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My EgyptAir flight to Cairo was scheduled to depart at 3:30PM, so I headed from the hotel to the airport at around 1PM, plenty early. I hadn’t eaten lunch, so figured I might as well head to the airport and have a snack in the lounge.

I had already checked in online for my flight, and since EgyptAir is in the Star Alliance, I could use any Star Alliance business class lounge. I figured I might as well already head through passport control, so I used the non-Schengen Austrian Business Lounge. The Austrian Lounge has one entrance, but then there are separate Business and Senator sides (the Senator Lounge can be accessed by Star Alliance Gold members).

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport entrance

Given that this is Austrian’s non-Schengen business class lounge (meaning it’s theoretically their primary business class lounge for international longhaul departures), I thought the lounge was on the small side. However, it wasn’t full at all, so I guess I just hadn’t considered the extent to which Austrian is smaller than airlines like Air France, Lufthansa, etc. Still, I could imagine it gets quite crowded during the morning rush, prior to transatlantic flights.

At the entryway were a bunch of high-top tables with chairs.

Austrian Business Lounge Vienna Airport seating

Then the rest of the lounge consisted of one main room, which was separated into different areas using sheer curtains. I felt like the furniture felt very IKEA-esque (not that this is necessarily a bad thing). First there were a bunch of dining tables, mostly with red chairs.

Austrian Business Lounge Vienna Airport seating

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport

Then past the buffet area was another seating area with more of the same tables.

Austrian Business Lounge Vienna Airport

Austrian Business Lounge Vienna Airport

Then in the back of the lounge was another seating area with green chairs.

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport seating

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport seating

Then there were a few chairs with some ottomans facing a TV.

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport seating

In the very back corner of the lounge were some daybeds that had Austrian’s onboard bedding.

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport relaxation area

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport relaxation area

The lounge also had a selection of magazines and newspapers.

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport newspapers & magazines

I find that the primary seating arrangement in most airline lounges is rows of seats facing one another, and this lounge didn’t have any of those. Personally I far prefer this type of lounge setup where everyone gets a table, since it’s much easier to work from a table.

The buffet was back towards the entrance of the lounge.

Austrian Business Lounge Vienna Airport buffet

There was a selection of self serve wine, beer, and liquor, as well as soft drinks, water, and a coffee machine.

Austrian Business Lounge Vienna Airport drink selection

Austrian Business Lounge Vienna Airport drink & snack selection

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport drinks

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport coffee machine

The food selection was reasonably decent, with some chicken curry and rice, three types of salad, two soups, and two types of cake.

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport hot food

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport food

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport food

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport soup

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport dessert

About an hour after I arrived at the lounge, one of the lounge attendants passed through the lounge with ice cream.

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport ice cream

I’d note that around 2PM the lounge’s food spread was reduced, as it was at that point limited to just cake and soup.

The lounge had great views both of the apron and the runway in the distance, and it was a beautiful day for plane spotting.

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport view

The Business Lounge also had two shower rooms as well as bathrooms.

Austrian Lounge Vienna Airport bathrooms & showers

My flight to Cairo was departing from gate G37, located at the very end of the concourse. This was maybe a 10 minute walk from the lounge.

Vienna Airport terminal

EgyptAir departure gate Vienna Airport

I got to the gate at around 2:45PM. The plane had just arrived from Cairo, and at 3PM boarding began, starting with business class.

EgyptAir 737 Vienna Airport

Austrian Lounge Vienna bottom line

I thought the Austrian Lounge Vienna was nice but unmemorable. It wasn’t too crowded, I appreciated how functional the furniture was (even if it didn’t feel especially high end), and I thought the food selection was solid, as the salad and soup made a great lunch.

All things considered Vienna Airport is a lovely airport to transit, given that it’s not that big.  In other words, it’s not the best airport lounge in the world, but I’d gladly spend time here again.

  1. Around the time Trans Atlantic flights are scheduled, there is no place to sit. The lounge gets crazy busy! Horrible food too at that time. Other times, ok traffic and food

  2. Abysmal food during the evening. Mean, dry, stale and unvarying. Zero choice for vegetarians other than limp salad.If you want something to eat , it’s better to buy it upstairs unless you are very easy to please ( or wait for the plane service).

  3. I was there for a flight home to IAD a few years ago and thought that for what should be the airline’s flagship lounge it was very underwhelming. Looks like they had a bit more food on offer than the time I was there. I think there’s also a PP lounge next door that I wished I had visited instead.

  4. The Priority Pass lounge Sky Lounge next door is like Austrian Lounge but with a little less food options and crappier seating and no view. Seems same company runs both.

  5. I visited the Senator side a few months ago. To be honest Lucky’s pictures of the Business Lounge make the Business Lounge seem much much better! I thought the Senator lounge was tired and in dire need of updating. And, yes, it was incredibly small and cramped. I was surprised that this lounge was the OS VIE flagship lounge. This lounge needs a complete overhaul – immediately.

    I also visited the OS lounges in the Schengen side @ VIE. Again, these lounges need a complete overhaul. Right now! The only good thing about the lounges is the Do&Co food. That’s it.

  6. I was there during a short layover back in July and had pretty much the same experience as Lucky. It is underwhelming. having said that, VIE is a fairly quiet airport to change planes.

  7. Hi Lucky – thanks very much for the review. I was actually in the exact same lounge myself on Friday afternoon. I was there – partially because of a delay – for several hours. It was definitely busier than when you visited. How did you think it compared with the BA lounges in London? Not particularly well in my view in terms of the drinks variety or quality or in terms of the food replenishment. I know you’re often quite critical of BA so I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

  8. I am curious what the shower rooms look like and if they also have toilets inside them. Too bad that isn’t covered in this review.

  9. The ambiance and food (except the machine with a coffee menu) look disappointingly unappealing for the flagship lounge of an airline with high quality onboard catering

  10. I have learned to manage with limitations as I am lactose intolerant. Imagine my surprise at the SWISS lounge ZRH where a sign advises that all coffee choices can be made with Lactose Free milk upon request. In comparison, this lounge seems to offer very little over the quiet which is not so rare at VIE.

  11. @Ryan: I showered in the Schengen side showers. Yes, each shower room had a toilet, sink and shower. I have a picture but have no idea if picture posting is allowed in replies.

  12. @Ryan – I took a shower there a few days ago. The bathrooms are small but adequate sized rooms with a separate sink/wash basin and toilet. It was clean. Towels and mat were in plastic packets. The toiletries weren’t great – for example no separate shower gel and shampoo and were from a dispenser attached to the wall – so perhaps pack your own. The decor was like the lounge itself – recently redone but felt very ‘Ikea’ and like it had been done on the cheap. A shame.

  13. Can’t believe how similar this looks to the priority pass lounges in Vienna. Those cakes are exactly the same.

    Bit that that’s such a bad thing as they’re amongst the best contract lounges in Europe (and where you’ll end up flying business not on star alliance)

  14. Ha — if you think Vienna Airport is “not that big” you should have seen it a decade ago when it only had an A and B wing. Today, there are 7 wings instead of 2! And further expansion to come!

  15. Like others I also found this lounge underwhelming and overcrowded when I visited a few years ago. It was so crowded, there were quite a few people just standing! Crazy. And the pictures of the terminal match my recollection – black, black everywhere. I used to like Vienna airport, but the renovation was terrible, the terminal feels far too stark.

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