10 Of My Funniest Travel Memories

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I feel like we could all use some humor at this point, given that many of us haven’t really left our homes in over two weeks.

I figured I’d dig through the over 13 years or archives here at OMAAT to bring you some of my most amusing firsthand travel stories from over the years. Hopefully some of these put a smile on your face, even if it’s at my expense (some of these make me cringe).

In no particular order:

Ah, good times! Here’s to hopefully being back in the skies eventually to create more embarrassing travel memories!

  1. LOVE THESE!! Especially the Japan upgrade one, like you, love love love Japan, its people and culture.

  2. Wow been this takes me back through years of following you. Some really funny and wild stories.

    What a life you’ve had this last decade!

  3. Thanks for sharing, made my day!

    On a side note, I miss these kind of fun but random posts that you used to write frequently back in the day. These days your blog is mostly just reviews, information and deals. (I still read multiple times daily tho). If you see, most of the above ‘memories’ are 2011/12/14. Latest is from three years back (17)

  4. Seems ages ago, but I remember your 1st Emirates 380 flight and how fun everything was 🙂

    Did JFK-DXB-ICN last fall and still fun!

  5. This blog made me realize just how long I’ve been reading/following you, and now I feel old… I legitimately remember reading some of them in real time.

    Good laughs, though!

  6. @lucky I know your coming up on 30. Would you mind writing a post reflecting on the last 10 years. So much has changed in miles in points, in your life, in the world in general.

    Brian Kelley may be the media personality credited with building this hobby but your consistency over the years is what makes you the unofficial

  7. Paris, 1972, I am in college and work as a FA (pardon me, “Steward”) for Air France during the summer. Remember the Boeing 707?

    Paris – Nice, 1hr 20 mnts and this was the time when they served a really good full hot meal, even in coach (Don’t you miss this time? And in First they had something like Foie Gras or lobster, with all the free booze you could drink. Wine in coach was 5 Francs or 1 Dollar).

    Waldeck Rochet, Secretary General of the French communist party is on board, I am serving him. As I put his tray on the table, major turbulence and the whole content of the tray lands on his shirt and pants. He’s furious, loudly accuses me of being a “Primary Anti Communist” and makes a scene in front of the purser who assures him it’s an accident due to turbulence. He swears that things will not stay there and he’ll have me fired.. Purser defends me as well as she can.

    Two days later, meeting of the Central Committee of the French communist party, and HE’s fired from his job. Total coincidence but I felt vindicated. For the first time and after some 50 years have passed, I hereby confirm that it was NOT an accident.

  8. @Lucky the other day I searched your posts using the key word “Conclusion” and it brought up a bunch of fun posts to read – pilots smoking on China Eastern, rental car accident, iPad-gate, your mom being robbed, nap room drama, and more. You should do a similar round-up to this post 🙂

  9. I can see why you were creeped out by the guy wanting to buy your sweater in HK but it was not shady or him trying to get you back to his room like some of the comments were saying on the post. In mass market apparel we draw inspiration and ideas everywhere we go. I’ve never asked to buy a garment but I have snuck photos, made rough sketches on whatever I have in my bag, and photocopied garments when we wanted record of a pattern but weren’t planning on keeping the sample. I hate to tell you but your sweater may have even been cut up into pieces to source a similar yarn quality or colour. Recently a client bought a shirt off his co-worker’s back so that I could duplicate the plaid pattern! So while it may have seemed creepy to you, in our business it is valid and sometimes necessary.

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