Review: Aeromexico 787 Business Class Mexico City to Los Angeles

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Aeromexico 19
Mexico City (MEX) – Los Angeles (LAX)
Thursday, May 12
Depart: 9:45AM
Arrive: 11:50AM
Duration: 4hr5min
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Seat: 4J (Business Class)

I wasn’t able to get good pictures of the business class cabin on the last flight, partly because it was a nighttime flight, and partly because all business class passengers seemed to board at once, due to delayed boarding.

So on this sector I was the first to board the plane (by at least a minute), and as I entered I smiled at the flight attendant at the door and said “hi, is there any chance I could just grab a few pictures of the business class cabin?”

She responded “how about you just take pictures of your seat?”

Alrighty then…

So I didn’t actually get to take a picture of the mini cabin, unfortunately. Speaking of which, I was supposed to sit in the mini cabin, but I screwed up my seat assignment on this flight. I had originally selected seat 6J, the window seat in the mini cabin. When I checked in online I saw that the seat next to me was taken, while the forward cabin was almost completely empty. So I switched to 4J. As it turned out, by the time they accommodated non-rev passengers, the business class cabin was full, and I also realized that 4J is missing a window. So I ended up still having a seatmate, except I moved myself into a worse seat. My mistake…

Anyway, I turned left towards the forward business class cabin, consisting of 24 B/E Aerospace Diamond seats, in a 2-2-2 configuration.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 1
Aeromexico 787 business class cabin

My seat was 4J, the window seat in the last row of the forward cabin.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 2
Aeromexico 787 business class seats

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 3
Aeromexico 787 business class seats

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 8
Aeromexico 787 business class legroom

While I loved the plush pillow and blanket on my last flight, this flight didn’t have the same, presumably because it wasn’t a longhaul. Instead I was given a pillow which was the size of my hand, and a blanket similar to what you’d get on a domestic flight in the US.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 5
Aeromexico 787 business class pillow & blanket

Business class boarding progressed pretty slowly, though over the next 20 minutes or so, every single seat ended up being occupied.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 6
Aeromexico 787 business class cabin

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 7
Aeromexico 787 business class cabin

During boarding the flight attendants came through the cabin with pre-departure beverages. The flight attendant working my aisle had zero personality. She didn’t even fake a smile, but rather just had a pissed off look on her face the whole flight.

For pre-departure beverages I had the choice between a water and an orange juice, and I selected the former.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 9
Aeromexico business class pre-departure water

Headphones for the flight were also distributed.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 10
Aeromexico business class headphones

I also noted the Wi-Fi symbol between the seats. I didn’t realize any Aeromexico planes had wifi, which I was delighted by. More on that in a bit.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 11
Aeromexico Wi-Fi signage

At around 9:35AM Captain Mario came on the PA to welcome everyone aboard, and inform us of our flight time of 3hr10min, and our cruising altitude of 40,000 feet.

By the time boarding was complete, there were several pilots seated in business class, who apparently lived in Los Angeles but were based in Mexico City. Sitting next to me was a friendly Mexican lady, who was traveling with her two young children, seated across the aisle. Just about everyone in business class was snapping pictures, which is unusual.

At 9:50AM we began our pushback, at which point the safety video began to play.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 12
Aeromexico 737 Mexico City Airport

Our engines started in no time, and then we began a very quick taxi to our departure runway.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 13
Pushing back Mexico City Airport

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 14
Taxiing Mexico City Airport

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 15
Taxiing Mexico City Airport

By 10AM we reached runway 5R, where we were immediately cleared for takeoff. Our takeoff roll was long, as you’d expect, given Mexico City’s high altitude.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 17
Taking off Mexico City Airport

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 18
View after takeoff from Mexico City Airport

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 19
View after takeoff from Mexico City Airport

I didn’t have a chance to look out the window on the flight from Madrid to Mexico City, so I was excited to have that opportunity on this flight, even though I had to lean way forward to look out the window.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 20
View after takeoff from Mexico City Airport

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 21
View after takeoff from Mexico City Airport

The views on the climb out were pretty neat.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 22
View after takeoff from Mexico City Airport

About 10 minutes after takeoff I browsed the entertainment system, starting with the airshow.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 23
Airshow enroute to Los Angeles

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 24
Airshow enroute to Los Angeles

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 25
Airshow enroute to Los Angeles

I also decided to check out the Wi-Fi offering. As stated above, this caught me off guard, since I didn’t realize that Aeromexico offered Wi-Fi on any of their planes. The system seemed to be proprietary, because the interface was different than any system I’ve seen before (it wasn’t T-Mobile, OnAir, Gogo, etc.).

