Hilton Selling Points For 0.5 Cents Each

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Hilton Honors has just announced their latest bonus on purchased points, which is valid through September 20, 2018. While you need to log into your account to see the offer, it appears as if all members are eligible for the same offer, for a 100% bonus when you buy 40,000 or 80,000 points in one transaction.

The cost to purchase points with Hilton is ordinarily one cent per point (including tax), meaning that through this promotion you’d pay just 0.5 cents per point.

You can purchase a maximum of 80,000 Honors points before any bonuses per account per calendar year, meaning you can max out the promotion by buying a total of 160,000 points (including the bonus) for $800.

Nowadays Hilton lets you combine points across accounts at no cost, so in reality you could buy substantially more points by simply buying them across accounts and then consolidating them.

Typically a 100% bonus is as good as offers on purchasing Hilton Honors points get. We’ve never seen a better offer (as far as I know), as typically the offers hover between an 80% bonus and a 100% bonus. The last such promotion expired on June 7, so it has been a few months since we’ve seen a promotion this good.

Should you buy Hilton points for 0.5 cents each?

Last year Hilton radically changed their Honors program. They eliminated their traditional award chart, and rather moved to more variable pricing. However, the good news is that there’s still value to be had in the program, as the top properties still won’t cost you more than 95,000 points per night.

Both before and after the changes I value Hilton Honors points at ~0.4 cents each, though there are instances where you can get a lot more value out of Hilton points than that.

For example, the Conrad Maldives is $3,000+ per night in peak season when factoring in taxes and fees (which is totally ridiculous, of course). Meanwhile a redemption costs 95,000 points per night. At a rate of 0.5 cents per point, that’s like paying $475 for a night there.

To take it a step further, if you have elite status and stay five nights on points then the fifth night is free, lowering the average nightly cost to 76,000 points. Furthermore, the above cash rates don’t include the 10% service charge and 12% tax, which don’t apply if you’re redeeming points.

To do a direct comparison, if you booked the cheapest advance purchase rate for five nights (December 22-27), here’s the cost:

Or you could pay a total of 380,000 points, which at a valuation of 0.5 cents each, would cost you $1,900 for the five night stay, or $380 per night.

There are also plenty of circumstances under which you can value at more mid-range hotels. For example, I recently redeemed 30,000 Honors points for a night at the Hilton Tallinn, when the paid rate would have been over 500EUR. Talk about a heck of a deal.

On top of that Hilton has adjusted their Points & Money awards, where you can now redeem part points and part cash towards any redemption. There are many instances where you can get way over 0.5 cents of value per point through that system.

Hilton points purchases are processed by points.com, meaning they don’t count as a hotel purchase for the purposes of credit card spend. Therefore you’ll want to purchase these points with a credit card that maximizes your return on everyday spend, like the Chase Freedom Unlimited® or Citi® Double Cash Card.

Bottom line 

0.5 cents per point is the lowest cost you’ll see per purchased Hilton point, so offers don’t get better than this. There are many circumstances under which it could make sense to acquire Hilton points at this price.

Do you plan on buying Hilton Honors points with a 100% bonus?

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  1. It’s worth nothing that they’re letting you buy points here even if you already hit your 80k purchase cap for the year.

  2. hey lucky, what dates did you choose for the conrad maldives example? i cant find any availability using flexible dates in february, march, april, and may.

  3. second that all over water villas that I have looked at for any dates between nov and may is like 330,000 points a night.

  4. Be very careful if you’re planning on buying points on multiple accounts (even if a spouse) and then combining/redeeming them.

    Hilton has shut down accounts for that (there’s some of these on flyertalk) and the points will be forfeited.

    Otherwise, yeah, 0.4 cents is what my redemptions have been (Key West and Embassy Suites Waikiki). I think in order to get the 0.6 redemptions you have to stay in like Hampton Inns and things.

  5. Fine print on this offer states it’s limited to 3500 packages of 40000/80000 points, and may end sooner if they are sold out.

  6. When I check my Hilton app and the destinations I am traveling to, I always see 30,000 points for a hotel that charges $130!

  7. @KM ” i cant find any availability using flexible dates in february, march, april, and may”

    Just checked and every single night from Jan thru July (I got tired of checking at that point) is available for 95K points, with the exception of 4 nights in May.

    So yeah, a great deal if you want to visit the Maldives. Which with all of the other costs would be beyond my budget even if the room itself was free. 🙁

    As for stays in more ordinary Hilton properties, I find that buying the points for a typical stay with this bonus costs about 20% more than just paying for the room. Holidays and special events will of course be a different matter.

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