Aeroplan Offering 30% Bonus On Hotel Points Transfers, With A Major Catch

A few times per year Aeroplan offers a bonus when you convert hotel points into miles (most recently they offered this in March, and prior to that, last November). Well, Aeroplan has just announced their latest bonus for converting hotel points into Aeroplan miles, though unfortunately it comes with one major restriction that makes this promotion almost worthless.

Through this promotion you can earn a 30% bonus if you convert hotel points into Aeroplan miles between July 23 and August 20, 2018. This bonus applies as long as you convert enough points to earn at least 5,000 Aeroplan miles.

Points transfers from the following hotel partners are eligible:

Registration is not required for this promotion, and the bonus miles should post 4-6 weeks after the end date of the promotion (though in practice they may post sooner).

Transfers from other partners, including Marriott Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest, Amex Membership Rewards, don’t qualify for this promotion.

Unfortunately that gets at what makes this promotion almost worthless. Aeroplan has been offering this promotion for years, and the only real circumstance under which it made sense was if you were converting Starpoints into Aeroplan miles. They’d convert 1:1, and you’d get a 5,000 point bonus for every 20,000 points transferred. When you add in a transfer bonus, you’d be earning more than 1.5 Aeroplan miles per dollar spent.

Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest have been removed as partners for the purposes of this promotion, which makes it virtually useless. That’s because the nine hotel partners they do have aren’t ones where you get a good deal by converting points into airline miles. I hope they haven’t permanently been removed as partners for the purposes of this promotion (though I fear they have), or else they might as well stop having this promotion.

Bottom line

This used to be a solid promotion that was worth considering for the purposes of international premium cabin awards. However, with both Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest being removed from the promotion, there simply aren’t any circumstances where taking advantage of this promotion is a good deal anymore.

Maybe there are some niche situations where someone really needs Aeroplan miles and has an excess of points in a hotel program, but even so, this is a lousy promotion.

Anyone see any circumstances under which it makes sense to take advantage of this promotion?


  1. Yep. Completely useless. Aeroplan is making it difficult for its customers seeing something positive with this program moving forward.

  2. What is the transfer rate with the included hotels that makes this so lousy? It’s not clear in your post.

  3. Aztec — Most hotel partners do not give 1:1 points conversion ratio like SPG.

    Eg Hilton — Exchange 10,000 Hilton Honors Points for 1,000 Aeroplan miles.

    Where as in the past,
    SPG is 1:1 ratio, every 20k pts + 5k bonus for SPG Airline transfer= 25k + 30% bonus promo.
    So 20k SPG pts = 32.5k Miles

  4. I’m incredibly disappointed. I was hoping against all odds that they would allow the hotel package to earn this summer’s 30%, but it appears that they don’t allow ordinary transfers anymore.

    I like to blame Aeroplan, but I’m not sure who to actually blame. It’s sounding like it’s too expensive for Marriott/SPG to allow their points to get boosted in such a way. The price that Aeroplan asked of the hotel programs was probably too high for Starriott.

  5. I can understand it excludes Marriott Travel Package – they did that in 2nd half of 2016 and have been that way for all 2017 promos.

    However they did not exclude the straight transfer from either Marriott or SPG up until now.

    Totally worthless promotion.

  6. First Amex points a few years ago now SPG /Marriott. Aeroplan has lost all value instantly. I transferred about 500 k points in the last 5 years . My balance is around 500 points but I think Aeroplan is dead to me now.

  7. What happened to getting bonus Aeroplan Miles for every US dollar you spent at Hilton ? Did I miss something ?

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