Hello from Singapore (and don’t be a douche… like me)!

Good evening from Singapore! I’m presently in transit on QF009 from Melbourne to London, and am in Singapore for about 60 minutes. I was hoping to post pictures of the phenomenal tasting menu I had aboard, but that will have to wait, since the internet here is far too slow.

I’ll share one quick lesson, though. The flight from Melbourne to Singapore took 7hr30min, and I was offered pajamas shortly after takeoff, which I changed into immediately, despite it being a day flight. As we approached Singapore the seatbelt sign wasn’t turned on until seven minutes before landing, and for whatever reason I made the decision not to change out of my pajamas. They were so comfortable and it was late at night, so I figured I’d stay in my pajamas, go to the first class lounge, take a quick shower, get back on the plane, and sleep.

What the hell was I thinking? You know those high school girls that fly with shorts that read “PINK” on their rear, wear bunny slippers, carry massive pillows, and pack about 10 pounds worth of snacks and 18 gossip magazines for a 52 minute flight? Well, I felt like one of them as I walked through the terminal in my Qantas pajamas.

The funny thing is, the reaction was actually the worst in the lounge. I got looks of pure horror from just about every person in the lounge.

There’s a simple lesson here — don’t friggin’ wear your pajamas in an airport, let alone in the lounge. No clue what I was thinking, but I certainly learned the hard way…

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  1. Can you please post a photo of the jammies as I need a visual to determine whether they are as “loud” as those shorts you mentioned. šŸ™‚

  2. It is nice to hear even a veteran traveler like you has moments like these! It made me laugh.

  3. When I first read the title of this post, I thought you were saying that anyone who doesn’t like you is a douche. šŸ™‚

  4. It’s like wearing costumes down here in New Orleans. No holiday is required to wear them, as long as you exude confidence and act like you wear your pajamas to the airport every day!

  5. hahah, that must’ve been such a priceless moment but you should’ve been like “whatever. haters gonna hate”

  6. Your brain is probably fried from all of the flying and can’t think clearly šŸ™‚

    I’m still shocked at how many people walk barefoot or just in socks into the bathrooms on airplanes.

  7. My brother did something similar. We were all flying home after a big trip via FRA and for some reason there was some scare recently that had made int’l travel much more of a hassle. So when we landed and got off the plane and through immigration more or less first, he was quickly pulled aside to do a TV interview for the local news crew… in his LH pjs.

  8. Thanks for the hilarious mental image! Maybe there should be a Halloween FT DO in which we all dress as teenage kettles. Can you imagine all of us swarming priority lines and premium cabins in pop star t-shirts and Joe Boxer PJs?! =D

  9. @hobo13 and A.S. – lol šŸ™‚

    @GoAmtrak – maybe an international F PJ do would be more fun. Of course, anyone willing to hand over a set of F PJ’s?

  10. I think I speak for all of us when I say we expect a jammie photo in the full trip report.

  11. I connected from QF to AA at lhr a few years back. Was in first on both flights and kept the QF pj’s from the first flight. While I changed back to my street clothes for the connection, I put the pj’s back on during the AA flight. AA of course doesn’t provide this amenity, so I certainly stood out…and got a few looks. Despite that, I was very comfortable for the AA flight and enjoyed putting relatively fresh clothes on shortly before landing at JFK….before heading in to work after 20 hours of flying!

    Felt a bit odd? Yes. Do it again – definitely!

  12. @GoAmtrak, that sounds awesome…especially if it is in front of a bunch of low-tier elites.

  13. #1 -You OWE your fans a photo of you in your pj’s!!

    #2 – I have never understood people that travel with a full size pillow. Don’t they realize all the germs that thing collects as it travels around?

    #3 – I think the more often seen phrase on the rear of said teen travelers is “juicy”. How nice.

  14. Thanks for such a funny anecdote! I suppose if you had found a group of high school girls to walk with at the airport, you would have fit right in šŸ™‚

  15. Note to Shari above: Juicy is a brand of clothing (Juicy Couture) – not sure if you were joking or not!

  16. Eh, First Class has become so dressed down anyway these days…I mean, you see people in shorts and flip-flops flying FC and in lounges now, why not pajamas?

  17. I have used the top with collar given in LH F several times since then on other airlines in my long distance trips without even an eye brow being raised. They are VERY comfortable for long trips

  18. Call me old-fashioned (thank you), but watching a doughy, middle-aged, male body slapping into a first-class seat all the way from the waiting lounge in flip-flops and pajama bottoms (which screamed “juicy” without actually saying it) was the LAST thing my husband and I wanted to see on our AA flight from NYC to LA last week.

  19. I just heard not too long ago a city here in the USA that was trying to ban the wearing of pajamas outside in public hehehe…

  20. @ffi – I have to agree that the LH F long-sleeved top is pretty good, but the OZ F button-up with all the gold trim is the bling-bling-iest way I have had envious stares from others. šŸ™‚

  21. There should be a nickname for those girls with the oversized pillows, Pink across the butt shorts and massive amounts of snacks and reads… Whatever name it comes to, gotta love watching them!

  22. I realise this is waaay old but I just had to say that your description of the high school girls made your point better than anything else. Sheer brilliance and lesson well learned.

  23. walk like you own it, don’t worry what the others think ( they probably wish they could do the same)

  24. That was a solid laugh at my desk. At work. Classic. Absolutely classic. Why do we do the things we do? At least we know it will never happen again!

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