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 26

There were two Wi-Fi plans available:

  • $11.95 per hour or for 50MB of data (whichever is reached first)
  • $21.95 per flight or for 110MB of data (whichever is reached first)

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 27

I chose the latter. While I thought the price was reasonable in theory, I don’t think the system works correctly. While I’m not all that tech savvy, I do have a good understanding of data usage with airplane wifi, given how much I use it.

I was texting on and off for about 30 minutes, at which point my plan apparently ran out. That definitely wasn’t 110MB. I assumed it was a glitch, so figured I’d keep testing it. This time I bought the smaller pass, and that one ran out after about 10 minutes of texting. That just ain’t right.

After growing flustered with the wifi, I decided to watch an episode of “Brain Games,” which was interesting to watch.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 28
Aeromexico entertainment selection

About 45 minutes after takeoff the crew came around with hot towels.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 29
Aeromexico business class hot towel

Shortly thereafter they rolled a cart through the aisle with the breakfast offerings. Logically I understand why breakfast was being served, but I had been awake for so long that I was expecting lunch. I guess I didn’t realize how early it still was.

The choice for breakfast was between “eggs” or “fruit,” as the flight attendant described it. I selected the eggs.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 30
Aeromexico business class breakfast

The omelet was bland, though the salsa helped with that. While I love Mexican food in general, personally refried beans wouldn’t be my first choice on a plane.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 31
Aeromexico business class breakfast — omelet

The side of fruit was quite small.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 32
Aeromexico business class breakfast — fruit salad

I was offered a croissant with breakfast, which was warm and flaky.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 33
Aeromexico business class breakfast — croissant

I wish I could say the service was indifferent, but frankly the flight attendants were actively unpleasant. They didn’t smile once, and just sort of went through the motions without communicating with passengers.

Breakfast was done about 75 minutes after takeoff, at which point I looked out the window for a bit.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 34
View enroute to Los Angeles

I watched an episode of “Mom,” a sitcom I hadn’t previously heard of (which is a rarity).

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 35
Aeromexico entertainment selection

I ended up napping for a bit, as my exhaustion was finally catching up with me. When I woke up I saw everyone else had nuts and drinks. I figured I’d have some water before landing, though I was in the window seat, and didn’t want to disturb the lady next to me. So I pushed the flight attendant call button (not that I think there’s anything wrong with that in a premium cabin in general).

I was ignored at first, so after five more minutes I pushed the call button again, at which point one of the flight attendants showed up. I said “could I have some water and nuts, please.”

He didn’t say a word, but rolled his eyes. He returned moments later with my water and nuts, and didn’t say a word.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 36
Aeromexico business class sparkling water and mixed nuts

Soon enough we were crossing the border into the US, and shortly thereafter began our descent, just as we passed San Diego.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 37
Airshow enroute to Los Angeles

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 38
Airshow enroute to Los Angeles

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 39
Airshow enroute to Los Angeles

About 15 minutes before landing the seatbelt sign was turned on.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 40
View on approach into Los Angeles

It has been a gloomy month in Los Angeles, and there was fairly low cloud coverage as we approached.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 41
View on approach into Los Angeles

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 42
View on approach into Los Angeles

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 43
View on approach into LAX

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 44
View on approach into LAX

We had a beautiful touchdown on runway 25L at 11:15AM.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 45
View on final approach into LAX

Unfortunately that runway is on the “wrong” side of the airport if you’re parking at Terminal 2, which is over by runway 24L & 24R.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 46
Taxiing LAX Airport

