Emirates Will Fly To 29 Cities By June 15

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Emirates Airline suspended operations in late March 2020, when the United Arab Emirates banned flights. Then in early April, Emirates resumed repatriation flights on a very limited basis. Then finally as of May 21, Emirates resumed regularly scheduled flights to nine destinations.

Emirates will fly to 29 destinations by June 15

Emirates is moving forward with adding more flights, as the airline will fly to 29 destinations by June 15, 2020.

Currently Emirates flies to the following nine destinations:

  • Chicago
  • Frankfurt
  • London Heathrow
  • Madrid
  • Melbourne
  • Milan
  • Paris
  • Sydney
  • Toronto

As of Monday, June 8, 2020, Emirates will resume service to three cities in Pakistan:

  • Islamabad
  • Karachi
  • Lahore

As of Monday, June 15, 2020, Emirates will resume service to 16 additional cities:

  • Amsterdam
  • Bahrain
  • Brisbane
  • Copenhagen
  • Dublin
  • Hong Kong
  • Jakarta
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Manchester
  • New York JFK
  • Perth
  • Seoul Incheon
  • Singapore
  • Taipei
  • Vienna
  • Zurich

Transit passengers are permitted on these flights, so while most people can’t actually enter the UAE, transit through Dubai International Airport is allowed (the UAE’s entry rules will be changing shortly). This is convenient for those traveling between Europe and Asia, those traveling between Australia and Europe, etc.

Most countries continue to have restrictions on who can visit, so you’ll want to make sure you’re eligible to travel before booking a ticket.

Emirates will exclusively operate 777s

Note that even with the expansion by June 15, Emirates will continue to exclusively operate Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, meaning the Airbus A380 fleet will continue to be grounded.

There is one cool thing about that, at least. Emirates will be using some “new” 777-300ERs when service expands, featuring Emirates’ new 777 first class, and updated business class. Emirates only has a total of nine 777-300ERs with these new interiors.

Emirates’ new 777-300ER first class

Emirates’ updated 777-300ER business class

The easiest way to tell what kind of 777 is scheduled for your flight is to look at the first class seatmap — if it shows six seats then it’s the new first class, while if it shows eight seats it’s the old first class.

For example, I see the new 777 first class scheduled on flights to New York JFK, Frankfurt, and Zurich, among other routes. Be warned that Emirates sometimes swaps aircraft last minute, so I wouldn’t necessarily count on these assignments sticking, but it’s still cool to see.

In all honesty, Emirates’ new first class is probably the “safest” way to travel in commercial aviation, given that it’s a truly fully enclosed suite, floor-to-ceiling. It’s not just a door that’s five feet tall, but you’re actually fully enclosed.

Emirates’ new 777 first class is incredibly private

Bottom line

Emirates will be resuming service to 29 cities as of June 15, 2020, opening up all kinds of transit opportunities for passengers. Emirates will fly to two US cities — Chicago and New York.

While Emirates’ A380 fleet continues to be grounded, at least the airline is operating some 777s with the new first class product.

This is a step in the right direction, though pales in comparison to Qatar Airways’ plans to operate to 80 destinations this month.

  1. Was looking at flights from Newark to Athens in Emirates biz for next May.. I live in Boston I know they have a partnership with JetBlue ! Can I just pay and add a flight on ? Or do I have to go through the whole reclaim baggage circus ?? Thank you ..

  2. Surely this is aspirational re TPE. Taiwan has not begun allowing transit passengers, nor announced a date.

  3. Why has Emirates maintained US service only to Chicago (and not, for example, NYC)?

  4. “In all honesty, Emirates’ new first class is probably the “safest” way to travel in commercial aviation, given that it’s a truly fully enclosed suite, floor-to-ceiling. It’s not just a door that’s five feet tall, but you’re actually fully enclosed.”

    Come back to earth. I know you must be really missing your trips up front at 36,000ft and finding it extremely difficult to be grounded for so long. I guess there will be a mad dash to fly in this enclosed cabin based on your recommendation.

    As Donna said do doors keep out viruses?

  5. Good news indeed. Now I can start planning my trips for November & December!

    QR’s plan of 80 destinations for this month is a bit ambitious. Flights from Doha to Greece currently have been banned till mid June due to 12 Covid-19 cases on board of a flight from Doha to Athens on Monday (all 91 passengers have now been put in quarantine). Of course this could happen on any airline and just shows how contagious the virus is, even with the best safety precautions taken on the ground and in the air.

  6. Donna/Marco, please do us a favor and stay hidden away for 2 years until it’s “safe” to venture outside **rolls eyes** I’m assuming you stay hidden away w/ masks during each flu season since it’s more deadly than the Wuhan virus (99.983% survival rate). You have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning than dying from the Chinese Wuhan virus. This is getting beyond ridiculous at this point

  7. I think this business model is very interesting. All passengers must be transiting, unless you have UAE citizenship (not many people).

