Initial Club World London City impressions

Maybe my expectations were just unrealistic… because Club World London City blew me away. I’ve flown PrivatAir and I’ve done OpenSkies, but this service is in a new league. This was literally a new type of travel experience. I really felt like I was flying on a private jet, and with only 17 of the 32 seats occupied, it might as well have been.

Take boarding, for example. I wanted to be the first aboard so I could snap a few pictures. I figured I’d be fighting with a few gate lice too. Little did I know that I would be the only person in the boarding area when they started boarding. And it’s quite funny to have a boarding announcement just for you as well. The gate agent should have just said “gentleman, we’re now ready for boarding.” 😉

Again, more about the product itself will be coming, but I was also impressed by how polished the whole experience was, despite the crew only having flown this for the second time. I guess that’s where British Airways’ experience comes into play. And the thing that stood out the most was the crew. They were phenomenal. All three of the flight attendants genuinely wanted to be there, and it was clear that the pilots took pride in this service, from bidding everyone farewell at the door to constantly mentioning this “special service.”

Again, more details will be coming with the report (within the next week), but those are my initial impressions. For a different view, my return flight on Friday is almost booked out, so let’s see how the crew handles a full flight. On this flight I was actually the only passenger that required any service for the first five hours. Everyone fell right asleep or had a glass of wine at most. Oh, and the landing was fun too (I even took a video). One of the firmer landings in my life with VERY strong braking, although that kind of goes without saying on a runway that’s less than 5,000 feet.


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  1. Hey Lucky,

    I’m sorry to ask a question that’s been asked a couple of times already in various comment sections, but in light of your glowing review, I feel it’s appropriate to ask once more: Did you use miles for this flight, or did BA comp you?

  2. @ as219 — As I’ve mentioned on Twitter and in a post a while back (although I haven’t had a whole lot of time to respond to comments the past two days), BA comped me. And of course I’ll once again make that clear when I write my report, but it is of course a valid question. That being said, not sure if you’re inferring that writing a glowing report and being comped are incompatible. 😉

    BA wanted my honest feedback on the product, and that’s what I’ll be providing.

    Wait till you hear my bacon roll rant…. 😀

  3. Thanks for the reply… I am sorry, I looked for but didn’t see the other post you mentioned. And I don’t follow you on Twitter (I do subscribe to your RSS feed, though, :)), so I didn’t know you had answered this question.

    About the “motivation” for asking…I’ve read enough of your TRs to know you tell it like you see it. I certainly don’t think you’d say good things about BA just because you were comped. But it is information I like to have whenever I read a travel review: was the person comped.

  4. Interesting, but does look a bit claustrophobic in that cabin, no?

    I have had the opportunity to fly all-business class flights on EOS, Silverjet, L’Avion and Singapore, the smallest load being 42 seats on EOS on a 757. My experience in boarding most of these flights these flights is exactly as you’ve described. On EOS, there would usually be no one at the gate when they started boarding.

  5. @as219 — just so you don’t feel bad, I was just about the same question. Not because I have doubts that the review is objective, but because I think it’s something any review should make clear (FTC regulation or not).

  6. Sorry guys, I wrote this between a nap and the gym as I was bleary eyed. I didn’t realize consider this to be a “report.” When I write my trip report you’ll notice that the first thing I’ll do is disclose that this was a comped trip by BA….

  7. Coins, Am I to understand that you were the only passenger?
    Also, did BA approach you… or did you approach BA? If they approached you, my question is how do they know of you? Randy? Blog?

    Just curious.

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