Can You Apply For Two Chase Credit Cards On The Same Day?

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Chase arguably has the all around most compelling travel credit cards at the moment. They have cards with great welcome bonuses, cards with generous return on spend, and cards with perks that are almost too good to be true. For example:

As I’ve explained before, typically you can be approved for at most two Chase credit cards in a 30 day period. I know I’ve been writing a lot about Chase cards lately, but the more I write about them, the more questions I’ve been getting, and I’ve realized that these are questions I largely haven’t addressed in the past. That brings me to one question I’ve received frequently lately.

Can you be approved for two Chase cards in one day?

The short answer is yes, you can potentially be approved for two Chase credit cards in one day. Assuming you haven’t applied for other Chase cards in the past 30 days, there’s nothing preventing you from getting two Chase cards in one day.

Those two applications could include two personal cards, two business cards, one personal card and one business card, two co-brand cards, two Ultimate Rewards cards, etc. That doesn’t really matter.

Caveats and exceptions to applying for two Chase cards in one day

The major issuers don’t technically publish these rules, but rather this advice is based on anecdotal experiences. There are always going to be exceptions. Some report only being approved for one card in 30 days. Others report being approved for three cards in 30 days. However, the most common data points suggest that you can pick up two cards in 30 days.

If you apply for two cards on the same day, in some instances Chase may automatically reject the second application and assume it’s a duplicate, and in other cases they may more closely scrutinize applications if they see two applications the same day.

These situations are fairly rare, so for the average person you generally shouldn’t have a problem applying for two cards on the same day.

Should you apply for two Chase cards the same day?

You potentially can apply for two Chase cards the same day, but should you? Everyone will have a different opinion here. My personal strategy would be to apply for one card first. If you get approved immediately (or almost immediately), you might as well apply for the second card the same day. If you get a message saying that your application will be processed or is under review, personally I would wait until that card is approved before applying for the next card from the same issuer.

That’s simply because I don’t like having two pending applications from the same issuer. Others will feel differently, but those are my thoughts.

The 5/24 rule still applies

With Chase it’s always important to remember the 5/24 rule, which will be applied in the order in which you apply for cards (sometimes there’s a right and wrong order). With this rule, Chase won’t approve you for select cards if you have five or more new card accounts showing on your personal credit report in the past 24 months:

  • In terms of calculating the number of applications you’ve had, most business card applications (including those from Amex, Chase, and Citi) typically won’t count towards that limit; this means applying for a card like the Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card or Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card typically won’t count towards your total

Potential great card combos to apply for same day

Chase has so many great card offers right now:

Bottom line

You can potentially be approved for two Chase credit cards the same day, and it shouldn’t matter whether they’re business or personal cards. Just make sure you haven’t applied for any other Chase cards in the past 30 days. My personal strategy is to apply for one card first, and only apply for the second card after I’ve received approval for the first one. However, I know others apply for a second one without getting instant approval on the first, and that still ends up being okay.

What’s your strategy when you want to apply for two Chase cards? Do you apply for both the same day, or spread out the applications?

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  1. I tried this one month ago- Chase has new security procedures in place. I was approved for both right away, but they flagged both accounts for fraud the following day. It ultimately took about 3 weeks to get the cards. It was a success, but a total of 6 hours on the phone with Chase over multiple days, being handed across different representatives, and sending in documents to verify my identity. I wouldn’t recommend this.

  2. @ AJC — I don’t, I also talk about Amex and Citi plenty. In general I also think Chase’s rules are toughest to understand, and they’re the ones I get the most questions about, probably because they have the all around most compelling offers. Any questions you have about other issuers?

  3. @ Gabe — Interesting. It sounds like maybe this was one of those instances where they found something else suspicious? I know they sometimes do that if you’ve applied for a lot of cards lately, for example. Had you applied for a lot of other cards recently, and how many total Chase cards do you have, if you don’t mind me asking? Would be a useful data point.

  4. @Lucky what happened to the airline reviews? Its been almost two weeks since you published the Singapore business review when will the first class review be available? I understand the need to spread out reviews throughout the year but you have atleast the singapore and taag angola flights already taken.