    While I can imagine their is some demand between Europe and Asia/Australia, I wonder how successful the flights from JFK, Chicago and Toronto will be. It seems like a very long journey to get to Asia or Australia via Dubai if you ask me

  8. I thought Australia was completely closed to foreign air traffic? How is Emirates currently serving Melbourne and Sydney?

  9. Surprised that they are adding Brisbane with SYD and MEL already as destination. Can’t be that many Australians trying to return at this time and international visitors are not allowed. Can’t be that many Aussies leaving on holiday or business in Europe.

  10. This is too heavily reliant on transit passengers and without Dubai opening up, I think they will not have very high loads

  11. @Sharon
    From East Coast to South or South East Asia is often quicker and easier with 1-stop in Dubai or Doha than. Also the flight has passengers originating in these areas and not only US outbound.

  12. To all those asking why they are going to this destination or that destination, 1) trying to get business2) cargo opportunities ( eg lots of fruit and vegetables out of Australia and USA to UAE )

  13. @Terry

    Can you please do us all a favour and stop posting erroneous statistics? Did you draw them out of a hat or are you severely lacking in fundamental mathematical aptitude?

    I don’t think the 1.5% of New York’s population that has died in the last 119 days nor the workers who built a temporary hospital in Central Park would concur.


    I am not at all surprised. Emirates isn’t the only airline ramping up their schedules to where the destination borders remain closed. Some of them are adding a “caveat” pending government approval. Essentially airlines are looking for cash flow so selling tickets on flights that may not operate.

    If you are unable to fly, Emirates will allow changes/refunds for COVID-19 related disruptions if you book by June 30th and fly before the end of November 2020 but their website does mention a refund has “severe” delays.

    If AU borders remain closed, I don’t see these flights operating just for repatriation or the odd Australian that is fine with transiting DXB to fly into a 14-day quarentine in YYZ and return back to another 14-day mandated quarentine in a quarentine facility.

    I don’t see what the Emirates transit process will be like either. If it is anything like HKG, it won’t be fun. Maximum 8 hour connection on one ticket with health screening and a reqirement to go immediately to your gate. There won’t be lounge access but there will be designated eating areas for transit passengers.


    Some of EKs 777-200LR also have the newer business class.


  14. Terry says:
    June 4, 2020 at 10:32 am
    Donna/Marco, please do us a favor and stay hidden away for 2 years until it’s “safe” to venture outside **rolls eyes**

    Terry, you have completely misunderstood my statement. Lucky seems to think flying in an enclosed First Suite cabin will keep one safe. Like everyone can afford a First Class suite. I never said anything about staying away from the virus Infact was quite amused with Lucky’s little quarantined corner on the plane lol. You need to roll your eyes at him (not us).

  15. @James

    Even if 100% of covid deaths in the USA happened in New York it would still not be 1.5% of the cities population. Bad style to tell others off for their statistics while presenting information that at least as wrong.

  16. EK Already flying to Brisbane several times a week with 777, just not currently taking passengers. Freight demand is keeping things alive so some added pax will be a welcome improvement

  17. Dubai airport will become a super spreading hotspot. With the news of recent flight arrivals from Pakistan with significant numbers of infected people I would not want to hang around places like that. Add in the Americans and it’s even less of an incentive.

  18. @Terry

    “Even if 100% of covid deaths in the USA happened in New York it would still not be 1.5% of the cities population.”

    Correct, I moved the decimal 1 digit. It should be 0.1557% for New York State, based on population, not infections. An “informed” projection of a 20% infection rate in New York suggests the death rate would be much higher if left unchecked. If all of the US deaths were in New York City, it would be 11,218/8,399,000*100 = 1.31%. Herd immunity would require an infection rate of an minimum of two-thirds or 67%

    Please enlighten us with facts rather than throwing out randon ridiculous numbers.

    How did you arrive at 99.983% survival rate? Are you suggesting that the death rate is 0.017%. In the US it is already 0.0333% with an unknown infection rate. You would have to know the exact number of infections, which we don’t. Deaths from the seasonal flu are annualized (365/366 days), with COVID-19 it has been 120 days since the first US death. Crabapple & kumquat comparison are useless. Lets compare apples with apples. Even if we compare deaths to population, not infection rates, your numbers are out by 100%. COVID-19 is more infectious and more deadly than the seasonal flu PERIOD! Seasonal flu is also not asymptomatic.


  19. I find it good news that EK and other airlines are starting slowly..as long as EK give its best to assure that health measures at airports and during the flight are followed properly. Hopefully countries are opening up as well carefully and with proper health measures too, so we can start living freely again.

    @Lucky, sometimes you are really funny, LOL, as much as I wish it is true..closed doors and a fully enclosed suite does not gurantee a safer place witout virus in the plane. The circulation of air in the plane is the same. I believe in a way most of us who travel often are already exposed to the virus, but surely with a lower concentration and no huge consequences. Even in such enclosed suites I would not let my guard down but still imply the basic health requirements (masks, sanitizers etc.).

  20. Please I want to go back home to Karachi via Dubai from Boston I am Stuck in Boston from last 3 months please help me I want to go back home to my family I just came to USA for a month please consider my request Thank you

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