American Airlines Reconfigured 777-200 Seatmap (With New Business Class)

American is in the process of refreshing their longhaul fleet. This began with the introduction of their 777-300ERs, which feature reverse herringbone seats in business class.

American 777-300ER reverse herringbone business class seat

At that point they hadn’t yet announced how they planned on reconfiguring their current longhaul fleet, consisting of 767-300 and 777-200 aircraft. Then in January American loaded the seatmaps for their new 767-300 configuration. It’s a bit odd that American unveiled the seatmaps before unveiling the actual seats, which they didn’t do until a couple of weeks ago.

At that point they shared some images of the new business class product, which, as I predicted, is a staggered business class configuration. This is the same product used throughout much of the fleets of Austrian, Brussels, Delta, etc.

American 767-300 new business class cabin

Anyway, now it looks like American has also released the seatmap for their refurbished 777-200 aircraft, which appear to be scheduled for the Dallas to Santiago route on select dates starting June 12, 2014.

American’s current 777-200 configuration features 16 first class seats, 37 business class seats, and 194 economy class seats. American announced a long time ago that they’d be eliminating first class on the refurbished 777-200 aircraft, and that does indeed appear to be the case.

Here’s the business class seatmap for the refurbished configuration:


As you can see, there are a total of 45 business class seats. This represents an increase of eight business class seats over the old configuration, though an overall decrease of eight premium cabin seats when you factor in the elimination of the first class cabin.

That’s not bad at all, in my opinion, and is good news for those of us looking to upgrade. Based on the seatmap I would speculate that American will use the same reverse herringbone business class seat on the 777-200 that they have on the 777-300ER.

Then here’s the forward economy cabin seatmap:


As of now, the 777-200 is the only American plane in the fleet without Main Cabin Extra, so it’s nice to see that they’ll have a fairly large cabin consisting of five rows of Main Cabin Extra, and then another four rows of premium seats.

American 777-300ER Main Cabin Extra cabin

Why are the last four rows of the forward economy cabin premium seats? Well, the rear economy seatmap might explain why:


I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, American is going for 10 across seating in economy, as they have on the 777-300ER, and as many foreign carriers already have on the 777. This is hardly surprising, though at least 83 economy class seats will only feature nine across seating.

American 777-300ER economy cabin

Furthermore, these aircraft will feature entertainment on demand in all cabins, along with wifi.

What do you think of American’s new 777-200 seatmap? Excited for the new business class seats, or sad about the 10 across seating in economy and/or elimination of first class?

(Tip of the hat to @dstinationdavid)

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  1. Jon at TB has been pretty adamant that the 772 was planned to include a new J seat other than the Cirrus, designed by AA from the ground up.

  2. I try…so…hard…to be loyal to Delta. No value points–fine. Screw Platinum Medallions (me) on upgrades–okay. Change to revenue-based points earning system for 2015–whatever I guess. Take away companion access to lounges from Platinum Amex charge card–sigh, but still there.

    Trying to book a quick (paid) hop over to Tokyo from Los Angeles in July. Since I’ll only end up there for 3-4 nights, will fly business. The real shit deal is that Delta BusinessElite is more expensive than AA FIRSTTTTTTTTT. More expensive than ANA with the new business cabin–more expensive than JAL–more expensive than Korean–MORE EXPENSIVE THAN SINGAPORE. I feel like calling them and just screaming. What are they doing?

    Stupidly it’s not really enough at this point to get me to jump ship. I don’t know if I can pull off the 100k EQMs for AA Executive Platinum. I really would love to bail, but I really would hate to leave KLM behind. I love them. Just pissed off altogether with all of this.

    At least I complete the Hyatt Diamond trial so I can finally take it easy on IHG properties. …….sigh……..

  3. what does “though at least 83 economy class seats will only feature nine across seating”

  4. @ Lantean — The rear coach cabin has 10 seats per row. The forward coach cabin has nine seats per row, and there are 83 seats in that cabin (meaning the seats will be wider).

  5. It’s hard to justify keeping a dinosaur like the flagship suite around, but I’ll miss it. It’s a great seat for sleeping headed eastbound. The video stinks, and the service, food and amenities already are barely business class, but it’s a very fine seat for sleep. Given how hard it has been to redeem awards to Europe on AA metal, though, those wanting to head across in F and use AA miles often have to book BA anyway, so not a huge loss in the end.

  6. Awesome configuration, I love it. But getting these retrofitted can’t come soon enough. Really sick of flying AA’s current 772’s.

  7. Any idea whether or not any of the Asia routes are going to be getting them? If so, which ones and when?

  8. @ Mike — I would guess that Tokyo will probably still mostly feature the old configuration through the end of the year. Keep in mind American has a lot of 777s, and this reconfiguration process will not be quick.

  9. @ Andrew — Well all of American’s flights to Asia are operated by 777, so eventually they’ll all feature the new business class product. That being said, we don’t have a timeline yet.

  10. I realize I’m splitting hairs here, but any comparison of AA’s new 763 seat to Delta etc. should preface that AA is not installing IFE in the new seats and is still leaning on the clumsy Samsung tablets, which can be absolute disaster to deal with during meal time.

