Palm Beach Airport Getting Primeclass Lounge

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This is long overdue. Currently Palm Beach International Airport has just one lounge, which is the Delta SkyClub. That’s great for Delta flyers, but doesn’t exactly help others, both in terms of access requirements and the location of the lounge..

It’s surprising the airport doesn’t have more lounges, given that Palm Beach is a pretty premium leisure market. Well, that will soon be changing.

A Primeclass Lounge will be opening at Palm Beach Airport on January 8, 2020. The lounge will be on the small side — it will be just 2,955 square feet, with seating for 66 people. It will be open daily from 4:30AM until 9PM, covering a vast majority of departures.

The lounge will be located in Concourses A & B, so will be accessible by those traveling on American, Southwest, United, and a few other airlines.

The Primeclass Lounge PBI will feature hot & cold food, complimentary drinks (including alcohol), free wifi, and private bathrooms.

As far as access goes, it will be open to Priority Pass members, and you’ll also be able to purchase a day pass for $45 (which is on the steep side, since Palm Beach isn’t an airport you exactly have to arrive early at).

Here are some renderings of the new lounge:

The lounge looks nice, though I imagine it’s going to get super crowded, so I wouldn’t get my hopes too high. Still, this is a very nice addition for the airport.

Anyone excited for the Primeclass Lounge PBI?

(Tip of the hat to Zach Griff)

  1. PBI is a huge station for Delta with almost hourly service to ATL on739s and 757s, they will always have a SkyClub and it’s always busy.

  2. There is definitely a Sky Lounge in Concourse C
    This new lounge is located in the old Usairway Club by security checkpoint A-B

  3. The Delta Skyclub is in C concourse while the new lounge will be in A/B. The thing about PBI is that it is so small and usually empty that there is never a need to arrive earlier then 70 minutes for your flight. I never once waited at TSA with or without pre check for more then 5 minutes. The lounges don’t add a lot of benefit as the airport is nice and small as it is.

    Here is the thing about PBI though. It used to be one of the best airports in the US back in the day, but they just have not updated any part of it in the past decade or 2. The terminal while Floridan feeling is old. Most of the shops and restaurants and the iconic putting green are pre security and most going directly from ticketing to TSA don’t pass it. PBI is so small that they are one of the only US airports I know of that doesn’t have Global Entry. In fairness very few international flights but still.

    PBI is a very big premium leisure market and a ticket prices are very high (especially compared to FLL 45 miles south). So PBI feels that these travelers will pay for a small lounge and use all the other amenities unnecessary at an airport so small.

    While a much bigger low cost Leisure airport, FLL is in despite need of a priority pass lounge. UA club in terminal 1 and DL skyclub in T2. But most airlines and all international ones are in T3 and T4 and they are not connected airside. Someone spending several grand on an Emirates business class ticket has no lounge option for pay or free. That is where a lounge is needed

  4. At least they are honest with their marketing images, the crowd is already quite crowded in the pictures 😀

  5. I used to work for PeopleExpress at PBI back in the days of the old airport, which was even smaller. Back then we had three clubs: a Delta Crown Room, an Eastern Ionosphere Club, and a Pan Am Clipper Club. PBI may be quiet a lot of the year, but it was always nuts during the winter months with people arriving and departing from the northeast.

  6. @Ted – not sure exactly when, but that’s my home airport and there have definitely been updates and I don’t even fly that often

  7. Wish this was pre-security or that there were plans for something in the C concourse. Not many Spirit or Frontier flights out of that side, but JetBlue’s presence in C is nearly as big as Deltas with no viable lounge option. I know the airport caters more to leisure than business, but with JetBlue flights all heading to NYC area or BOS, it’s certainly been my preferred airline for business trips to the city over the last decade.

  8. Now can we PLEASE get a lounge at FLL 3/4?

    (And a Brightline/VirginTrains station would be a great bonus too!)

  9. It is not located in a former Delta Sky Club location. The Delta club is in terminal C. This is located in the former USAir Club that closed many years ago (if I remember correctly around 2005) and has remained empty up until today. As an AA Exec Plat and Priority Pass member I am VERY excited for this to open. The terminal seating areas at PBI get crowded in Terminal B as many flights leave simultaneously.

  10. Now open. I was told that the paperwork for all partners has not been processed. No entry to Priority Pass or anything else. $35 per person only. They allowed me in to look around. Seems pretty good, albeit a bit small.

  11. Very pleasant and quiet lounge. Doesn’t admit United / other airline passengers (unless members of this lounge) except for a fee of $35. Information on internet which was posted before the lounge opened this year is incorrect.

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