Avianca 787 Business Class In 10 Pictures

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Good morning from somewhere over the Atlantic! By the time this post publishes, my Bogota to Madrid flight should slowly be approaching Europe. Yesterday afternoon I flew from Los Angeles to Bogota in Avianca’s 787 business class, before connecting onto this flight.


As I’ve been doing lately, I figured I’d share 10 pictures of yesterday’s Avianca flight from Los Angeles to Bogota. I’ll be publishing the full trip report very shortly, given that I’m writing it “live” as I take these flights, so it will start being published within the next week.

But to amuse you guys in the meantime, here’s a 10 picture teaser:

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 1

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 2

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 3

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 4

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 5

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 6

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 7

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 8

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 9

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 10

As you can see, Avianca has an excellent reverse herringbone business class seat, which is perhaps especially impressive for an airline based in South America. They’re the only airline based in the region to have reverse herringbone seats, as far as I know.

The rest of the product was fascinating, both good and bad, so stay tuned for the full report. I think you guys will like this one.

It’s really fun to try new airlines where you come in with very few expectations…

  1. I’m not quite sure why it’s surprising to have quality products on South American airlines…LAN had one of the best J class seats out there for a long time (before everything went direct-aisle access), and TAM had a pretty darn nice F product. I’d still take LAN’s business hard product over many other established North American and European airlines.

    But then I do disagree with you about Avianca’s 787 J seats – I felt that they seemed to be a discount version of better reverse herringbone seats on CX and even AA. The armrest integrated with the console is uncomfortable, and the seat feels like it’s made a bit more cheaply, if that makes sense (not very sturdy). Add to that the center overhear compartments that make the cabin feel more claustrophobic than many other airlines, and the tacky reusable menu (“Tonight’s dinner can be found on page 28”) and I was a bit underwhelmed by Avianca’s 787. But then I knew that South America can do better, so rather than being surprised, I was disappointed.

  2. “Avianca has an excellent reverse herringbone business class seat, which is perhaps especially impressive for an airline based in South America”

    3rd world countries can´t have good airlines?

  3. @ Gulherme — No, they’re just the first airline in South America to have a reverse herringbone product.

  4. Oh, well, another aircraft featuring reverse herringbone seats. Very uncomfortable when traveling as a couple. I very much prefer staggered seating like on Delta’s 767s (vs. for example their A330s).
    It took my +1 a few days to recover from flying rev. herringbone.
    For solo travelers these seats may be great, due to some more privacy, but not for couples.

  5. @Roberto It’s logically incorrect to simply use the phrase “politically incorrect” (sic) and feel that you have said something of significance. More often than not the phrase “politically incorrect” simply means not approved of by those who are politically far to the left. It’s a pejorative meant to slander a moderate or conservative viewpoint.

    From Wikipedia:

    “The term Third World arose during the Cold War to define countries that remained non-aligned with either NATO, or the Communist Bloc….The Third World was normally seen to include many countries with colonial pasts in Africa, Latin America, Oceania and Asia.”

    So according to the first 2 meanings of Third World, Columbia clearly qualifies as Third World. But of course things have changed, and now:

    “Due to the complex history of evolving meanings and contexts, there is no clear or agreed-upon definition of the Third World.” 😉

  6. Azul also has 1-2-1 configuration flying between Sao Paulo (Viracopos) and Fort Lauderdale and Orlando on retrofitted A330s.
    Still, Avianca 787 are brand new and quite good seats, way better than LATAM business class across the region (and no comparison to old Avianca business class on A330).

  7. just an fyi: another Latin American carrier will introduce a reverse herringbone business class product later this year or early next.

  8. Totally agree with Ralfinho. I find Lucky’s seat preferences are very different than mine, especially when in the context of couples traveling together. I love the airy feel of an open cabin and hate little claustrophobic enclosed suites and pods. If I’m in coach, I like sitting in the way back and hate bulkheads and similar.

  9. @Paul: and the funny thing is that this seat looks the same as the ones that are in the currently Finnair A350 and Vietnam Airlines.
    I always thought that they were a downgraded version of the ones at CX and AA.

  10. To give Lucky the benefit of the doubt, LAN and TAM did *deliberately* choose to install a 2-2-2 product on new 787s and A350s when they just as easily could have gone Reverse Herringbone or Thompson Vantage-like 1-2-1/2-2-1. LATAM obviously felt that the product was competitive enough, while Avianca has opted for the industry standard.

  11. Why does the last pic show you approaching BOG when you said you are traveling FROM there??

  12. did you know avianca was the first airline created in south america and the 2ND IN THE WORLD!?!?

  13. This guy Needs to but its own CJ plane!
    If you feel you are like a princess of The dessert i recommed you stop using commercial airlines!
    Real world is not perfect!

  14. Exactly…She’s a completely drama queen…Avianca’s B787 is really good…then if it is not enough good for you: you can use another airline…you have other options

  15. Based on your review, I booked a reservation in March, 2017 for travel BOG-LAX on AV 86, on October 9, 2017 and returning LAX-BOG AV 89 on October 23. I based this reservation on a 787 aircraft on the route. I notice that AV schedule still lists the service as 787. However, each day for the past three weeks, on a daily basis, a 330-200 aircraft has been substituted. AV will not provide any response to my question, only that “AV reserves the right to change the aircraft. AV should be honest with their customers.

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