  11. Dumb question: Is the expectation that Tokyo will go to two class or will it eventually move to 777-300s? (Or a mix?)

  12. @ Travis — Not a dumb question at all. It’s anyone’s guess. I doubt Tokyo will see the 777-300ER anytime soon, but who knows, they may have one or two flights there operated by it eventually. But I anticipate it will primarily continue to be operated by the 777-200.

  13. That’s a post I care about, I want to make sure my spend is going towards an airline that gives back. So far so good Mr Parker. Thanks for the good work Lucky.

  14. As an Executive Platinum I am not as excited about the change. I had 1 system wide not clear that was booked 3 months out. On every flight I have taken in 2013, first and business have been 100 percent full. So I see this as a reduction in upgrades from ecinomy to business for Executive Platinum AA elites. If the upgrade doesn’t clear your stuck in a worse economy product. If I had a choice I would pick the old 777 product with a better shot at an upgrade then a flatter seat for sleeping.

  15. Wait, so there are two different seating configurations for Y on this aircraft? That’s so strange! I suppose status passengers travelling in Y will have priority for the less cramped 9-abreast section?

  16. @ Daniel — Correct, it’s similar to what they do on the 777-300ER. American Platinum and above will be able to reserve Main Cabin Extra in advance, while American Gold will be able to reserve it within 24 hours. Then all elite members should be able to choose the “priority” seats behind Main Cabin Extra.

    All of these premium seats can also be purchased in advance.

  17. @Travis – AA a while ago stated that NRT was one of the few destinations that would retain F. Of course, whether that’s on every flight or just select ones, remains to be seen. And that was before the new management team, too.

  18. People are getting ever larger, especially Americans and the seats on these aircraft have, once again, become smaller. In case you don’t remember, the old configuration was 9 seats across coach. Now it’s 10. The plane did not get wider. Have fun!

  19. If the new seats have the same kind of cubby hole for feet that delta has I will be disappointed. I know it is the wave of future and they are installing them but I find myself sleeping reclined just to avoid the foot space and in my last flight i noticed nearly 1/2 the passengers were doing the same.

  20. Seeing that the new 777-200 may have the same seats as the 777-300, i wouldn’t be surprised if the seats had the same pitch as the 777-300’s seats if the herringbone seats are used in business class. Both triple 7’s currently have a 31-32″ economy pitch(even w/ the 10 across setup) according to AA’s fleet statistics giving main cabin extra at least a 36″ pitch from the 4-6″ pitch increase on the 300 so it’s likely that the economy pitch won’t change on the new 200 w/ the 10 across setup. As for biz class, the herringbone seats are also used in 1st class on the A321 and have the same pitch as the 777-300(43″ w/out the bed extended). Also, there’s actually 6 main cabin extra rows because 1 of the 10 across rows is an exit row, which AA now sells as main cabin extra.

  21. AA, PLEASE FLY TO GUM! We need competition and a built up OneWorld Presence here. This product is both competitive and innovative!

  22. Lucky,

    Any thoughts on when the reconfigured 777-200ER will show up on DFW-ICN? I have a F award booked for October on that route.

  23. @ WillyP — They haven’t announced any routes yet, so no clue. By October I’d say it’s fairly unlikely that they’ll fly the 777-200 to Incheon, so you should be “safe” with your first class award.

  24. Similarly, I’m flying first on an award ticket DFW-LHR in November on the old 777-200. Any chance I will get bumped to business with retrofitting? Or, maybe changed to the 777-300?

  25. @ Joe — It could be, but to be honest isn’t especially likely for now, I think. I doubt they’ll want to cut first class on a route from Dallas to London. Crossing my fingers for you, though!

  26. Hey Lucky, any clue if the 777-200ER flying from Buenos Aires (EZE) to JFK are retrofitted, or in any case, when they’ll be?

  27. Looks like SCL-DFW route had 772 Retrofitted taken away! Booooo… Schedule changes across AA couple weeks ago shows us with old configuration in March now :(. Bumping up to F now at least.

  28. Is there a roll out on AA routes for the 777-200 conversions. For me (mostly Asia) this is a painful wait. There are so many better choices in equipment on other airlines – with EVIP’s becoming close to worthless in planning. NO MileSaver awards in J and F to Asia, the loyal, high rev. pax is tossed in the waste bin.

  29. Anyone flown DFW to ICN lately. I know it is on the old 777 config. Online reviews have me regretting biz class over f.

  30. @Mike
    If your plane has been “substituted” your seat will change and is now a business class seat, still ticketed as first. My DFW-NRT outbound is still first but my October return flight has been changed to a business seat in the new configuration.

  31. ICN – DFW will start flying the reconfigured 777-200 starting August 24th (according to their website).

  32. Hi! I have to flight with my wife to spain in the 777-200ER but separarse the SEATs 13a and c. Seen the
    Msp wven that are closet seats I have the doubt if there is a space in the middle of Both seats or the seats are really close to each other. I called american and they have said that there is a space but I doubt it. Please tour comments . Thanks in advance .

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