The Least I’ve Ever Paid (In Cash) For A NYC Hotel Room

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According to recent data, the most expensive hotel markets in the US are Boston, New York, and San Francisco. Usually I’m thrilled if I can get at least a mediocre deal in one of these cities, and often I’ll just redeem points.

I’ve certainly gotten some reasonable deals in the city when paying cash. For example, I’ve booked the Andaz Wall Street on weekends for ~$200 per night, which I consider to be a great deal for NYC… though Wall Street isn’t the most exciting place to stay on a weekend. 😉

I spent last night in NYC, and was looking at the various Hyatt and Starwood options just a couple of days before my stay. I saw some of the lowest rates I’ve ever seen. Contrary to what many people might think, weekends in NYC in the summer are typically cheap, and not expensive, since most people leave town.

However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen NYC rates for as low as I saw for last night. I ended up booking the Hyatt Herald Square for $117 for the night. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Hyatt or Starwood option in NYC for that little, let alone one of the full service properties.

I’ve reviewed the Hyatt Herald Square before, and as I noted, the rooms at the hotel are really small, around 200 square feet. So the rooms are the smallest of any NYC Hyatt hotel, and the prices usually reflect that (last time I paid only marginally more, though that was shortly after the hotel opened). However, when I’m alone I love a small room, given how paranoid I otherwise am (whenever I return to my room I check under the bed, in the closets, etc., and since the Hyatt Herald Square’s rooms don’t have any closets, that’s less of a concern). 😉

It was such a comfortable environment that I slept for about 15 hours, and only woke up a few times. It has been months since I’ve slept that well.

The breakfast they give Globalists is great as well — you can choose a starter and a main, so I went with greek yogurt with berries to start (I didn’t realize it would be doused in syrup as well… oops), and then I had eggs with avocado as the main.

Sometimes there’s a thrill in getting a good deal, and that’s exactly what I felt here. $117 for a night in NYC is pretty tough to beat.

What’s the best deal you’ve ever scored on a NYC hotel?

  1. Be glad it was this weekend and not next weekend. We’re out there for the Fancy Food East show and even the rooms they put us up in at the Yotel are 249 a night and they’re so small they don’t qualify as rooms they call them “Cabins”

  2. When I was at West Point in the 70’s, I stayed a night at the The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club for $2 cash. Back then the doors didn’t have locks on them, so about 3am, a totally stumbling drunk crashed through the door and passed out on the floor. The room had bunk beds, but he was in no condition to get into one. Really never went back there, but I understand its been seriously upgraded now.

  3. Once got the brand new Residence Inn Central Park/Times Square North (whatever they call it) for <$100 on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Turned out to be a great find. Quiet, comfortable room.

  4. You admit being paranoid, but often stay in suites (with more space for people or crature to hide…). I’m confused….

  5. They also do room service breakfast and your folio credit is good at the coffee cart in the lobby.

  6. $70 at the Holiday Inn Midtown 57th St., which is now The Watson and not a Holiday Inn.

    It wasn’t luxe by any means (worn down three star but clean enough), but it was OK, and $70 in Manhattan? Spent the extra $ for a great dinner with friends at Maysville. Oh, and got some credit for an IHG Accelerate promo as well.

    I might be tempted by an NYC Hyatt at $117, even with zip status.

  7. Oh, and there was the time I got the Ace Hotel on $119 on soft open… a bit nicer than a worn down three star.

  8. sheraton tribeca is $125/nt (weekdays) during my upcoming stay next month. Throw in the citi prestige 4th night free and it nets out to $93.75/nt + tax

  9. In 2016, I got the Doubletree Times Square on a Monday night in January for just $120. I was shocked! The room was a suite too, I couldn’t believe it…

  10. Twenty years ago, a sub-$100 NYC hotel meant shared bathrooms, roaches, and/or sheets stained with so much blood they could have come from a crime scene (not exaggerations–I stayed at those places). Thanks to all the new hotels that have sprung up in the city over the past two decades, nabbing a decent room under 150 or even 100 is no longer a rarity, but it still depends a lot on when you’re staying. January rates, for example, hovered around 100 this year for basic rooms but ballooned to to as much as three times those prices when I returned in March, and that was even in the outer boroughs and NJ.

  11. Theee years ago, $79 MVP rate at the Hilton Times Square, with an upgrade to corner room and free breakfast as gold.

  12. there seems to have been a bit of a building boom lately. When I was searching for late July the other day it seemed like there were a whole lot more hotel options than there used to be.

  13. Westin Times Square. $37 a night. It was a mistake rate, but they honored it for three nights.

  14. I scored $89 at a full-blown Hilton (not a Garden Inn/Hampton Inn) somewhere in the west 30s, on a Sunday night. There were a lot of hotels discounting that particular evening, possibly because it was a holiday weekend. It sounds like you got equally lucky!

  15. lots of new rooms have come online – same coming for condos / apts

    nyc not the crazy expensive place it used to be which is refreshing

  16. Summer heat here in NYC can be unbearable. The smell of rotting garbage and rat urine is amplified when the temperature hits triple digits.

