Qatar Airways Will Fly To 80 Cities By June 2020

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Unlike some other airlines, Qatar Airways has continued to operate flights throughout this pandemic, though at a reduced rate.

Qatar Airways has maintained service to at least 30 destinations, and has transported more than a million passengers. While some airlines grounded their fleets completely, Qatar Airways increased service in some markets.

Of course the airline has still struggled greatly, and we just learned that cabin crew will soon be laid off.

Well, the Doha-based airline has now announced plans to increase service.

Qatar Airways will fly to 80 destinations by June 2020

Qatar Airways has revealed plans for phased expansion, above the current 30 destinations they fly to:

  • By the end of May, Qatar Airways hopes to serve 52 destinations
  • By the end of June, Qatar Airways hopes to serve 80 destinations

Frequencies will vary, and in some markets we’ll even see multiple daily frequencies.

Qatar Airways will fly to 80 destinations by June 2020

Where will Qatar Airways fly?

Let’s take a look at the roughly 80 destinations that Qatar Airways plans to serve by the end of next month.

Qatar Airways will fly to the following six destinations in Africa:

Addis Ababa (ADD), Cape Town (CPT), Johannesburg (JNB), Lagos (LOS), Nairobi (NBO), Tunis (TUN)

Qatar Airways will fly to the following four destinations in the Americas:

Chicago (ORD), Dallas (DFW), Sao Paulo (GRU), Montreal (YUL)

Qatar Airways will fly to the following 33 destinations in Asia-Pacific:

Guangzhou (CAN), Hong Kong (HKG), Seoul (ICN), Tokyo (NRT), Beijing (PEK), Shanghai (PVG), Bangkok (BKK), Jakarta (CGK), Kuala Lumpur (KUL), Manila (MNL), Singapore (SIN), Ahmedabad (AMD), Amritsar (ATQ), Bangalore (BLR), Mumbai (BOM), Calicut (CCJ), Kolkata (CCU), Colombo (CMB), Kochi (COK), Dhaka (DAC), New Delhi (DEL), Goa (GOI), Hyderabad (HYD), Kathmandu (KTM), Chennai (MAA), Male (MLE), Trivandrum (TRV), Islamabad (ISB), Karachi (KHI), Lahore (LHE), Melbourne (MEL), Perth (PER), Sydney (SYD)

Qatar Airways will fly to the following 23 destinations in Europe:

Athens (ATH), Budapest (BUD), Moscow (DME), Istanbul (IST), Amsterdam (AMS), Stockholm (ARN), Barcelona (BCN), Brussels (BRU), Paris (CDG), Copenhagen (CPH), Dublin (DUB), Edinburgh (EDI), Rome (FCO), Frankfurt (FRA), London (LHR), Madrid (MAD), Manchester (MAN), Munich (MUC), Milan (MXP), Oslo (OSL), Berlin (TXL), Vienna (VIE), Zurich (ZRH)

Qatar Airways will fly to the following 14 destinations in the Middle East:

Amman (AMM), Beirut (BEY), Baghdad (BGW), Basra (BSR), Erbil (EBL), Teheran (IKA), Sulaymaniyah (ISU), Kuwait (KWI), Muscat (MCT), Mashad (MHD), Najaf (NJF), Sohar (OHS), Salalah (SLL), Shiraz (SYZ)

Qatar Airways will fly to Tokyo by next month

Qatar Airways’ expectations of recovery

Here’s Qatar Airways’ explanation of how they’re going about adding service, and how they see demand recovering in the short term:

While the situation remains hugely dynamic, Qatar Airways has made a number of assumptions based on its unique perspective, having been one of the only carriers to operate globally in recent months. With entry restrictions constantly evolving, accurately predicting future travel is challenging. However, while the expectation is that short haul travel will rebound first, business between large global cities will pick up more gradually and there will be a move towards visiting family and friends following months of lockdowns.

This matches most expectations within the industry. Generally speaking the expectation is that domestic demand will recover before international demand (which is tough for an airline exclusively with international flights, so Qatar Airways is relying on short haul travel), then leisure demand will start to recover, and then business demand.

Qatar Airways expects short haul demand to recover first

Bottom line

Qatar Airways plans to serve 52 destinations by the end of May, and 80 destinations by the end of June. Given how fluid the situation is, I wonder if the airline will actually follow through with this level of expansion, or if this is just a pipe dream.

Being an airline that flies exclusively internationally sure isn’t ideal at this point. That’s even more true when you account for the Gulf blockade, which means that many nearby countries are off limits as well (the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.).

What do you make of Qatar Airways’ plans to resume service?

  1. Phew! I snagged the cheap YUL-CPT deal for a three week birthday trip in September. I know lots could change between now and then, and how/if SA is open remains up in the air, but this is a good step for now.

  2. Is there any country that does not require 14-day entry quarantine or even non-essential travel entry? Or even “anything goes” airport transit (other than what DOH will have to accept for QR to function)?

  3. How many cities did they fly to pre-COVID-19? Is this expansion beyond that number? I have to think it is not, otherwise, why would you lay off employees? It will be interesting to see if it actually happens.

  4. Interesting the cities they chose in the US.

    Why Chicago and not DC or Boston? I understand why they would not want to go to NYC.

  5. @Sharon
    If you watched the leftist television network (commonly known as CNN) youd know NYC has a lot of cases with a “virus” creating panic unnecessarily

  6. Really wonder how many people will be able to fly internationally anyways by June or August. A lot of major countries like Australia, Canada, China, EU, Japan, New Zealand and US already have different kind of entry restrictions regarding COVID-19 for non-citizens or non-residents entering the country and it’s unlikely that these will be lifted by June or even August. I can see that QR will definitely need to change these this list of cities they are planning to serve regularly in the near future.

