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Jet Airways 535
Dubai (DXB) – Mumbai (BOM)
Monday, June 12
Depart: 3:10PM
Arrive: 7:55PM
Duration: 3hr15min
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Seat: 4A (Business Class)

At the forwarded door I was greeted by three very friendly flight attendants, who welcomed me onboard and pointed me towards my seat. Jet Airways’ 737 business class cabin (or at least the version I was on) features 16 business class seats, spread across four rows in a 2-2 configuration.

Jet Airways 737 business class cabin

I’d say the seats were slightly more spacious than you’d find in domestic first class. The seat pitch was apparently 40″, which is about 2-3″ better than the US industry standard.

Jet Airways 737 business class seats

I had initially assigned myself seat 3A, though ended up switching to 4A, since was an empty pair of seats in the last row, while I had a seatmate in the third row. On the seatback were three pouches for storing things.

Jet Airways business class seat 737

On the window-side of the seat were the seat controls, which were manual, and sort of ineffective. You really had to push and pull at the seat itself to get anything to move.

Jet Airways business class seat controls 737

Then in the center armrest was the entertainment controller.

Jet Airways business class entertainment controls 737

Right below that was a small compartment with the headphone jacks and power outlet.

Jet Airways business class seat power outlet

Waiting at my seat on boarding was a pillow and blanket. The pillow was fine, though the blanket smelled like very bad body odor.

Jet Airways business class pillow & blanket

A minute after I settled in, Isha, the cabin supervisor, introduced herself and welcomed me onboard. It’s not often you get such a personal welcome in regional business class. I was offered my choice of either mint juice, orange juice, or water, along with a cold towel. I selected the mint juice.

Jet Airways business class pre-departure drink & towel

Moments later I was offered a selection of newspapers, as well as headphones and the menu for the flight.

Jet Airways business class headphones

Jet Airways business class menu

Boarding started so early that I was the only business class passenger for over 15 minutes. However, the crew remained busy, as there was a lot of seating confusion for the other passengers boarding. Out my window was basically a reflection of our plane — a Jet Airways 737, though that one was headed to Delhi.

Jet Airways 737 Dubai Airport

Eventually business class started to fill up, with a total of 12 passengers today. There was one family traveling together, then there was a lady in the last row of business class with her husband in the first row of economy, and the balance of the passengers seemed to be Indian businessmen.

Jet Airways business class cabin 737

The boarding process was fairly slow, though by 3PM the door closed, at which point the first officer made a welcome aboard announcement, informing us of our flight time of 2hr40min. He advised us that we’d be taking off from runway 30R, and that we’d be cruising at 37,000 feet.

At 3:10PM we began our pushback, at which point the crew did a manual safety demonstration. I enjoyed watching the traffic as we taxied out to the runway, including seeing the RwandAir A330 parked in the distance, which I’ve been wanting to fly for a while.

Taxiing Dubai Airport

In addition to a seemingly never-ending supply of Emirates A380s and 777s, there were a few other interesting planes, like an Air India A321, and a Shaheen A319 (an airline based in Pakistan, for anyone who is curious).

Air India A321 Dubai Airport

Shaheen A319 Dubai Airport

Emirates A380 Dubai Airport

By 3:25PM we were cleared for takeoff on runway 30R.

Taking off Dubai Airport

View after takeoff from Dubai

I loved the views on departure, especially of the Dubai skyline barely visible in the distance, with the Burj Khalifa sticking out above the rest.

View after takeoff from Dubai

As we climbed out I removed the TV screen from the center console, and browsed the selection. It’s cool that Jet Airways has on demand entertainment on their short-haul planes.

Jet Airways entertainment selection

Jet Airways entertainment selection

I first checked out the airshow for our route to Mumbai.

Airshow enroute to Dubai

Then I also checked out the movies and TV shows. The selection wasn’t huge, with fewer than a dozen movies in English, but that’s still pretty good for a short-haul flight.

Jet Airways entertainment selection

Jet Airways entertainment selection

The seatbelt sign was turned off about 10 minutes after takeoff, at which point I checked out the lavatory, located at the front of the cabin. The lavatory was pretty no frills, but in good condition. For what it’s worth, Jet Airways uses a thick curtain between economy and business class, and they did a good job making sure no one from economy used the forward lavatory.

