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I had just over 30 hours in Vienna, as I was arriving in the morning from Newark, and departing the following afternoon for Cairo. Vienna has several great hotels, but for this stay I decided to stick to something simple.

I decided to stay at the Moxy Vienna Airport, which is the most convenient airport hotel. This is a Marriott brand I had never tried before, and I’ve been wanting to review as many Marriott brands as possible, given their takeover of Starwood. The rate for my one night stay was 90EUR.

The Moxy is in walking distance from the airport, which sure is convenient, since European airport hotels often don’t have shuttles at all, and when they do, they’re typically not free (and that doesn’t even address the general annoyance of dealing with shuttles). In the arrivals hall I turned right, and followed the signage in the direction of the train and the hotel.

Vienna Airport terminal

Walkway to Moxy Vienna Airport

It was a roughly five minute walk, and on the other end I took the elevator up a level, turned left, and then I found myself outside the Moxy, which had quite a funky exterior.

Walkway to Moxy Vienna Airport

Moxy Vienna Airport exterior

My first impression of the hotel wasn’t terribly positive, as there was quite a queue at the “front desk” (even though it wasn’t a formal front desk, but just an extension of the communal area). I consistently found this to be an issue throughout my stay.

Moxy Vienna Airport check-in line

My room wasn’t ready yet, so I left my info with them, sat down in the lobby, and got some work done (I’ll talk more about the lobby area in a bit). My room was ready by around 11AM, well ahead of the official check-in time, and I was excited for a nap.

There are all kinds of funky design elements and quotes at Moxy hotels. Individually I think they’re cute, but personally I think they overdo it just a little.

Moxy Vienna Airport lobby

One of my favorites was all the Moxy-related Polaroids they had in the elevator.

Moxy Vienna Airport elevator

I was assigned room 445 on the fourth floor, located about two thirds of the way down the hall and on the left.

Moxy Vienna Airport hallway

Moxy Vienna Airport floorplan

The room was definitely on the small side at under 200 square feet, but I knew that going in. The room had a small entryway with the door to the bathroom on the left.

Moxy Vienna Airport room entryway

Then the room had a queen bed with two (small, and not very plush) pillows.

Moxy Vienna Airport room

Moxy Vienna Airport room

To the side of the bed was a chair that I guess looked cool, but wasn’t very comfortable. Unfortunately it was the only real place to sit in the room.

Moxy Vienna Airport room chair

Across from the bed was a TV, as well as a tiny glass table with a small stool you could sit on.

Moxy Vienna Airport room TV

I get the room isn’t huge, but I do wish there had been something comfortable to sit on.

As an aviation geek I love a good airport view, though unfortunately my room just faced a nearby office building, with the control tower visible in the distance.

Moxy Vienna Airport room view

The bathroom was quite small as well, and featured a sink, toilet, and walk-in shower.

Moxy Vienna Airport bathroom

Moxy Vienna Airport shower

Toiletries were in reusable containers that were wall-mounted.

Moxy Vienna Airport toiletries

Continuing the theme of funky design, the “do not disturb” sign was different than any I’ve seen before.

Moxy Vienna Airport “do not disturb” sign

There were a couple of other interesting things about the room. First of all, the room had no phone, so there was no way to contact the front desk. This isn’t necessarily a huge deal, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before in a hotel.

Furthermore, for a fairly new airport hotel, I was disappointed that they didn’t have USB or international plugs in the room. You’d think that would be a basic feature for any new hotel nowadays.

Anyway, on to the hotel’s public areas. I really do love the Moxy communal areas. They’re designed in such a way that you can really get comfortable regardless of whether you want to eat, relax, or work.

Inside the entrance and to the right was the smaller of the two seating areas, which was intended mainly for working and relaxing, I guess.

Moxy Vienna Airport lobby

Moxy Vienna Airport lobby

Moxy Vienna Airport lobby

Moxy Vienna Airport lobby

Then the larger seating area was to the left of the entrance, and featured dining tables, communal tables, and more.