  7. Emirates says they’re coming back to Boston July 1 straight away with the A380. Perhaps they know that Qatar isn’t coming back as soon and the extra capacity will be needed to/from the Middle East.

  8. Interesting that they’re planning to fly to TXL given that Tegel plans to be closed by then…

  9. Obviously @John does not live in NYC, otherwise he would not think the “panic” was “unnecessary.”

  10. This is strange. QR is currently operating to HEL. Are they about to stop the route while opening dozens of others, or did they simply forget it from their list?

  11. @Tifanny/Moderators
    Further to your post from yesterday, can you please remove @The nice Paul’s post? This is clearly disinformation and defamation.

  12. It’s funny, when someone like John posts – the mob comes out with pitchforks at the ready.
    ‘An opinion different than ours??? Noooo, he must be silenced!! I am so sensitive, he must be a terrorist..’

    Good grief people – you are proving his point. You all panicked, and now you’re left holding the bag while the world burned to the ground.

    Instead of recognizing that – you’re all telling each other ‘don’t worry, it was totally worth it, we’re never wrong when we act as a big group’

    Listen, the guy has a point.
    This was a massive, never before seen, over reaction.

    I’m looking to book some Qatar flights shortly. South Africa up to Doha and then over to India.

    Because, you know, I’m still traveling weekly. So, uhm, I’m still getting on planes every week. Like a normal person 🙂

    To the rest of you as part of the mob/group think. Maybe take a look in the mirror.
    If you *really* care about humans so much as your rhetoric claims – maybe try being nice to John?

    Share your point of view constructively, use data, logic, things like that.
    You might be able to have a reasonable discussion with someone you disagree with.

  13. @John – seriously man, go piss off and FY if you are going to come on here and proclaim that CV19 is no big deal in NYC. Get a life you troll.

  14. India and Pakistan have an enforced 1-2 week quarantine in a govt facility (or a forced quarantine in a hotel if you pay). Other countries might have similar rules (about being forcibly quarantines away from your own home on arrival).

    No one except the very desperate will be willing to fly there under these mandates.

  15. @UA NYC
    Stop with the ad hominem attacks, smoke some weed and relax! Another 1600 days left of Donald! 🙂

  16. @John – 30k or so New Yorkers who have passed in the past 6 weeks or so (RIP) giving you the collective finger. GFY

  17. Yet there are travel restrictions at most origin / destinations eg no foreigners permitted into Thailand Indonesia and Japan so until governments suspect those restrictions it won’t possible to travel

  18. @Sharon – Chicago and Dallas both offer more connectivity with American Airlines than Boston, DC, etc.

  19. @Icarus – remember that not everyone is in their country of birth, and this is why travel is still possible to ‘closed’ countries.

    I am Australian but don’t live there. As an Australian I can still travel there, sit it out in a government-provided hotel for 14 days, and do what I need to do there. Australians can’t leave Australia however as I reside permanently in another country, I am able to leave so then I can travel back to the country I currently live in.

    I believe it is similar rules with citizens returning to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, however happy to be corrected if I am mistaken!

  20. This is just RIDICULOUS. Qatar will fly in June to etc etc. . Really ? I mean more than half those destinations cited by Qatar have not and do not know if their borders will be open in June.
    What is this? al-Bakar smoking some more of his special stash? Come on. Get real please.

  21. @George There’s a lot of data and logic out there. Plenty of epidemiologists and health policy experts have chimed in on the issue. If those can’t sway people like John and yourself, then I think it’s best Lucky and his team run the blog the way he wants; e.g. ban the people who are spreading harmful misinformation.

    Don’t like it? Go back to r/the_donald and rant your heart out.

  22. @KevinS~ I suspect that @John lives in his mom’s basement in Bumcrack (insert state), and doesn’t really get out much, pandemic or not.

  23. Qatar was flying to larnaca ( Cyprus ) before Covid , but this does not appear in the above list . Have Qatar dropped Cyprus ????

  24. Thank you Qatar airways! They have returned several of my friends back home from places all over the world where all other airlines cancelled all flights. Much respect and thanks.

  25. @David scientists are not always right. There was serious discussion about the dangers of train travel in the late 19th century (trains cause madness in men, a woman’s uterus would fly out at speeds over 50 mph, softening of the spine etc). You can check articles in the “Lancet “…
    So far, locking up the population for 8 weeks with an incubation period of 2 weeks should have resulted in a huge reduction of new infections… but it hasn’t. Nobody is asking that question..
    And as the virus will return in the fall, do we get locked up for 1 year or more? How many unemployed people can the economy handle before it collapses – the riots at that time and starvation in major cities will cause more deaths than any virus

  26. Is this flight out bound and inbound to qatar?i mean you can come out to qatar and come back?

  27. @hjb there are plenty of countries who’ve proven a well managed lockdown of the population leads to a dramatic reduction of new infections

  28. This is massive expansion for the Indian market. Dont think
    india is going to open up international travel at least for the next 4-5 month and even if they do it would be limited to a few cities

  29. If they open domestic flights to Africa we will be very extra happy but also bcoz were not working they have to reduce fight tickets… cutting 60-80%

  30. Qatar Airways is allowing bookings from Melbourne (Australia) to New Delhi (India) via Doha .. on 1st June, 2020.
    Is it still an operational route .. today and incoming weeks??
    What I understand that New Delhi international terminal is still not operational..

    Kindly guide which route and airlines is operational to travel from Melbourne to New Delhi ??

  31. I have two tickets of business class of dated 17 Th June from DFW to Newdelhi . Will the flight to New Delhi will resume by that date

  32. I can see bookings open from Chennai to Helsinki , in August .I can see booking open , But whether Qatar has got permissions to be included in air bubble from India?

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