Rumor: Austrian To Launch Flights Between Los Angeles And Vienna In 2017

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Austrian Airlines offers one of my very favorite business class soft products in the world. While their longhaul planes have staggered business class seats that I don’t really love, their soft product is incredible.

Austrian 777 business class cabin

This includes their DO&CO catering, and especially their coffee menu. I don’t think any airline in the world has a stronger sugary coffee game than Austrian.

Austrian 777 business class catering

Austrian 777 business class coffee

Presently Austrian’s US destinations include Chicago, Miami, New York, Newark, and Washington. The issue with those flights is that they’re not really long enough to enjoy Austrian’s incredible soft product while also getting some sleep, at least for an eastbound flight.

While it hasn’t officially been announced, rumor has it that Austrian will launch flights between Los Angeles and Vienna as of summer 2017.

Vienna, Austria

Lufthansa Flyer posted about it this morning, though it’s a rumor I’ve heard independently from a reliable source as well. The flight will presumably be operated by a 777, given that the flight is too long for their 767s. Austrian only has five 777s, so it makes me wonder which route they will be cutting or downgrading in order to make this one work.

Austrian 777 at Vienna Airport

This is a route I’d be very excited about, as it would be long enough to enjoy the service while also getting some rest.

It’s great to see the Star Alliance growth out of LAX the past few years. Back n the day, Lufthansa was the only transatlantic European Star Alliance airline operating to Los Angeles. Now Swiss and SAS also fly to Los Angeles.

Presumably the flight would operate out of the gorgeous Tom Bradley International Terminal, and passengers would have access to the excellent Star Alliance Lounge LAX, which is one of my favorite business class lounges in the US.

Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX

Bottom line

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, there are very reliable rumors of Austrian launching flights to Los Angeles next summer. This would be fantastic news for Star Alliance flyers and Austrian fans. I suspect the route will be announced in the next few months.

Would you like to see Austrian launch flights between Los Angeles and Vienna?

  1. Great news. But – huge fuel surcharges when redeeming Aeroplan miles on Austrian.

    Also, I am looking to redeem Aeroplan miles to Europe for a family of five in business class next summer, and the only option from the West coast is Turkish, it seems. Others are either never release five seats in business, have fuel surcharges, or only available from the East coast. Maybe I am missing something less-known?

  2. British Airways has a new product on their 747-400 aircraft! Cabin products to match the 787 Dreamliner.
    Most notably an updated First Class on the 747 which is exciting:

    Old Seat Map:

    New Seat Map with new First Class:

    Daily Mail Press Release:

    Would love to see pictures soon but the 787-9 First Class is excellent and it is exciting that BA is putting this on their 747s as they used to be the least spacious!

  3. @olly c – BA haven’t put the 787-9 F class seats in the 747s. The only change in F is the new IFE system and re-upholstered seats. The seats themselves are the same as before.

  4. Don’t forget Turkish to IST out of LAX as another Star Alliance TATL carrier (although for most of Europe this is a circuitous route). Also, not a European airline, but Air New Zealand serves LHR out of LAX.

  5. “I don’t think any airline in the world has a stronger sugary coffee game than Austrian.”


  6. OS’s can make the VIE-LAX flight comfortably with their 767-300ERs (76W). Aeroflot flew their 767-300ERs year round on their SVO-LAX nonstop until they received their A332s, & and now their 777-300ERs (77W).

    I think it would be great if OS started VIE-LAX service, though I don’t think the demand is there for daily service. Two, or three times a week?

  7. @Chris – Thought so too at first as the refurbishment with moodlighting in Club World and new Panasonic IFEs has been going on for a while – but the 747 seat map mimics exactly what can be found on the 787-9. The shape of the side consol and the mini ottoman on the aisle side is exactly the 787-9 layout. Also the form of the seats seems different. Why would they specifically change the seat map?
    Also, BA has said they want to fly the 747 fleet until 2025 so the refit doesnt seem to improbable…

  8. OS cut the route between DEL-VIE after AI joined *Alliance just a few months ago – from what I had heard that aircraft was going to be commissioned onto a new US route about a month ago when I inquired about the lone 777. Sounds like this is the one.

  9. I guess they will cut BKK. Alternatively they will cut PEK (since Air China wants to operat PEK-VIE anyways), use the 767 from that route for BKK and the 777 for LAX

  10. Lucky: What is your view on catering from and to the US? I have the feeling that catering on flights originating in the US are always worst than flights originating in the country of origin of the airline. or example, do you feel that catering on a flight initiated in Vienna would be better than flights starting in teh US?

  11. @Santastico: I fly the ORD-VIE route at least once a month for work. The catering on both legs seem solid. My experience is based on my wife’s and colleague’s experiences who claim that the food on the outbound is an 8/10 if the food on the inbound were a 10/10 – frankly still very good. Would be curious to see other’s feedback. However, for what its worth – I wouldn’t fly OS if it weren’t for the convenience since the seats are not comfortable for sleeping.

  12. @olly c – I have no idea why the seat map has changed, but I can assure you (having flown on several of the retrofitted planes – the entire retrofit programme is now complete) – that the body of the seats has not changed. Quite apart from anything else, there’s no way the 787 F seat would fit in the nose of the 747 (at the same density). Club is a welcome improvement (if still far short of what BA should be offering). The F “refit” on the 747 is a damp squib.

  13. LAX77, the range of a 767 tops out at about 6,000 miles. So it could make LAX but with a greater probability of having to stop or get diverted. And take-offs at a very hot LAX might mean with weight restrictions or a refueling stop somewhere.

    Surely for a premium route and your longest non-stop, you’d put your best plane on it

  14. The 777 seems too large for this market. You already have LH sending a 747/8, A380 from FRA, A346 from MUC all daily, LX sends a daily 77W from ZRH; SN now sends a A330 from CPH, & NZ flies a 77W to LHR in addition to UA’s daily 77E (down gauging to a 787-8 in the near future). This route is ideal for the 76W, even better if OS had the 787-8.

  15. This is in addition to their upcoming VIE-HKG flight this September also operated by a 777-200ER. OS will definitely cut back some existing long-haul flights.

  16. @LAX77W:
    I think you meant SK !
    “…SN now sends a A330 from CPH…”

    For a minute there I thought you meant Brussels (SN) which would be fantastic – I love their service and Intl Biz product. Notably the new biz class hard product is almost identical between SN – LX & OS.

  17. Austrian is cutting their flights to Tokyo-Narida in the fall. So many that’s were their getting the planes. But they do have a lot of new routes. I hope they order Dreamliners to replace their 767-300s

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