  17. I’ve gotten $160/night on a couple occasions on weekends at the Residence Inn Times Square (which isn’t quite on Times Square, but it’s close). Not bad for a midtown hotel.

  18. 2 weeks ago i got a Hilton Garden Inn for 84.00 on a sunday and then they had no breakfast and no hot water so they gave me a free night cert that i just got in the mail – its for any hilton property which is great because hotel manager said it was good up to 255 towards a stay – either way ill take it

    ive found that most weekends you can find cheap hiltons in NYC — mon thur Thursday you are paying

  19. I’ve paid $85 for the Staybridge Suites (which includes breakfast), $92 for the Hilton Garden Inn Times Square and the HGI West 35 Street, and under $125 many times for full service hotels such as Hilton Times Square (all with free breakfast if you have Hilton Gold or Diamond and designate free breakfast as your My Way benefit). Besides summer weekends (especially Sunday nights, which are ridiculously cheap), the lowest prices are in January, February, and the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights before Thanksgiving.

  20. In January I paid $126 at Hyatt Herald Square and the room had Empire State Building view – that was the rate for a room with city views so not an upgrade. More expensive than some of the other deals but still good deal given the views.

  21. Last year I stayed at the Element and Four Points by Times Square for around $115-120 each. These were fairly last-minute bookings (a day or two in advance), for weekday stays.

  22. Back in 2009 I scored a great room at the Renaissance on 57th (near Lexington) for $99/night. It had just been refurbed. It was my first visit to NYC and I thought all hotels were that price – have since found out that was really wrong!!

    On another note – when is a good time to find a bargain? Am heading there in May 2018 and don’t know how long before then I would get the best rate: now? or really close to the travel date? Appreciate any suggestions.

  23. Regarding Jo145s question, May rates in NYC tend to be high, but I did notice that the new Embassy Suites Midtown Manhattan, which is scheduled to open in the fall, is offering $206 AAA rates for a non-suite King Bed room and $224 for a studio suite with a sofa bed during May. The reservation can be cancelled up to 24 hours beforehand so there is no risk to grab that rate and check if it comes down. I suspect the rate will rise, however.

  24. Hilton New York Grand Central (née Hilton Manhattan East) for < $100, on a Sunday in February a couple of years ago. Was also upgraded to a suite.

  25. The W New York cheapest Cozy room for $186 per night check in Friday, check out Monday in late February last year.

  26. Last weekend (3 nights) – San Francisco’s Park central (Starwood) for 125$/night (BRG) . That was a deal!

  27. That’s an insane deal. Basically what I list my apartment for on Airbnb except I stock the fridge with alcohol instead of free breakfast supplies

  28. NYC Hotels in February is cheap, you should check website like Travelzoo, sometimes they offer special rates for them. I have seen Sheraton TQ/Marriot/W Midtown for $109~119.

    The Park Central Hotel is $109 in Feb 2018 at this moment

  29. GBP30 per night bed and breakfast rate for the Gramercy Park Hotel – hotel and flights deal with BA. Must have been an error rate but was honoured for a 5 night stay.

  30. I’m in New York often. I usually stay at the Andaz Wall Street if it’s a weekend. You are correct – not a great weekend location but I was there last for the Tribecca Film Festival so it was ideal. Otherwise, the Hyatt Herald Square is the best value for me. The rooms are small enough to actually bother me. However, I feel that the service there is superior. And I really enjoy their cute breakfast area. Otherwise, particularly if I will have time for a walk, I love the location of the JW Marriott Central Park South.

  31. $113.00 per night at the Hampton Inn in the financial district – July 4 weekend 2015. The room was nice and spacious too.

  32. I stayed at the Park Hyatt in NYC around New Years for FREE!

    I used one of my free Hyatt nights because the hotel was running $950 for the basic room.

    I know right! great value for a free night 🙂

  33. Dylan – i’m a fan of Park Hyatt – Paris, Millan, Chicago, Washington. I used to enjoy the one in New York that was across the park near the Met. However, the current New York price is beyond the pale. I’ve been tempted to use my points to get one of three nights for free – the average price being a little more palatable for the company. What say you? How was the experience?

  34. Late reply to this post but I’ve seen some killer deals on the Hyatt Herald Square. I paid $126 a night this past December on for a three night stay checking out on Christmas Eve. As someone who visits New York City the weekend before Christmas every year I can tell you for sure that this is *not* a time when the city is empty. Quite the opposite in fact. All the other Hyatt and Starwood properties were at least $100 a night more. Not sure why it was so much cheaper. The hotel was nice enough, with decent sized rooms for a hotel in Midtown. We’d stay there again for sure if the rates were good when we happen to be going and plan on paying cash.

    My only real complaint is that they didn’t allow Diamond Suite Upgrades to be used for some reason. Not sure if this has changed since the switch to the World of Hyatt program.

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