Chasing the Sun: Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge Bangkok

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We got to the airport at around 11:30AM for our 1:10PM departure, and headed straight for Cathay Pacific’s check-in counters, which are located at aisle “M.”

Terminal exterior

Terminal interior

There was no queue in the first class check-in line, so our boarding passes to Hong Kong were issued promptly. We were printed invitations to the Cathay Pacific lounge and were pointed towards the premium immigration/security queue.

Cathay Pacific check-in

The security and immigration process was much smoother than I remembered, as there was a dedicated premium queue for both processes, so we were through within a few minutes.

We proceeded towards the Cathy Pacific lounge, which is located in concourse “G.” The airside terminal is impressive with wide hallways and all kinds of high end duty free shops. The airport isn’t quite as impressive as the ones in Singapore or Hong Kong, in my opinion, but not far behind either. The walk to the lounge took about 10 minutes.

Airside terminal

The lounge is located down a level from the main terminal, just past the Priority Pass lounge.

Lounge level

At the entrance we were greeted by the friendly agent, who welcomed us in after we presented her with our invitations.

Cathay Pacific lounge entrance

The Cathay Pacific lounge really isn’t anything special, and in my opinion isn’t worth arriving at the airport even a few minutes early for. It’s a small lounge, though fairly modern, but lacks amenities. It has a few dozen seats, an unimpressive buffet spread, and reasonably fast Wi-Fi. Unfortunately the lounge doesn’t boast any views, and doesn’t even have any bathrooms.

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

Lounge cubicles

Lounge snack selection

Lounge drink selection

Lounge snack selection

Lounge snack/drink selection

But here’s the kicker about the lounge. It’s on exactly the opposite side of the terminal as Cathay Pacific’s gates. Allow me to illustrate that in a way that would make a certain fellow blogger proud.

Lounge (concourse G) to plane (concourse C)

I tend to walk really fast (some say my walk is faster than a Kenyan jog), and it was a good 20 minute walk from the lounge to the gate. So plan accordingly.


While I find Bangkok’s concourses to be somewhat impractically designed, there’s no denying how impressive the architecture is.

C concourse

We made it to gate C1 right as boarding was announced. Little did I know just how impressive Cathay Pacific’s business class product would be.

  1. The oneworld website indicates that there are two CX lounges at BKK (one at concourse D and one at G), but the map shows only the one. I assume the latter is accurate and the former incorrect given this post?

  2. That looks more like a contract lounge than something I’d expect from Cathay.

    But I thought you’d be impressed since (per your photos) they had Fanta šŸ˜®

  3. i was there a few months back. luckily my gate was right next door. and there was the BA/QF lounge to kill time before getting here.

  4. You used arrows to illustrate the distance between the lounge and gates, but you forgot to use circles. šŸ˜€

  5. We were just in BKK and this lounge in early Oct. First lounge I have ever been in that didn’t have its own washrooms! Our flight to SIN was just as far and when we finally got to the gate, boarding was almost completed!! BTW our flight to SIN in business had us in these retro seats that I never could figure out how to manually recline…………..

  6. “Little did I know just how impressive Cathay Pacificā€™s business class product would be.”
    Cue suspenseful music.

  7. I use the BA lounge at BKK — much more pleasant and usually has a direct view of the CX boarding gate (though that part could have been a coincidence on more than one occasion).

  8. Perhaps the G gates were out of service? The 5 or so times I flew Cathay out of BKK, my flight always departed from one of the G gates.

  9. I was just there twice in the past three weeks. The british airways/qantas longue is about 2x better. Better food that is freshly cooked, better drinks, nearly zero people, and a better view. And it is right across from the cathay longue. Opens at 330pm.

  10. A 20 min fast walk means it is more than a mile walk. Sounds like a walk from the strip to a hotel room in Vegad.

  11. On the issue of lounges without washrooms…the biggest humdingerbis the SQ Krisflyer Gold Lounge in SIN…hub airline at global hub with no washrooms in the Lounge for Star Alliance Gold folks. Unreal.

  12. Loved the arrow, but to truly compete you need a pic of your travel partner holding the lounge in one hand and the gate in the other… šŸ™‚

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