

Once back at my seat, James and Renita both came by to introduce themselves. James offered me a pre-departure beverage, with the choice between watermelon juice, orange juice, water, or a mojito. I went with the (non-alcoholic) mojito, which was refreshing.

Jet Airways first class pre-departure drink

James also offered me my choice of hot or cold towel.

Jet Airways first class hot towel

Moments later Renita came by with the menu, as well as the tea list (called Sky Chai — hah!).

Jet Airways first class menu & tea list

Boarding seemed to take forever, as every single seat on the plane was taken. Oh, except for the seven other seats in first class, all of which remained empty. About 30 minutes after I settled in, James came by to take my meal order for after takeoff. He explained that the entire meal service was on demand, so I could have what I wanted when I wanted. When I said I’d like to eat right after takeoff, he took my order and also asked if I wanted to be woken for breakfast.

By 1:55AM the first officer added his welcome aboard, and explained that we were waiting on about a dozen connecting passengers who were on delayed flights, but that it shouldn’t be much longer. He said that we’d be cruising initially at 30,000 feet, and that our flight time would be 9hr5min.

Finally at 2:05AM the door closed, and 20 minutes after that we began our pushback. At that point the safety video was screened. Jet Airways has some funky mood lighting, which they turned on during our taxi out.

Jet Airways first class mood lighting

Our taxi was pretty short, and by 2:40AM we were cleared for takeoff.

As we climbed out I turned on my personal television, and first looked at the airshow.

Airshow from Mumbai to London

Airshow from Mumbai to London

Airshow from Mumbai to London

I then checked out the entertainment selection.

Jet Airways entertainment selection

The selection of TV shows and movies was relatively decent. It wasn’t as good as Emirates’ ICE system, but there were a couple of dozen western movies and sitcoms, which was plenty to stay entertained, given that Jet Airways doesn’t have Wi-Fi.

Jet Airways entertainment selection

Jet Airways entertainment selection

Jet Airways entertainment selection

Jet Airways entertainment selection

The menu for the flight read as follows (as you can see, everything was on the “dine anytime” menu):

There was also a huge drink list. The wine list read as follows:

The cocktail and liquor list read as follows:

The non-alcoholic beverage list read as follows:

Lastly, the tea menu read as follows:

Service began just 15 minutes after takeoff, as Renita brought out a glass of champagne, along with two types of snacks (one of which was deceivingly spicy).

Jet Airways first class snack service — champagne & snacks

Jet Airways serves Bollinger La Grande Annee 2002 in first class, which is a very nice champagne.

Jet Airways first class champagne — La Grande Annee Bollinger Champagne

James did a meticulous job setting my tray table. I loved the attention to detail, and how deliberately he placed everything on the tray table. There were salt & pepper shakers, as well as olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette poured into a ramekin at my seat.

The starter consisted of a minestrone soup, which was “poured” at my seat.

Jet Airways first class meal service — minestrone soup

It wasn’t the best soup I’ve ever had, but was good for what it was.

Jet Airways first class meal service — minestrone soup

I was also offered a selection of bread, and selected the garlic bread option.

Jet Airways first class meal service — bread basket

For the main course I selected the ragda, aloo peas samosa, and patties.

Jet Airways first class meal service

While not the world’s most gourmet food, it tasted great.

Jet Airways first class meal service — ragda, aloo peas samosa, patties

Lastly, for dessert I had a strawberry chocolate crumble. It tasted great, and the presentation was impressive too.

Jet Airways first class meal service — strawberry chocolate crumble

To finish off the meal I had a chai tea from the Sky Chai menu.

Jet Airways first class chai tea

What a lovely meal overall. While it wasn’t the most gourmet airline meal I’ve had, the food tasted good, the presentation was impressive, and the service was flawless. James and Renita were a class act. I suspect the fact that I had two people taking care of just me didn’t hurt either. 😉

The meal was done just about 75 minutes after takeoff, allowing me to maximize my rest.

After the meal I asked to have my bed made, which was promptly taken care of. As I got into bed, James asked what beverage he could wake me up with in the morning. I love that kind of attention to detail, as there’s nothing quite like being woken up with your preferred beverage.

In terms of bedding, Jet Airways offers two pillows, a mattress sheet, and a blanket in first class. The mattress sheet wasn’t especially thick (I certainly wouldn’t call it a mattress pad), but then again, the seat is pretty well padded to begin with, so that’s not really an issue.

Jet Airways first class bed

Jet Airways first class bed

A bottle of water was also placed at my seat.

Jet Airways first class bottled water

Speaking of the bottle of water, apparently it has feelings?

That’s a deep bottle of water!

I closed the doors to my suite and settled in for a great night of sleep.

Jet Airways first class bed

I love that Jet Airways has “stars” on the ceiling, which I find helps with creating a soothing atmosphere in the cabin.

Starry Jet Airways cabin

By the time I was ready to sleep, we were about 7hr30min from London.

Airshow enroute to London

Airshow enroute to London

I slept exceptionally well, and was awoken about 80 minutes before landing, as we were just passing Prague.