Moxy Vienna Airport lobby

Moxy Vienna Airport lobby

Moxy Vienna Airport lobby

Moxy Vienna Airport lobby

There was even some outdoor seating.

Moxy Vienna Airport outdoor seating

The main staffed area of the hotel was a long counter that acted as the bar and front desk.

Moxy Vienna Airport bar

For the most part food and drinks at Moxy are self serve. There’s a display area with all kinds of drinks and prepared foods, and if you want anything you just grab it and bring it to the front desk, and they’ll ring you up for it.

In my opinion the prices were steep for a limited service property, like 3.50EUR for a bottle of soda.

Moxy Vienna Airport drinks

Moxy Vienna Airport drinks

Moxy Vienna Airport food

Moxy Vienna Airport food

Moxy Vienna Airport ice cream

Moxy Vienna Airport snacks

After napping for a bit I came down to the lobby to work (since there was nowhere in the room to comfortably sit). I ordered a cappuccino, and then later grabbed a falafel and hummus snack. The cappuccino was fine, while the hummus and falafel wasn’t exactly great.

Moxy Vienna Airport cappuccino

Moxy Vienna Airport snack

In addition to the snacks available all day, the hotel has a very limited dinner offering, as well as a breakfast offering. For dinner they have a “crockpot” concept, and for 8.50EUR you could get red chicken curry, rice, and a bread roll.

Moxy Vienna Airport dinner

Moxy Vienna Airport dinner

I found that to be extremely limiting. I get that this is a limited service hotel, but I feel like they could do better with their food & beverage concept. For example, Aloft (which is a similar brand) has a bar with some proper food available, which doesn’t seem unreasonable. Here your options for dinner are either a microwaved dish or a single hot option, which obviously wouldn’t work for someone who is a vegetarian, for example.

While other limited service brands include breakfast for free, Moxy doesn’t. And breakfast is actually sort of pricey, at 15EUR per person.

Moxy Vienna Airport breakfast buffet

The breakfast selection was decent, with yogurt, fresh fruit, cheese, cold cuts, cereal, bread, and coffee. Still, 15EUR seemed quite steep for that.

Moxy Vienna Airport breakfast buffet

Moxy Vienna Airport breakfast buffet

Moxy Vienna Airport breakfast buffet

Moxy Vienna Airport breakfast buffet

Moxy Vienna Airport breakfast buffet

As far as the hotel’s other facilities go, on the lobby level there was a small gym.

Moxy Vienna Airport gym

Moxy Vienna Airport gym

Moxy Vienna Airport bottom line

My stay at Moxy was alright, though I’m really not a huge fan of the brand as such. I quite like Starwood’s Aloft hotels, though to me Moxy is a more poorly thought out version of Aloft (at least if this hotel is representative of most Moxy properties).

I wish the rooms had desks or somewhere comfortable to sit and work from (as all Alofts do), and also that they had a better food offering. While the grab-and-go selection is fine, it would be nice if they had a wider variety of options at dinnertime, and if breakfast were more reasonably priced.

It just seems a bit inconsistent to me that Moxy is supposed to be a “budget” brand, but at the same time they charge 3.50EUR for a soda and 15EUR for breakfast.

These are all fairly minor things, it’s just that the brand doesn’t quite add up to me.

Still, for a quick overnight in Vienna Moxy is an unbeatable option, since you can walk directly from the terminal to the hotel.

  1. I think you reversed some words in this sentence:

    “I decided to stay at the Moxy Vienna Airport, which is the most convenient airport to the hotel.”

    “Hotel” and “airport” need to be flipped.

  2. Stayed here a few weeks ago and really enjoyed my stay. Checked in around 9pm and left the following morning at 8am so had less than 12 hours, most which was spent sleeping. But the little I did see/experience, I thought it was great. To me, it felt like a very nice and luxurious hostel, and I mean that in the best way possible. The mood felt very communal and social, a great place to interact with other travelers, much like you would find in a hostel, but obviously with much cleaner rooms and facilities. Felt really different from your typical airport hotels which all feel and attract the corporate types.