  5. @ Jack — I am writing the report as we speak, and hope to have it up today or tomorrow at the latest. See the comments on this post for a bit of an explanation. Appreciate the interest.

  6. @Lucky- this was my first time applying for Chase cards. However, I have a few cards with other banks and excellent credit- nothing like this has ever happened to me. It was completely unexpected.

  7. I inadvertently applied for two Chase cards in the same day last summer (the Sapphire Preferred, knowingly; and the Amazon Prime Rewards, not realizing it was also issued by Chase) and was approved for both minutes apart. Upside: only one hard credit inquiry since Chase used the same data in both approvals.

  8. Choose one: old ihg or ink business preferred.

    You should do what’s in your wallet series: asking people to show their cards and what they use them for and how they made use of the rewards. There is a lot more collective intelligence here than just the 2-3 columnists. In this era of social media we shouldn’t have only top down information flow.

  9. i got 2 chase card approved on the same day 1 for sapphire reserve and 1 for ihg rewards with a good amount of limit

  10. Ok so I applied about an hour ago to the Chase Ink Business Cash card. Initial application was put on hold pending a review. I decided to call directly to Chase through the Reserve number and they connected me with the department that handles applications. Few minutes on hold I was approved for the card and I put a rush on it to get it in 1-2 business days. According to my credit history you can check free through Chase I have 6 accounts opened in the last 24 months. My cards are: Reserve, Ink Preferred, Freedom Unlimited, Alaska, United Explorer, and IHG. I’m assuming the Ink and IHG were not counted since they are business cards and thus I was 4/24 or I got lucky as they didn’t look at how many cards I had opened in last 24 months.

  11. Question: I’m currently at 4/24 and am probably going to get the Sapphire Preferred as my next card, but your recent post about the IHG card in its current form being pulled makes me want to apply for that as well. If I apply for both of those cards on the same day, or at most within the same month, will I be able to get both cards since neither would be on my credit report yet? Or would there be information within Chase’s internal system that would immediately flag the second application as being over 5/24?

  12. @ Weymar M Osborne — The IHG Card isn’t subjected to 5/24, so my suggestion would be to apply for the Sapphire Preferred ASAP, since that is subjected to the 5/24 rule. Then once that’s approved you can apply for the IHG Card, which you’re eligible to be approved for even if you’re over 5/24. Hope that makes sense, and let me know if you have any other questions.

  13. Lucky,
    I happened to read your other post explaining yourself. Hope all goes well with your mom. And, very well said. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but Sometimes the complaining gets to be a little much. The adage that you cant please everyone is so true. Personally, I look forward to just about all your posts and just skip over there few that I don’t have as much interest.

    Having said that, I applied and was approved for the SPG business Amex yesterday under the wire. Chase cash card next.

  14. Lucky – I have the Chase Ink Plus business card which I believe is not offered anymore. Can I still apply for the Business Preferred and Business Cash? Just wondering in case these overlap and will count towards the same card.

  15. @ Jorge — They’re all considered separate products, so you can apply for each of them, earn the bonus on each of them, and hold onto each of them. 🙂

  16. I applied for and was approved for the Marriott visa from Chase with a nice high credit limit. Later that same day I applied for the Sapphire Reserved and was not only approved but received an even higher (slightly) limit. The good thing is that on my credit report there was only one hit shown.

    I would gesture to say that if you are going to do two, do them in the same day so that a single hit is seen on your profile.

  17. wohooo this answered my question for yesterday, BUT I also asked if I should get the trifecta- CSR, Freedom Unlimited, and the Freedom because of the bonus quarters promotions. Should I apply for two at once, then a month later the third?

  18. @ schar — Yep, that’s what I’d do. I’d maybe get the CSR and Freedom Unlimited first, and then the Freedom after that, personally, based on how I value the return on spend offered by the cards. Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

  19. @lucky

    Thank you for linking me to the post and for writing the detailed explanation. I’ve been a daily reader since late 2013 / early 2014 and continue to believe that you are an extremely hard worker. This blog wouldn’t be where it is today without your amazing work. Keep doing what your doing and I hope for a speedy recovery for your Mom.

