Hong Kong Extends Visitor Ban By Three Months

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While Hong Kong International Airport is open to transit passengers as of yesterday, don’t expect to be able to visit Hong Kong beyond the airport anytime soon.

Hong Kong bans tourists through September

Hong Kong’s Health Secretary, Sophia Chan, has today announced that Hong Kong will extend restrictions on visitors by another three months.

Hong Kong initially introduced a travel ban on visitors as of March 24, which has already been extended a couple of times. This travel ban was supposed to expire this month, but has now been extended through late September 2020 (and like everything nowadays, that remains subject to change).

Hong Kong will remain closed to visitors through September

As before, those returning home will have to undergo testing upon arrival, and then will need to self-quarantine for 14 days. Those restrictions remain in place.

Hong Kong now allows transit passengers

As mentioned above, as of June 1, 2020, HKIA is once again allowing transit passengers. This comes after the airport saw a 99.6% drop in passenger numbers. Those transiting are subjected to additional restrictions, though:

  • The transit can be at most eight hours long
  • You can’t connect to & from mainland China
  • You need to be booked on one ticket the entire way through
  • There will be designated dining areas for transit passengers to go to

Airlines aren’t initially allowed to add significant capacity so as to not overwhelm the airport, so unfortunately Cathay Pacific will likely continue to struggle for quite a while (not even accounting for what’s going on in Hong Kong beyond COVID-19).

Hong Kong Airport is now open to transit passengers

Bottom line

While Hong Kong is now open to transit passengers, unfortunately the region will remain closed to tourists until at least late September. In the event that you were hoping to visit Hong Kong in the next three to four months, you can take that off your list for now…

I can’t wait to visit Hong Kong again (eventually)

  1. Why can’t you connect to or from mainland China? Whatever happened to “one country, two systems”?

  2. “Not to overwhelm the airport” is cute, how about disregarding HK airport existence forever and ever to preserve its peaceful condition?

  3. Hello there, I’m from Hong Kong! I believe the extension announced today concerns the quarantine arrangements only, which for persons coming into Hong Kong before September 18 have to serve a compulsory quarantine order.

    As per the information from the government’s website (https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/inbound-travel.html), the entry ban on non-residents is vaguely described as being valid until further notice, so I think it’s rather uncertain over when will the ban be lifted.

  4. Yo lucky, I must had heart attack reading you article. I have business in Hong Kong and I really need to go there ASAP. I checked the local news and it is clear that you have incorrectly interpret the announcement. The actual announcement as quoted in original language says that the HK government is extending the rule which imposes mandatory quarantine on foreign arrival til September 18th

    The announcement did not say that they will extend entry ban til September 18th. For example, it is possible they will open Hong Kong to visitor on July 1st. Before they extend the 599E, HK governement does not have legal right to force foreign arrival into quarantine.

  5. How many articles is this guy going to jump the gun on in a month period? Starting to lose interest with your fire, ready, aim approach in the name of being first one to report.

  6. @Lucky Can confirm the above there isn’t a ban on visitors only a mandatory 14 day quarantine. Personally know some people traveling to Hong Kong this week.

  7. It doesn’t really matter whether you are allowed entry or not. 14 days quarantine (extent to September 18) pretty much stop anyone from going to Hong Kong anyway unless you REALLY have no choice.

  8. to all the idiot’s white privilege trump supporters here, reframe from making any situation in HK, just to point out that any comments will only make you look stupid but also a Big Hypocrite. believe in all the Trump messages you want but making comments about other country sovereignty and dictate what they should or shouldn’t do just make you look like a Big ASS while your own country is on fire.

  9. Hi! In fact the new extension creates two list of countries: one with 14 day quarantine and one without. So the government will have felixibitly to decide to include which country in which list. It is possible (not saying it will) for people from some countries to visit Hong Kong without the quarantine.

  10. here in Germany you say: its not eaten as hot as it is cooked.. that means: that’s the decision in Hong Kong NOW, but what if there is no virus any more in many parts of the world in 4 weeks,
    even Spain and Italy has no more deaths anymore, here in Germany we nearly have zero new cases in most parts of the republic. US is a few weeks behind, South America is perhaps 1 1/2 month behind. So lets regard the situation in four weeks again. Germany is canceling is general warning for international travel within Europe tomorrow and Europe wants to open borders to severeal countries mid of June. everything’s getting better everywhere!

  11. Disney and the whole hotel industry in Hong Kong can’t catch a break. Disney Hong Kong needs tourists from the mainland or abroad to visit. Without them, no entertainment or tourist heavy region of Hong Kong will turn a profit this year.

  12. I have moved my April, 20 trip forward twice, now scheduled for October. This trip includes trade fairs which were also pushed forward.

    I really do miss HK! Most of all, I hope to see HK catch a break!

  13. @Cmorgan – to be fair it’s a “don’t do it in my backyard” mentality… if you are in HK now (or anywhere else outside of the US for that matter) and you see the news in the US, there is somewhat of a detachment to what is actually going on on the ground… the same vice versa last year…

    so whatever your political stance, political ideals vs immediate threat affects perception…

    though to be fair while the US almost treated HK as its own internal / domestic affairs (google HR 6947), PRC definitely isn’t doing the same with the US basically in meltdown…

  14. According to Loyalty Lobby:

    “Hong Kong Health Secretary today announced that the ban on non-resident arrivals would be extended by an additional three months (would be through September). Hong Kong SAR citizens and permanent residents + Mainland China & Taiwan can arrive but must go through the Covid-19 test at the airport and then quarantine for 14-days.“

    @Dan well, that is true, but Disney HK still has yet to announce a reopening date.

  15. Hello!

    I am seeking more information. I am from the United States and my Significant Other is in Hong Kong on a work visa. I am trying to fly out and visit him soon, but corona virus is making things very difficult. I am not sure how to go about getting there, nor do I have information about when Hong Kong is expected to reopen for visitors. Please, can someone help me out? Every bit of advice will help. Thank you!

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