  3. I guess the convenience of being able to walk to the hotel from the terminal is hard to beat, but if it were me I’d stay at Vienna Hilton. It is in the city alright but it is just across from Wien Mitte station and you can use the city check in for bag drop. The airport express trn makes it convenient enough IMO.

  4. The budget design hotel that gets most of the things right is Motel One. You should stay at one and write a review as soon as possible!but they also don’t have a telephone available in the room which is also unnessary in my opinion.

  5. We stayed here for one night back in May. We got there in the evening and had a flight early next morning. The proximity to the airport is the only positive for this hotel. Otherwise, I would not stay at this brand anywhere. The food is pricey and awful, the free drinks are worthless and rooms are good enough for sleeping only.

  6. 30 hours, soda cans and a so tiny room. Amazing stay in Vienna. On my side I’d eat 623 Sacher cakes and head to a Bath… It’s not NRT or MXP, isn’t it 25 mins to center?

  7. Beautiful hotel and an awesome price at 90 euro. Wouldn’t hesitate to stay here in a pinch. Really cool and quirky concepts such as the crockpot and breakfast set up. This hotel is designed for millennials and the budget conscious in mind. Anyone expecting more should stay somewhere else.

  8. I get why reviews of iconic luxury hotels are an interesting read. I dont get why hotels as random as this would be. What´s next? Review of the Staybridge Inn along some highway?

  9. I don’t understand hotels with these kinds of designs (no desks, no check-in desk, emphasis on communal areas). Is this something people actually want, and I’m just an introvert who’s too old on the inside? Or are they designing for some idea of a millenial rather than actual millenials?

  10. At 90 euros you would get an awesome hostel and a one night stand in Europe.

    They are charging too much.

  11. I’ve stayed at the hotel and wasn’t impressed either. Frustrating we’re the staffing levels as I waited forever in the check-in line and the fact that all staff didn’t speak German and their English wasn’t very good either.

  12. It seems nicer than an Ibis, which is where I tend to end up when I need an affordable airport hotel in Europe.

  13. @ John – This review is more useful to me than reviews of luxury hotels I will never stay at. I’m always particularly interested in hotels that are walking distance to the airport, even more particularly for airports like Vienna that I’ll know I’ll be travelling to in the future. In the past I’ve stayed at the Hilton Vienna (Stadtpark) because it is next to the City Airport Train station. Next time I have an early flight I’ll consider the Moxy.

  14. Did your points post to Marriott okay? What are your thoughts on the Marriott-SPG IT integration? Seems like a hot mess with points not posting, apps not working, problems at check-in, Suite Night Awards down, cancelled points reservations not getting credited back etc etc. I’d love to hear what you have to to say on that…

  15. I would not stay at an airport hotel in Vienna unless my departing flight is really very early. The CityAirportTrain (CAT) takes 16 mins to the center and the (cheaper) S7 train 20 mins. With both you basically end up in the Lobby of the Hilton, or with the S7, which stops at Rennweg, also the Renaissance. Not to mention the hundreds of hotels a few U or S stops further away.

  16. I’m confused by this post. How is this different from the review of the same hotel you already posted on July 1?

  17. @christian – Really? Not all staff spoke German? That is crazy. It is a hotel in Vienna after all. I get they likely hire all over the EU but I would think at a minimum they would speak the hotels native language and English.

    This hotel reminds me of the Morrison in Dublin (a doubletree). Too hipster (or millennial) for my taste. If I want a hostel environment, I’ll pay 9 euros down the road.

  18. Anastasia – Well, yes. While the typical reader on here seems to love nothing more than sealing themselves in a first class suite then taking their private transfer to a private room, a huge proportion of the world (I’d actually wager most) still enjoy human contact!

    I’ve also never used a hotel desk.

  19. Thanks for the review. Think I’ll use the NH Vienna Airport Conference Center for my layover based on your impression.

  20. I have aches and pains just looking at that chair.

    I fear this hotel is the result of putting too much focus on what millennials want (or what the hotel thinks they want.) It screams trying too hard.