  20. I currently hold the Ink cash card after downgrading it from the paid card a couple of years ago. 1) Can I call and ask to upgrade to the Ink preferred and get the bonus or
    2) do I need to cancel and then wait for a certain period to reapply? If so, how long?

    Lucky, Thanks for your good work. Look forward to my inbox reports from you.

  21. @ Grayhawk — If you upgrade then you won’t be eligible for the bonus. You’d need to apply for the card directly to get the bonus, but you should be able to do that without issue, since they’re considered separate products. You don’t even need to cancel the Ink Cash in order to be able to do that.

  22. @lucky
    Thanks for the fast response. My first step is to apply for the CSR card since I just had two cards drop off of the 5/24 list and opened the door. I have been waiting to get that card for a number of months. I am still a little torn between CSR and Amex Platinum but the CSR is more readily accepted so it eliminates the “Do you take American Express” question.

  23. If I remember correctly, you published an article concerning how to apply for a “business” card. Could you send me that post. (I get so much important info from you, Thanks).

  24. About 2 weeks ago, I applied for the Southwest Premier with an excellent credit history and only a car loan as previous history with Chase and 2/24. I received the 30 day message, then waited a couple of hours and called the application status line. I decided to go ahead and speak to a representative and was approved. I then applied for the Southwest Plus and went through the same process. The second application was sent to the fraud department. After a short conversation with a representative in that department, I was approved and they were able to 2-day ship the card which they normally will not do for SW cards.

  25. Data point: I applied for Ink Cash April 30th in the evening and received the 30 day message. I then applied for IHG Premier via IHG checkout flow a few minutes afterward and received the 30 day message.

    I just called about the Ink Cash and was told that it was approved on May 1st and it should be in the mail. I asked about the personal app, and he said that it was denied on the 30th for too many cards open with chase or too many recent requests for credit. He wouldn’t tell me if it was the 1/30 rule, but he did kind of slip up and say it was for the “business credit request” which I took to mean the Ink Cash request.

    I was at 3/24 at the time and I guess I still am.

    At the time of application I had 3 personal cards, 1 business card and an auto loan with Chase. The biz card was opened about 60 days before the app, which was my last credit request/card open. My credit rating is around 810 currently.

    So in my case, unless I did something wrong, I wasn’t able to apply for more than 1 card on the same day. I’ll wait 30 days and try again.

  26. I’ve heard that you can apply for the CSR and CSP on the same day, getting the bonus for both. Can you confirm?

  27. Not exactly the same topic but what are your thoughts on opening 3 chase cards in a 6 month timeframe. I have opened Ink cash in early May as soon as I turned below 5/24. I am planning to open Ink Preferred in a few weeks and Sapphire Reserved in October. Assuming I stick to the 30 day rule, do you think it’ll be safe?

  28. I just recently applied for the Marriott and the CSP within a 2-day period (not same day). I got a follow up call regarding Marriott within a week and was approved on that call. I then got declined for CSP with the reason given “too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us.” I don’t believe i have any other open accounts with them. I will check my credit report. My question though… can I call to appeal? Does that ever work? Thanks Lucky!

  29. If you are a current or even a former Chase banking customer (who left on good terms) and a current card holder, odds for getting approved for two cards on the same day are excellent.
    I noticed the web interface for Chase credit card is entirely different from my wifes. The only difference is I’m a former Chase banking customer and she is not.
    I got approved for two cards on the same day, both with very generous limits. I’m 100 percent certain this has everything to do with having a previous banking relationship. Might making getting a checking account worthwhile and picking up that $200 bonus at the same time.

  30. I applied for the Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Unlimited cards back-to-back. I was approved for both of them at the same time, however, about a week later the Freedom account was closed. That happened the day I received my two cards in the mail. Their explanation was that I opened them on the same day and when I applied for the first one and was approved, the second application couldn’t “see” that I had a new card opened with the $7800 credit limit. So they closed the Freedom card and said I could reapply again. I have an 850 credit score.

  31. More info…after reapplying and getting denied a second time, I called back in and ultimately they said I could not open two Freedom cards within a 24 month period. So if I have the Chase Freedom Unlimited, I cannot have/apply for the Chase Freedom again for 24 months! So crazy…

  32. Adding my data point, applied CSR and U Exp plus cards together , was only approved for csr

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