Jet Airways 737 business class lavatory

About 15 minutes after takeoff, the crew came through the cabin with socks and eyeshades. Very impressive for such a short daytime flight!

Jet Airways business class amenities

Moments later the crew took drink and meal orders.

The beverage list read as follows:

The refreshment menu read as follows:

For reference, the lunch menu from Mumbai to Dubai read as follows (obviously I wouldn’t be served this, but it’s interesting to note how extensive their meal service is during meal hours):

Less than 30 minutes after takeoff, drinks and warm mixed nuts were served. I ordered a glass of champagne, and Jet Airways offers Billecart-Salmon in short-haul business class, which is impressive.

Jet Airways business class champagne & mixed nuts

About 15 minutes later the snack was served. This was a limited meal since this fell between Jet Airways’ meal windows, but it was still very good. I selected the spinach feta kulcha and vegetable cutlet as my main course, and it was very good.

Jet Airways business class snack service

I especially liked the side of crunchy chana chaat, which was flavorful and spicy.

Jet Airways business class snack service — crunchy chana chaat

Also served with the meal was a mint, which you don’t often see.

Jet Airways business class mint & sugar

Once the main was cleared, I was offered dessert, which consisted of a delicious opera cake.

Jet Airways business class dessert — mocca gateaux

Once I was done with that, the crew asked if I also wanted some ice cream, though I passed. After the meal I was offered a bottle of water.

Jet Airways business class bottled water

The service throughout the meal was exceptional. Isha and her team really hustled, and constantly offered drink refills and customized the meal pace to everyone’s preferences. With two crew and 12 passengers in business class, service was attentive.

After the meal I got some work done on my laptop. For anyone wondering what the recline in these seats is like, below is a picture of the maximum seat recline.

Jet Airways business class seat recline

At around 7PM local time the first officer informed us we’d soon be initiating our descent, and that we’d be landing in about 30 minutes. Moments later the crew came through the cabin with warm towels.

Jet Airways business class hot towel

There was some turbulence on our descent due to some thick clouds.

View approaching Mumbai

View approaching Mumbai

We ended up touching down in Mumbai at 7:30PM. From there we had a 15 minute taxi to the gate, during which the crew had to announce nearly a dozen times over the PA that “we request all guests to remain seated,” because people refused to sit down. This is despite the fact that they had a flight attendant standing right behind business class, who gestured for people to sit down every time someone tried to get up.

Flight attendant making sure passengers stay seated

We finally arrived at our gate at 7:45PM, at which point the real fun began.

Jet Airways business class bottom line

I had a great flight in Jet Airways’ regional business class. No, the cabin didn’t feel especially fresh, but the seats were comfortable, food excellent, and crew very friendly. I was also impressed by the little touches, like socks, individual water bottles, Billecart-Salmon champagne, etc.

  1. We flew this back in January and Aishwarya boarded seconds before pushback. We had no idea who she was until we our seat-mate told us . FA’s had to hold people back who were rushing up into Biz to try and see her. Funny enough, our Indian friend (and naturally a big fan) was flying the same route on Emirates and missed out on it all.

  2. Don’t know if its just me, but I certainly have noticed Jet Airways has gone from an okay airline to a very good airline with huge potential. They certainly have to make their products better with the likes of Vistara entering the market. I am sure Jet’ll upgrade their hard product once they are better off financially, which is unfortunately difficult in India.

    But regardless US and European airlines should learn a thing or two from Asian airlines, rather than complaining all the time.

  3. @Lucky, aren’t the blankets supposed to be packaged? Did you let the crew know that it had a really bad odour?

  4. @John, from what I’ve heard, The massive improvement in service is due to the Etihad takeover as they had a large number of guests complaining that the service was too bad and that they’d never book with Etihad/their codeshares etc…

  5. Unfortunately my last experience with Jet Airways was not really great. Flew AUH-BOM last month. First of all the planes are parked a very long way from the terminal. My mom was recovering from knee surgery and the rep said there will be only 5-6 steps to climb. Well that was not true as you know.
    Unfortunately the aircraft has seen better days, we were in business and none of the seat controls worked and the life jacket compartment in the center was broken and kept falling off.
    In the brighter side, you are right the crew and service is exceptional.
    The really need to upgrade their hard product. Look like a third world airline.