  21. This place is very similar to the Premier inn at T4 LHR. OK for a less than 24hr stay only. For 30 hrs I would move away from the airport(s) and get something in the city to enjoy a bit of atmosphere. Well below your minimum standards Ben!

  22. For the Star Megado most of the people that stayed there regretted staying there instead of the NH. While you didn’t get an airport view, at least in the corner you were able to see the Austrian Airlines HQ building.

  23. Also stayed at the Moxy during the MegaDo. I cancelled the NH hotel when I was checking in since I could not get checked in until 3pm (arrived at 8am). NH said no room available until 11am and then they would charge 50 Euro for the early check in at 11am.

    So I checked at the Moxy and I would be able to check in immediately at 9am – so I booked a room on my phone and checked in.

    The Lobby was a big hangout for the MegaDo attendees. If you are with a group, the Moxy is a fun place to stay.

    Only rooms on the top floor have phones. Surprised as a Platinum they did not give you a room on the top floor.

    No complaints about the room – nice, new and clean. Plus a little glass shelf type of desk. Surprised Moxy had a desk in the room.

    My only complaint was the A/C was weak. Fortunately during our stay – it rained the entire time so it was cooler outside.

    I would stay there again.

  24. Note the Desk is the glass shelf and cube seat to the right of the TV in the TV picture posted.

    Worked fine for me as a desk. Not sure why you said no Desk in the room. just it is a modern desk suitable for young people.

  25. I stayed in the Moxy München. It looked exactly the same. It’s like a “McDonald’s”-Hotel. For one quick night a year it’s ok and people around 18 years will love its design. But all people over 18 will see the many downsides.

  26. For a 90 EUR Airport Hotel, that all looks quite good. It is becoming the norm in Europe that budget hotels have no phone on the room. I would prefer this hotel over many much more expensive places that haven’t seen a renovation in ages.

  27. We should anticipate that more of these places will open, all with reduced service and peculiarities like this one. Of course the owners/chains couch these reductions in terms of generational change, eg, no ‘phone, no real restaurant, it’s because GenX doesn’t want it. It goes without saying that rates are not lower as a consequence of these savings. And you identify the real lie in that justification by pointing out the lack of outlets, ie something no GenX or Millennial would want to do without.
    This looks like a down-market Aloft.

  28. I stayed at the Moxy in Berlin and liked it. I think it was already another brand hotel they’d taken over so the layout was more conventional and less desperate to be ‘creative’ (Art Hotel brand seems to also suffer from this European phonomena of making hotels ‘crazy’ and ‘innovative’ -seriously, cakes instead of room numbers at the Art Hotel Rotterdam?) also with Moxy Berlin it’s in the middle of the city so there’s plenty to eat outside the hotel.

  29. Does Moxy have non-airport locations? I think that may have been the problem here … the costs for various bits (but probably not the nightly cost) might have been lower in the city center.

    That chair looks like it’s simply the worst.

  30. Lucky, landline phones (that includes those used for intercom) and TV’s are obsolete tech, and as has been said here, in new hotels that cater to a (pseudo-)millennial crowd, even up to the **** segment, they will be missing – they generally are in Tallinn, which you just visited. Everyone has a pad and a smartphone, and that’s everyone. The entire setup and vibe is exactly that startup facade that the clientele in mind really wants or (Ü40) pretends to want. In addition, that you can’t reach reception (too) easily is part of the business model; as you noticed, there is no real reception and the area isn’t exactly overstaffed, and you’re not supposed to waste their time with your li’l room complaints or requests for a better pillow. And I would say for the proximity and for what they offer, €90 is exactly appropriate. Walk-to airport hotels in Europe below €100 are still rare.

  31. Alofts have all the stuff Moxy doesn’t have while still being affordable like a phone in the room, better food,more places to sit, USB ports etc.

  32. If you weren’t so tied to the SPG, you could have stayed at the NH, also a short walk from the terminal and had everything a full service hotel provides at almost the same price. My choice would still have been to go into Vienna and enjoy one of the great cities of Europe. The CAT train makes it so convenient and only 16 minutes.

