Emirates Outlines Plans To Resume Flights As Of May 21

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Emirates will at least be resuming some regularly scheduled flights earlier than expected, as of next week.

Emirates will fly to nine destinations as of May 21

It has today been announced that Emirates will resume regularly scheduled flights to nine destinations on three continents as of May 21, 2020. These destinations include:

  • Chicago
  • Frankfurt
  • London Heathrow
  • Madrid
  • Melbourne
  • Milan
  • Paris
  • Sydney
  • Toronto

Emirates will for now exclusively use 777s for the routes, as A380s continue to remain grounded. As you can see, this route network will mostly allow people to travel to & from Dubai, with the exception being connections between Europe and Australia, which are also possible (and I suppose connections between North America and Australia, though that seems rather roundabout).

Travelers will only be accepted if they comply with eligibility and entry requirements for their destination countries.

As of now these are the only immediate service resumption that have been announced. Emirates’ schedule shows other flights resuming as of July 1, 2020, though it remains to be seen if that timing will stick.

Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Chief Operating Officer, had the following to say:

“We are pleased to resume scheduled passenger services to these destinations, providing more options for customers to travel from the UAE to these cities, and also between the UK and Australia. We are working closely with the authorities to plan the resumption of operations to additional destinations. We have implemented additional measures at the airport in coordination with the relevant authorities in respect to social distancing and sanitization. The safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and communities, remain our top priority.”

Emirates will exclusively fly 777s for now

Emirates’ schedule up until now

In late March 2020, the United Arab Emirates banned flights, causing Emirates and Etihad to completely suspend operations for a period of two weeks.

In early April, Emirates resumed flights on a very limited basis. These flights exclusively transported people from the UAE, while the airline wasn’t accepting guests on flights to the UAE. Furthermore, because routes were exclusively to Europe, this didn’t open up any connection opportunities.

For all practical purposes these were more like repatriation flights than regularly scheduled passenger flights.

Up until now Emirates has only transported passengers from the UAE

Bottom line

As of May 21,2020, Emirates will begin regularly scheduled passenger service to nine destinations in Australia, Europe, and North America. This represents the first regularly scheduled service since March, where the airline will offer service both to & from Dubai, as well as offer some connection opportunities.

As of now Emirates’ schedule shows service otherwise resuming as of July 1, 2020, though I imagine we’ll see more destinations progressively added in the coming weeks.

Emirates is being more conservative than Qatar Airways, which is resuming service to 52 destinations by the end of May, and to 80 destinations by the end of June.

What do you make of Emirates’ service resumption?

  1. I think a post about inflight service expectations during this pandemic would be cool/helpful. i.e. what can one expect in terms of food service if taking one of these Emirates flights?! Or how on domestic flights in F, no meals, just snack bag like everyone else. Personally would be interested in that since as more people are starting to take to the skies, airlines haven’t necessarily been communicating that it’s in fact not business as usual onboard (service and amenity wise.)

  2. Who is going to be elligible to take these flights with virtually every country blocking non-citizens/non-residents from entering?

  3. Of all US routes to restart why Chicago?? ORD was one of their last US cities and never had more than a daily flight, whereas other stations like JFK, BOS & SEA were 2+ daily flights at points. Makes no sense!

  4. The fact that they announced a profit this past quarter just goes to prove this is NOT a real business but a toy for some rich Arab. At least Qatar tried to make it look like they are a business and announced a loss. These governments won’t be able to support them much longer with $20-30 oil.

  5. Awesome, these services make a-lot of sense, because they are flights between highly populated cities. Surprised, LA or San Francisco is not on the list.

    But What is the point of starting flights to North America, if the only connectivity is to Australia? United continues to fly direct to Australia from SFO.

    I feel like it will be a long while before Emirates resumes flights to US cities with less demand like Houston, and Fort Laurderdale

  6. Who is going to be on these flights to Australia? The borders are closed, in and out ( and that’s not going to change before August, at the very earliest; likely much later). So unless these are freight/repatriation flights, they’re going to run empty.

  7. I assume all these routes are also cargo routes for which they currently use the 777 passenger planes as freighters. so combining both would makes total sense.

  8. I am not sure as to how I am supposed to react to it? Happy, that I can start seeing this birdies back in the air, or Sad, that this might end up transmitting virus all over the world. I guess happy, cuz you see, Emirates has got that instant-10-minute COVID tester. So, I guess passengers would be allowed to board only after being tested negative. y a y

    My Gold Skywards tier is expiring this October. I live in Kuwait and the flights here will be resuming effective from July 1. I hate to admit it but I really don’t want to travel anywhere until this situation calms down. And I don’t think I can fly 50,000 tier miles within 3 months. I would really love it if they end up extending the subscription.

    Emirates, Fly Better 🙂

  9. I need to know when Dallas to Dubai flight will resume?
    And no flights from Dubai to India(any destination)?

  10. @sunviking82
    Qatar’s wealth is mostly based on natural gas, so changes in the oil price are not really relevant.

  11. @Paolo these flights are mostly for cargo and for Australians who want to return home from Europe & Europeans who want to leave Australia. Australians can apply to Border Force to leave the country in certain circumstances. As I’m a dual UK/Australian citizen, I’m sure I could successfully apply for an exemption to leave if I really needed to.

  12. It does make sense while Emirates fly regularly with passenger aircraft while only bringing cargo on their belly cargo operation. Why not try to fill some load with some passengers? it’s quite brilliant.

    With regard to profits, I don’t think they make the numbers up. Most of the flight has a stable 70% and up load factor, and often to be full. Besides, Dubai GDP relies only on 1% from the oil, making them immune to the oil crash. One thing they might anticipate is the consumer behavior of business travel passenger, while the oil company’s revenue plunge, they wouldn’t as generous as before to fly their people on fancy first class. Not to mention of high GDP created by tourism to Dubai.

    I also like how conservative they are. On the other hand, Qatar is very keen on connecting cities around the globe. But flying on an average of 30% load factor is horrendous.

    We’ll see!

  13. Sir I want know about when flight started From Jeddah to Kozhikode sector.india.

  14. @Ivan

    As you have UK citizenship, you can leave Australia whenever you wish. Same applies to Australians who have residency in another country.

  15. Normally as the summer approaches in the Gulf there are a lot of immigrant/expat stay-at-home spouses who decamp to their home countries until the weather gets bearable and/or the schools restart. I would think that there is even more desire from these people to go home this year. The non-working spouses and children don’t need to be quite as concerned about being allowed back into the UAE.

    I’m very curious as to what sort of service there will be in the cabin and lounges. Bluntly, if I can’t drink champagne from door-to-do then I’ll travel in economy…

  16. Why … No South Africa ??? What could the reason be… The least possible Covid cases listed & you don’t fly there ….????

  17. I wonder if all these flights will be on 777s, given the lower passenger, but higher cargo demand?

    Also wonder if they could get creative if passenger numbers are low- for example having the center section seats with cargo. This is not unrealistic- Lufthansa converted an A330 to cargo without removing seats.

  18. All through the suspension of scheduled flights the past months Emirates has maintained a cargo only 777 daily to ORD. so it’s just that they are continuing with flight with passengers also now. That’s the only logical reason for flying to ORD as the only destination in US and not popular ones like JFK/LAX/SFO.

  19. could you tell me when there will be any flight from nigeria to newcastle upon tyne

  20. When will regular flights to USA to India resume any specific period
    Will the corona problem solved for ever

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