First we had to hold short for a couple of minutes before we could cross runway 25R.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 47
Taxiing LAX Airport

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 48
Crossing runway 25L LAX Airport

Then we taxied past Tom Bradley International Terminal, where I saw some interesting traffic, including an Air Tahiti Nui A340, China Eastern 777, Japan Airlines 777, etc.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 49
Taxiing LAX — Air Tahiti Nui A340s

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 50
Taxiing LAX — China Eastern 777

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 51
Taxiing LAX — Japan Airlines 777

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 52
Taxiing LAX

As we turned around the corner I saw a China Southern 777, Virgin America A320, and then finally Terminal 2.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 53
Taxiing LAX — China Southern 777

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 54
Taxiing LAX — Virgin America A320

Parked at the far end of Terminal 2 were 737s from Aeromexico and WestJet.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 55
Taxiing LAX — WestJet & Aeromexico 737s

Meanwhile we parked between an Air Canada 787-9, and an Air Canada A320.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 56
Taxiing LAX — Air Canada 787

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 57
Taxiing LAX — Air Canada Airbus A320

We got to the gate at around 11:30AM, and within a few minutes the boarding door was opened.

Aeromexico Business Class bottom line

Aeromexico’s 787 is an unbeatable hard product for travel between the US and Mexico. However, everything else about the experience was underwhelming, including the food, and in particular the service. It’s a damn shame when an airline has potential but does nothing to deliver a good experience.

If they spruced up their food service to embrace one of the best food countries in the world, and had flight attendants who actually seemed like they wanted to be there, they could be a great airline.

Then again, I can’t complain too much, since I did get a flat bed between Mexico City and Los Angeles, while the competition has a “domestic” product at best.

While I’m happy Aeromexico is slowly rolling out wifi, something isn’t right with how they charge, so I wouldn’t find much value in that feature in the future.

If you’ve flown Aeromexico’s business class, what was your experience with the service?

  1. @lucky were you using an iPhone for texting? they silently download iOS updates and app updates in the background whenever they are connected to a working Wifi connection. Same thing with MacBooks which is why I use the Firewall program Little Snitch then. Only a few Apps I chose get access all others are blocked.

  2. Could any background activity on your phone, such as auto-updating of apps, have consumed the wifi?

  3. I believe these auto-updates occur when the phone is plugged in AND connected to wifi. were you plugged into power? (And @KevinGfrew sorry for duplicating your original question, it wasn’t here when I wrote mine)

  4. Not a problem, I was asking especially since he said that he was texting on and off and iOS really likes downloading when the phone is locked. And I do believe that he connects his phone to power especially since the seat has an extra USB Power Port

  5. A few years ago when they were flying the 787 to Cancun I got told off by one of the flight attendants for asking for a beer during breakfast even though it was being offered. It’s funny how in general Mexicans are very good at customer service yet I have yet to encounter an Aeromexico flight attendant that actually has a good customer service attitude.

  6. “they silently download iOS updates and app updates in the background whenever they are connected to a working Wifi connection”

    Lame. Is Apple unclear on the concept of a metered wifi connection? Or is the idea that if you can afford an iphone, you can afford the data?

    My Android phone most certainly does not do anything of the sort. It ALWAYS asks before downloading anything. Maybe there is some setting in the iphone for that – but the fact that you have to use a special app just to get the phone to behave suggests that it’s not as simple as a setting.


  7. A couple of guys cussing in the lounge’s quiet zone? Yeah, I can handle that without going ballistic. A flight attendant rolling his/her eyes at me? Oh, no! Something unpleasant would have been said.

  8. I hope AM will get better once DL finishes buying 49% of AM and re-train their staff and improve the meals.

  9. That’s a shame. I’ve been looking forward to doing something silly like lax-mexico city-europe, but…meh

  10. You don’t use SeatGuru or similar to check seat assignments? It identifies row 4 as missing a window.

  11. You said you didn’t get to take a picture of the mini cabin, is that a picture of the main cabin and not the mini cabin?