Airshow enroute to London

Airshow enroute to London

I was immediately brought a cup of coffee with a side of milk, as well as a warm towel.

Jet Airways first class coffee

Jet Airways first class hot towel

A few minutes later my table was set for breakfast. To start I had a fruit plate.

Jet Airways first class breakfast — fresh fruit to start

Renita came by with a big bread basket, though I only selected a croissant.

Jet Airways first class breakfast — bread basket

Next I was offered some yogurt. They had a variety of options, and I chose mango.

Jet Airways first class breakfast — mango yogurt

For the main course I ordered the South Indian selection, which included South Indian savory pudding of green peas and semolina cooked with tomatoes, tempered with curry leaves and mustard, deep-fried lentil dumplings with coconut and onions, and traditional fluffy steamed rice cakes.

Jet Airways first class breakfast — South Indian breakfast

At this point it was light outside, so I took a couple more pictures of “my” private cabin.

Jet Airways 777 first class cabin

At around 6:45AM the first officer was back on the PA to advise that we should be landing at around 7:30AM.

View approaching London

While our initial descent was pretty steep, we then got put in a holding pattern for a bit. At this point Dolly came by my seat to thank me for flying with Jet, and ask how my flight was.

View approaching London

We finally landed at Heathrow at 7:25AM.

View approaching Heathrow

View approaching Heathrow

From there it was a pretty long 15 minute taxi to our arrival gate at Terminal 4.

Taxiing Heathrow Airport

View approaching Heathrow

We parked right next to a Gulf Air A330, which I flew from London to Bahrain a couple of years ago.

Gulf Air A330 Heathrow Airport

The service didn’t end when I deplaned. At the door there was someone who had a sign with my name on it, who would be driving me to immigration. What an awesome service but awkward drive! The hallways in Terminal 4 are so narrow, and we seemed to be going against the “stream,” so got some mean looks as I was carted to immigration.

Jet Airways meet & greet service in London

I was through immigration in no time, and headed to the nearby Yotel.

Jet Airways first class bottom line

Jet Airways first class exceeded my expectations by a long shot. The cabin was in good condition and featured great enclosed suites (even if they’re a bit past their prime), the service was phenomenal, both in terms of friendliness and attention to detail, and the amenities were solid. The food tasted good, even if it wasn’t the fanciest food out there.

I’d highly recommend Jet Airways first class — they’re in a completely different league than Air India.

  1. That looks phenomenal! The wine list earns a wow from me. Bollinger La Grande Annee 2002 is particularly impressive.

  2. Nice to see you pick the regional specialty food over the standard American/global good.

  3. Bollinger is what etihad serves in the residence by default and those Bose headphones are the same as those provides in the residence…

  4. @lucky Great review – just a semantics point, though: you said “chai tea”, but chai itself means tea, so it’s like saying “baguette bread” – essentially you’re saying the same thing twice. I’d recommend you say just “chai” for Indian or middle eastern tea and “tea” for everything else.

    Enjoyed everything else, though – glad you liked it 🙂

  5. The Wine list is impressive, short but good quality and love the touch withe small tea pot – could make me take a cup instead of coffee.

  6. @Forty two

    I always chuckle when people say they’re having “tea tea”…

    Good product overall, but I have to say, the menu itself is a bit underwhelming for first class, even if it is a late departing flight (underwhelming in terms of the number of options available for dinner). Was there a snack menu?

  7. I flew first delhi to Amsterdam. They don’t have a first class menu as the first is normally empty. They serve crappy wine and terrible menu (they say it’s club class due to first not being available ). They seats are old and almost rock if u move from side to side. Terrible aircraft and food. Good service for what’s it’s worth though.

  8. When Jet was private they were hiring ex SQ crew and were largely trained by them. Their champagne selection is excellent as is the white wine. Serving Chablis Le Clos is one of my favourite terrorism and goes well with the spice and heat in Indian selections. They were also the first to offer a fully enclosed suite way back when.

    They ran up huge losses and had to take an investor in the form of Etihad. Indian being India Etihad wound up with a large number of slots that was debated at length in the Indian media.

    I have always enjoyed Jet service and it being originally private and full service cannot be compared to Air India

    For wine geeks I was shocked to receive a Jadot Chambertin Clos De Beze on their flight from BOM to SFO via Shanghai. I do miss the private Jet Airways but it seems based on this review some vestige is still left on the LHR route

  9. @Marcus
    What do you mean by “private” Jet Airways? and favorite “terrorism”?! 😉

  10. @lucky

    I would suggest in the interest of safety that you wait to out on pajamas until after you reach cruise. If the worst happens and you have to evacuate a potentially burning airplane you don’t want to do it in pajamas and slippers. It’s a low probability event but sometimes things go wrong.

    Great review!!!

  11. Pleasantly surprised by Jet Airways. Great review-will definitely consider them over Air India.

    Also you gotta love being carted over to immigration while all peasants stare at you 😉

  12. I took this flight in Economy, and the experience was the complete opposite. Truly horrible.

    My only 9W first class experience was BKK-BOM and that was underwhelming as well. Seats were in total disrepair with headphone jacks not working for most passengers. Service was non-existent.

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