  33. No upgrade and free drink for your platinum status? I stayed here in July and received both, which seems to be in line with most of the reviews on Flyertalk.

    For what it’s worth, they had a separate sign on the bar for elite and on-line check-in. The sign said something like “Skip the line express lane”, so I didn’t feel bad passing by everyone else in the queue.

  34. @Callum – I’m a grad student who mostly flies economy (and also a millenial). I’ve never been in a first class lounge in my life. But I do also like to actually get some sleep before flying transatlantic economy early in the morning, and hotels that encourage noisy mingling in communal areas are…not conducive to that. It seems like this hotel is the very opposite of getting some peace and quiet before or after a long trip, which seems pretty important for an airport hotel. Also, some of us are introverts, who after a day of making conversation just want to “recharge,” not expend more energy.

    And the whole phone thing: I use the in-room phone to call the front desk. What do they expect me to do, google the hotel and call their number from my phone? At an airport hotel where tons of guests are probably foreigners for whom that would be an international call?

  35. Looks like a bunch of middle aged middle management types vomited up what they thought millennials like.

  36. Next time straight ahead from the outdoor seating, someone 50 to 100 meters you find „BILLA“(visible in your pic), a supermarket open from 6am–10pm. A soda will set you back 1€

  37. Totally agree with all points highlighted by Ben. I’ve been to 2 Moxy hotels, Milan and Munich, and both have the same problems as pointed out here.
    The worst is the reception, lines seems to be forever long and prices well, they don’t represent any budget at all.
    Yes I do like some of the tech concept that introduced, but that’s about it.
    Will only stay again based on price and location with no other options.


  38. While the walk-up price for breakfast of 15EUR is high, it’s only 10EUR extra if you book a rate that includes breakfast compared to the base rate.

  39. First… USB plugs everywhere! You can see in two of the photos that Lucky posted there are 2 USB slots next to the bed and 2 at the DESK which Lucky also says doesn’t exist. Sorry Lucky… I think you were in a bad mood or not having a good day.

    My first exposure to Moxy was the airport hotel in Vienna that was reviewed. It was a 6 hour stay while waiting for a flight, so not much to comment on. I am 50+ and was impressed with the atmosphere in the lobby and the bed was very comfortable.

    I am now sitting in the Moxy in Tbilisi. They do exactly what they promise… no phone. No water cooker in the room. No refrigerator. Small room. Everything that I knew would be missing before I arrived. In return for this, I get a Marriott brand and BonVoy credit at a fraction of the price of my next two options here in Tbilisi (Courtyard and Marriott). Here is an example. If I wanted a Marriott brand hotel in Tbilisi a week from now: Moxy ($59), Courtyard ($75), Sheraton ($110), Marriott ($121), Rooms ($125). Who am I to complain!

    That being said, some Moxy properties DO, in fact, have water and coffee in the rooms. You can book them as Moxyfied Biz Sleeper or Moxyfied Primo Sleeper or Moxyfied Family Sleeper. Each property is different.

    There are plenty of staff and they are all friendly as hell. This hotel wants me to get out of my room though and they give me a good excuse to do that. I usually isolate myself in my room, but I am now happily out of my comfort zone sitting in the beautiful lounge area on the ground floor.

    Finally, I had the pleasant surprise to have the manager of the hotel walk up to me and ask for my feedback while I was working downstairs yesterday. I mentioned the water cooker and he said no problem… in an hour I had a water cooker in my room. I mentioned the lack of refrigerator… in an hour I had a refrigerator in my room. In all my travels, I have never had the hotel staff proactively solicit my comments and feedback during my stay while there was still an opportunity to change things.

    I have never been in a hotel that really made me feel this welcome… not just at check-in and check-out, but at multiple touch points throughout my week long stay. Low cost isn’t for everyone. But if you know what to expect and limit your expectations before you arrive, you just might find yourself pleasantly surprised… and you still get your BonVoy points!

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