  12. The breakfast looks nice. In national flights in Business Class offers only a cold breakfast (fruit salad and danishes) and for lunch/dinner offers sandwiches only in flights than exceed 2 hours (Tijuana-Mexico, Mexico-Hermosillo, Mexico- Chihuahua, Mexico-Monterrey). In short flights (Cancun-Mexico or Mexico-Puerto Vallarta/Guadalajara) Aeromexico offers drinks and peanuts in Clase Premier. Delta needs to improve the catering in AeroMexico

    I have flown from Mexico to Cancun the past summer, this is my Flight Report in spanish

  13. The WiFi definitely had to be related to your phone. I bought 50MB on my MEX-TIJ flight on Monday, which lasted for about 60 minutes of email and messaging on my laptop, though I was pretty judicious about not opening tabs for WordPress or Facebook, etc.

  14. In the fourth picture of TBI (the one with the lineup of planes), there is a livery I’m not familiar with. Furthest away, with a green, black, yellow and red tail. I looked up what airlines use that terminal and can’t seem to match it. Any idea?

  15. Nice review. Too bad there are such nice planes on a 3 hour LAX-MEX route but not to Hawaii (For the most part).

  16. Mom is a great sitcom, you should keep watching it. Real O’Neals is another new favorite, sort of like the new Modern Family (which seems to be getting a little stale).

  17. You need to learn how to edit. No one needs to see a picture of water or a thousand pictures of the view outside the window or airshow.

  18. The wifi is provided by Panasonic Aero, a very very major satalite based wifi provider for many large airlines, T-Mobile doesn’t actually provide airplane wifi, it is really just a brand for Panasonic Aero Wifi (The system is called Panasonic exconnect

  19. @snic:

    Your comments make it as plain as day that you’ve never used iOS to any real extent; no need to call out Android by name and make their users look ignorant and smug. The option to allow or disable automatic app updates is indeed a simple switch. The same goes for data requests made by apps in the background. They’re under “iTunes & App Store” and “General > Background App Refresh” respectively.

    Incidentally, turning on Low Power Mode disables both and it’s much quicker to do so because the switch can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom edge of the display.

    There’s no “special app” needed on the phone. KevinGfrew was referring to his computer. All major computer OSes—Windows, ChromeOS, OS X—download stuff and otherwise make connections without explicitly informing the user. Little Snitch prevents this on OS X.

  20. Service is actually improving A LOT. I am a regular DL/AM JFK-MEX flyer. Not so long ago I totally avoided AM. I have flown a couple of segments this year and have been much much better than the actual DL flights. Still some hit or miss spots, but lets test it back after the DL JV deal is in place…

  21. “I hope AM will get better once DL finishes buying 49% of AM and re-train their staff and improve the meals.”

    This comment is just hilarious. I have flown short/long haul with both airlines, and AM is simply superior to DL.

    I have have flown transatlantic with both, and also with various European carriers. DL has been by far the worst: old airplanes, very bad food, and HORRIBLE service; rude flight attendants who seemed to b e well over 50… I once flew a transatlantic leg with DL, and they served wine from tetrapack!!! I would place AM a bit below European carriers, but way above DL or AA…

  22. Lucky you’re a whining complainer with no real job. You flew free, bitched about it and were rude to the hardworking staff. We loved amermexico premier class Tijuana to Cancun. Will fly them again and we PAID FOR IT!

  23. QUESTION: I would never, ever drink the water, eat fruit that I didn’t peel or wash, and consume Mexican food outside of a Western hotel in Mexico. Is it safe to do so on an airline or in an airport lounge in Mexico? I’d be cautious about the water used for the coffee.

  24. Hi, has anyone recently link their Amex MR to AM Club Premier? I’ve tried for the last 2 months and still pending. Both parties pointing fingers at each other and no one is lifting a finger to help. Really disappointed that getting the run around by Amex. TIA for any advise.

  25. Ditto on the poor Business Class service with Aeromexico from Mexico City to Los Angeles. It can range from slightly subpar to aggressively bad, seriously avoid if you can. It’s worth shelling out some extra money to go with someone else.

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