Expert Flyer adds Iberia and Icelandair business class award availability

A few weeks ago I wrote about Expert Flyer adding the functionality to search for Korean Air business class award availability. This was hugely useful, given that previously one had to call Delta to ask about award availability when trying to redeem SkyMiles for travel on Korean Air (which was a nightmare, to put it lightly).

Anyway, Expert Flyer has now added the ability to search for business class award space on Iberia and Icelandair.

Iberia award space can presently be searched via the British Airways and Qantas websites, though both are a bit clunky to use, and at times not especially accurate. You can find a tutorial on searching OneWorld award space using those websites here.

However, Expert Flyer is a much easier way to search award availability on any given route for a week at a time, so I’m really happy to see this new functionality.

Iberia display option

At least nine business class award seats!

Given how hefty British Airways fuel surcharges are, this is a great alternative for transatlantic travel using American AAdvantage miles.

The functionality to search Icelandair business class award space was also added. This isn’t quite as useful for a few reasons.

First, they have a very limited number of airline partners. Chances are that the only way you’ll redeem miles for travel on Icelandair is through Alaska’s Mileage Plan program. They do have pretty good award rates for travel on Icelandair, as follows:

80,000 miles for travel from the US to Europe in business class with a stopover in Iceland is pretty tough to beat.

The second downside, however, is that business class on Icelandair is more like a domestic first class seat than an international business class seat, with only 39″ of pitch (only a couple more inches than domestic first class). Still, award availability is excellent in business class, and the ability to visit both Iceland and Europe on a single award is tempting.

Beyond the ease of searching award space on the above airlines, also keep in mind that Expert Flyer lets you set availability alerts. So now if an Iberia or Icelandair flight doesn’t have award availability, you can set up an alert so that Expert Flyer will email you if space opens up.

Setting up an availability alert

Even more reasons to get an Expert Flyer account!

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  1. If Iberia’s business class is anything like their economy, no thanks. Looking forward to the reviews —-

  2. @Richard +1. I flew a 2-hour domestic on Iberia about 18 months ago. Domestic Aeroflot, ca. 1984 would have been more fun. Icelandair may have some good deals, but be careful with Iberia.

  3. I was test running EF this week and Immediately noticed no award info for Lufthansa, Asiana, Ana and Thai. I gave up at that point. Was I doing something wrong.

  4. Don’t know if its worth 80k to do Europe on icelandair in J. The have really good economy fares to Europe as is, which always include a stopover in Iceland, as low as 700 return if I’m not mistaken. The economy product is pretty good, except for lack of free meals, but hey it s basically the same flight time from the east coast to KEF as it is to SFO or LAX and only 4 hours from there to the mainland. I’ll pack a sandwich and book a cheap economy flight and save those miles for something more special.

  5. >
    the ability to visit both Iceland and Europe on a single award is tempting

    Ben, Iceland is in Europe.

  6. @ Levi — That’s correct, they don’t support a lot of airlines. But the usefulness of the tool comes with what you’re able to do with the airlines they do support, like monitor for seat changes, availability to open up, etc.

    @ harvs — Indeed, booking economy can be a good deal, though I do think business class is worth it if you plan on using miles. It’s only a 20,000 mile premium, so that breaks down to 5,000 miles per segment.

    @ Lantean — Compared to other airlines it would seem so.

    @ Martyn — C’mon, you know what I meant. “Continental Europe,” if you prefer (though I suppose the UK isn’t on the continent, so…).

  7. @ MilesQuest — I can’t say I’ve ever used KVS. The guy that runs it is one of the rudest people I’ve ever interacted with, so I have no interest in giving him a dime.

  8. Ben — this is great. You just keep putting a dent in your travel planning business though by giving us access to all these great tools.

    A question — if you book an business award on IB by starting a segment on AA (for example, SEA to ORD on AA, and then ORD to MAD in IB), do you pay the miles for first or for business if the AA leg is in first on a two-class aircraft? If F miles are required, any way around that?

  9. @ Larry — Hey, I’d rather teach folks to fish than to fish for them (and do awards only for people that just aren’t into fishing).

    If you have a segment in domestic first class you’d still only be charged the business class price, so you have nothing to worry about there.

  10. The KVS guy is creepy. He emailed me last month asking if I’m working for a particular company even I haven’t subscribed to his service for over an year ago. Very concern that I feel my privacy has been violated.

  11. Had a better experience on IB long haul business than AA a year ago…for what it’s worth. Narrow body “business” however, disappointing.

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