  6. The fact that people do not understand “we request all guests to remain seated”, is that cultural? I noticed that in many flights in Asia people couldn’t care less for that rule and as soon as the plane touches down they would open the door and leave if they were allowed to do that.

  7. @CabinChief Who is Aishwarya? Is she the F/A supervisor in business class that Lucky mentioned? (She’s popular?)

    Re: blanket. It’s shocking a business class cabin would offer used blankets to its passengers (ugh!). I wouldn’t touch any that’s not in sealed plastic upon boarding.

  8. @Mark Santos – Aishwarya Rai, very famous Bollywood actress. In India, it is common to refer to movie stars by only their first name.

    @Santastico – sadly I’ve found the issue of rushing up prematurely before reaching the gate to be a common problem on flights in India. Don’t know why that is, exactly.

  9. @Chandan Bhat
    Agreed.. Etihad has a huge part to play in this. Jet has come long way, and is great now. Sad that Sktrax rates Jet with 3 stars and gives 4 stars to airlines like Air Canada, Bangkok Airways, South African, Royal Air Maroc, and China Southern. I have never had a good or better experience in any of them. Probably a very subjective opinion, but the rating system is clearly broken and not reliable.

  10. We flew Jet Airways DEL-BOM-DEL earlier this year. Everyone said never again.

    The next DEL-BOM-DEL 2 weeks later on VISTARA…everyone wanted more!

    Look them up!

  11. The Masi Campofiorin red wine is a really good offer, for regional business in India I’d say impressive

  12. Flew Jet Airways from Colombo to Mumbai few months ago. Similar seat to what you had. Trip was pleasant. Yes, the seat was old but I wasn’t expecting much plus I read horrible reviews for Air India so was just happy to be on Jet Airways.

  13. I’m guessing the decent food, drinks, menu and limited amenity kit had to deal with the fact that this was technically an international flight. It’s basically the minimum they have to provide to remain competitive with other carriers flying this route. With that said, it would sure be nice if the U.S. airlines could spend an extra $1 in domestic first-class by printing menus for flights over three hours. It’s a nice touch, especially on routes to honeymoon-heavy destinations.

  14. While jet airways has improved on the premium cabins their offering in economy both Long haul and short haul remains pathetic. While the A330s at least have decent seats, the 777s in a 10 abreast have woeful legroom in addition to the shrinking seat width which unfortunately is standard. My main issue is with the service- the crew are terrible in economy and the food and drink offering is diabolical. To give you an example they serve children first and rudelyrefused to serve the Mother her meal along with the child when she asked (child was having a standard meal). On a long haul flight they don’t stock Diet coke. Until they fix their economy proposition I don’t see them improving ratings. Sad- as they were almost at singapore airlines levels when they started flying Long haul.

  15. I recommend you to choose the Oman Air B738 New Business Class Product , It’s better than this Jet’s Biz Class

  16. Not related to this topic but on Indian carriers in genereal- a fascinating term of Air India hand baggage rules:

    A ‘Kirpan’ with a total maximum length of 9 inches (22.86 cms.), but a blade not exceeding 06 (six) inches (15.24 cms.), is permitted for carriage by a Sikh Passenger on his person, within India or on an Indian Registered aircraft on Domestic routes of fully Domestic Flights within India, subject to the requirement of a Public Order. (BCAS Circular 14/2005).
    Carriage of ‘Kirpan’ shall not be permitted in the cabin of an aircraft on an International Flight, either on the domestic or international sector flown by the passenger. If the ‘Kirpan’ is more than the length specified above, it shall be carried by the passenger in his registered baggage.


  17. Nice review. My brother is a Jet Airways 737 captain and frequently flies between Bombay/Delhi and the middle east including Dubai, Doha and Riyadh. I will never fly on those sectors as I live in the US and have no need to go to the ME but I got a good feel for the quality of service and equipment from this review.

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