Etihad Chauffeur Added For Los Angeles/LAX

As a way of trying to create a more seamless travel experience, some airlines offer chauffeur service to their premium cabin passengers. While there are over a dozen airlines that offer some form of chauffeur service, there are only a handful of airlines that offer chauffeur service on award tickets.

It sure is a nice perk when you can redeem miles not just for a great first class product, but also get picked up and dropped off as part of that award ticket.

Etihad Airways first class

One of the airlines with the most extensive chauffeur offering is Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE. They’re starting service to Los Angeles as of June 1, and I’m booked on the inaugural flight.

What’s interesting is that up until now Los Angeles hasn’t been listed as a city eligible for Etihad Chauffeur.


I had called a couple of weeks back and they said there weren’t yet plans for Etihad Chauffeur to be offered at LAX. I was confident they’d offer it eventually, but I was kind of surprised that they wouldn’t have it set up a few weeks before their longest route launches.

Anyway, it appears as if Etihad has finally added Los Angeles to their Etihad Chauffeur program. They haven’t actually updated the website, but it has been confirmed by @EtihadHelp on Twitter.


When I pulled up my reservation under the Etihad Chauffeur program I was able to book a car departing LAX, which wasn’t previously the case.


While this is an incredibly minor detail in the grand scheme of things, I’ve received a handful of questions regarding the chauffeur service on this route specifically over the past couple of weeks, so figured I’d post an update.

Frankly chauffeur service isn’t quite as valuable to me as it was the pre-Uber days, though I’ll always take a free ride (plus tip, of course)!

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  1. @ Al — Interesting, I see mention of it on FlyerTalk, but is there anything official from Etihad Airways about it? Can’t find anything.

  2. @ Andrew — Everyone will have a different opinion on that. I tip 20% on what I think a chauffeur service would cost (non-Uber). So I figure it would usually cost about $100, so I tip $20.

  3. I’m booked using an AA award in first class to LAX in October. I can find my reservation on the Etihad Web site using my confirmation code, but when I put that same confirmation code into their “book chauffeur” page, it says it can only reserve for confirmed reservations. Assume this is just a glitch and I’ll have to phone them.

  4. You are tipping? You are kidding, aren’t you?

    I’d expect an airline like Etihad to pay the full amount to the drivers, plus I’d culturally would never see anyone outside of the U.S. even contemplating tipping for this transport (which is part of a $multi-k ticket), especially from the UAE.

    Do you tip the LH first class drivers at FRA/MUC??? (rethrorical question–I’d hope not).

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