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I left the Yotel at around 3PM, and headed to Tunisair check-in, which was just a short walk away, also in Terminal 4. There was a separate business class line, though it took about 10 minutes for the couple in front of me to be helped. The agent who checked me in was quick, and within a minute she handed me my boarding passes all the way to Montreal (even though I was overnighting in Tunis), as well as an invitation to the SkyTeam lounge, which Tunisair uses for their premium passengers at Heathrow.

Tunisair check-in London Heathrow Terminal 4

The security checkpoint was right next to the Tunisair check-in counter, and there was a separate Fast Track queue, with no one in line. I was through pretty quickly (they didn’t even make a big fuss about my liquids), and then turned right to walk towards the end of the terminal, where the SkyTeam lounge is located.

London Heathrow Terminal 4

The SkyTeam lounge is located across from gate 10, so it’s a few minutes walk from the security checkpoint.

London Heathrow Terminal 4

The SkyTeam lounge is located right next to the Etihad lounge, which I’ve reviewed before. At the entrance I presented my invitation, though I should also mention that the SkyTeam lounge belongs to Priority Pass, so is a great option for anyone looking to obtain lounge access via credit card.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow Terminal 4 exterior

The SkyTeam lounge is a decent size, and wasn’t especially crowded, given that it was after the morning rush and before the nighttime rush, which are the most popular SkyTeam departure times out of Heathrow.

The lounge had a few different seating options — I’ll let the pictures of the seating speak mostly for themselves.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow seating

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow seating

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow seating

I imagine if the lounge were full it would feel quite crowded given the quantity of furniture in the lounge, but it was great while I was there, given how empty it was.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow seating

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow seating

Towards the back of the lounge was some high-top seating with a couple of PCs.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow seating

The lounge has views of the end of the terminal, so you won’t see many planes taxiing or taking off, but occasionally a few planes park near the lounge.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow view

The buffet was in the center of the lounge, and consisted of a nice selection of hot and cold options.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow buffet

There was pasta with two both tomato and pesto sauce, chicken and bacon pies, vegetable quiche, and soup.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow buffet

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow buffet

Then there was an extensive salad bar, as well as cold cuts, cheese, fruit, chips with several accompaniments, and several types of bread.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow buffet

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow buffet

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow buffet

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow buffet

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow buffet

The dessert selection was fairly limited, as there were only two types of cake (banana cake and fruit cake).

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow buffet

Across from the food spread was a coffee machine, tea, juice, canned soft drinks, and bottled water.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow drink station

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow drink station

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow coffee machine

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow tea

Not far from the buffet was a separate circular room with a self serve bar.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow seating

The display reminded me a lot of the SkyTeam lounge Dubai — it’s a pretty nice setup, and the selection of wine, beer, and liquor was solid.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow drink selection

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow liquor selection

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow wine selection

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow drink selection

The lounge also has a Clarins Spa, presumably with paid treatments, though best I could tell it was closed while I was there.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow

The lounge’s bathrooms were pretty nice, and there were shower rooms as well.

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow bathroom

I had a snack while in the lounge (given that I hadn’t eaten since the breakfast on my Jet Airways flight that morning), and then spent the rest of my time in the lounge working.

My Tunisair flight was scheduled to depart at 5:55PM, with boarding at 5:25PM. So around 5PM I decided to leave the lounge, and headed in the direction of gate 12, which was just a short walk away. On the way I stopped at the Heathrow observation deck, which I didn’t realize existed, though it was fairly underwhelming.

By the time I got to the gate the Tunisair A320 was already parked there.

Tunisair A320 London Heathrow

At 5:25PM boarding began.

Tunisair departure gate London Heathrow

SkyTeam Lounge London Heathrow bottom line

The SkyTeam lounge Heathrow isn’t the best in the world, but for a lounge accessible through Priority Pass, it’s fantastic. The decor is nice, the lounge is spacious, and the food and drink selection was pretty good.

  1. You might have missed it but there is also a upstairs area with additional seating and some rooms where you can get some sleep.

  2. Clarins is free, service is very friendly, but can be crowded in the afternoon/evening.
    Lucky, please mention that the lounge has two floors, and up there (exact same layout btw) is always more quiet

  3. My husband and I used this lounge for a 10 hour layover (not quite enough time to head into the city and do much) between flights from the US and to Kenya. We napped on the couches in the TV room for a couple hours and enjoyed lunch and and afternoon snack. We also used the shower which was nicely appointed and great for freshening up before the next 8 hour flight. We had access through Delta Gold status. Overall it was a nice experience and I’d definitely recommend it for longer layovers!

  4. Who are you and what have you done with Ben? Two marginally positive reviews of things in the UK??? Yotel and now this….

  5. As someone else said, you missed the upstairs which is considerably more private. Also, there’s a generous selection of newspapers and magazines. The spa offers some free treatments, too.

    As for the Sky Team lounge at Dubai looking like London it’s actually the opposite. London was an earlier outpost.

    I remember spending a lot of time here in the years before Delta moved out.

    My biggest complaint was that the staff were contract and had no ability to print boarding passes or assist with any flight issues

  6. Lucky, As I regularly depart from T4 on Etihad and also being a Priority Pass member, which of the two lounges would you recommend I use next time I’m flying out of T4 on Etihad?

  7. @Meg In case you encounter a long layover at Heathrow again, there are possibilities if you are so inclined. Twice in the past, we had 6 1/2 hour layovers at Heathrow. We set up a ride with a limo service in advance, the limo service kept our hand luggage, dropped us off at a location, picked us up a few hours later with the hand luggage, and dropped us back at Heathrow. First time we went to Windsor Castle and second time was Kew Gardens. No issues whatsoever and we actually enjoyed our 3-4 hours in London each time –more so than sitting in a lounge (which we seriously considered until we found this option).

  8. If that’s the one I was in ahead of the evening KAL flight to Seoul (was 777, then 380 now 747-8), the upstairs bit is not that obvious and requires a trek up a long staircase though there’s probably a lift somewhere. Was all but deserted when I finally found my group aloof aloft. Recall empty buffet dishes not being refilled promptly but it was otherwise ok for an hour or two.

  9. Thanks for reviewing all these lounges! Definitely a great option for long layovers, especially with the Clarins spa, showers and self-serve bar. I will investigate Priority Pass… looking for some tips on the best way to get lounge access for a good (or even better, free) price if you have any?

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