Aer Lingus’ Snazzy New 757 Business Class

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Aer Lingus is an airline which has really stepped up their game over the past few years. Their former CEO was Christoph Mueller, who is now the CEO of Malaysia Airlines (though he’s mysteriously leaving the airline in a few months). Aer Lingus was losing a lot of money before Mueller started there, but under his leadership they underwent some very successful growth.

They added several new US destinations, introduced a new business class seat, and invested heavily in their product otherwise as well, adding inflight Wi-Fi, an arrivals lounge in Dublin, pre-flight dining in their US lounges, etc.

While all of their Airbus A330s are outfitted with a new business class product, Aer Lingus is also leasing three Boeing 757-200 aircraft, which weren’t part of the initial fleet overhaul plan.

However, Aer Lingus has now finished installing a different new business class product on their three leased Boeing 757-200 aircraft… and you can view the cabin in Google Street View.

Aer Lingus’ new 757 business class cabin consists of a total of 12 seats spread across four rows. Rows one and three are in a 1-1 configuration, while rows two and four are in a 2-2 configuration.





This looks remarkably similar to JetBlue’s Mint cabin on their A321 aircraft, which features the same number of seats, though the single seats have a sliding door of sorts, making it a private “suite.”

Aer Lingus presently operates their 757s between Boston and Shannon, New York and Shannon, and Toronto and Dublin. Previously these were the planes to avoid, given that they featured angled seats, while most of the rest of Aer Lingus’ fleet has already been reconfigured with a new product. However, the new cabin looks really nice, and I’d fly it in a heartbeat.

Aer Lingus business class on transatlantic flights is a great use of British Airways Avios. On top of that, keep in mind that Aer Lingus should soon be joining oneworld, meaning it will be possible to redeem (and earn) other oneworld miles for travel on them.

American is eventually planning on installing a new business class product on their international 757s, and I can’t help but assume that this will likely be the new product, given the balance it strikes between a comfortable product and an efficient configuration.

What do you make of Aer Lingus’ new 757 business class?

  1. I could never figure out whether they had a business class from DUB onwards into Europe. It seemed like you could get a nice product from the US to DUB, but not even European style business class would be available on the connection. What are the connecting flights like?

  2. Looks WAY better than their last product, back on January I flied them from JFK-SNN and it was very uncomfortable. Hopefully we have a review of this new product.

    By the way did you hear that the UK has banned drones from flying in London during Obama’s stay? Do you think this could be [like in many other places] a permanent ban?

  3. It’s lovely! I’ve flown the EI 757 and I really like it, I’m so happy they upgraded the inferior product they had on this aircraft. I love the colours of the fabric and the shamrock on the right of the forward cabin (the irony of the airlines callsign: Shamrock).

  4. Any idea of the timeline for Aer Lingus to join OW? I’m planning an Ireland trip for September & wondering if there is any shot to us AA miles to book. Thx

  5. Why assume that AA will choose this configuration for its international 757s? The UA/DL configuration (i.e., four rows of 2×2 flat beds) seems a more likely choice as it comfortably accommodates four additional passengers in the same space and closely approximates the layout of AA’s A321 transcon business class.

  6. @Lucky
    For the record jetBlue’s Mint cabin consists of 5 rows with 16 seats — rows 2 and 4 are 1 and 1 single suites while rows 1,3, and 5 are 2 and 2.

    and @Mark S, The alternating rows of single and double seats allows for closer spacing of the rows, so you don’t lose that much seating capacity.

  7. Don’t they use the 757 on their Washington routes, too? I have a couple upcoming trips between IAD-DUB and I’m pretty sure both are listed as being a 757.

  8. @Mark S. If you look at the google view, you will see that this configuration fits 12 J seats and 12 Y seats before door 2. In the UA, AA and DL versions, there are 16J and 0Y before door 2. They are giving up 4J and gaining 12Y in that space.

  9. Biz awards are no longer cheap thanks to Avios deval, and if you think Ba won’t add fuel surcharges to Oneworld awards I’ve got a bridge to sell you. I’m crossing my fingers for a small window to book EI with AA points and not pay YQ.

  10. I’d LOVE to see La Compangnie refit their 75’s with these! Have flown Jet Blue Mint; it’s excellent for the price… Some quick maths: at around $80k US per seat; could refit circa 58 seats in the available cabin space on a 757; = $4.64mil per aircraft. Flying twice daily (2 sectors) = 14 flights per week = 728 per year. Assuming a 3 year amortisation period (perhaps a bit aggressive), it works out to $45.79 per sector, per seat. I’d pay an extra ~$50 per sector! – & in theory they could charge more for the solo ‘suites’… if they run at 70 – 80% load factors right now with 74 seats, 58 would bring them consistently close to 100% capacity… with an obvious need to up fares ~20%… thoughts?

  11. Additionally –
    1. Consider an interline agreement with Jet Blue, & move operations to JFK
    2. Similar partnership with a U.K. based airline (EasyJet?) out of Gatwick (Luton transfers are TERRIBLE)

  12. Nice! Love the JetBlue seats. I’d love for them to cozy up with JetBlue… it’d be nice to be able to use those B6 points for something other than just JetBlue and Hawaiian flights.

  13. Similar to what British Airways offers on the ex-BMI A321s…except that is 8 rows, and alternates between 1-2/2-1 seating.

  14. This is great to see. I’ve flown them in J from YYZ-DUB connecting to Etihad into AUH, so this is a massive improvement over their angled lie flats and lousy IFE. Given the good connecting J fares they offer from Toronto to elsewhere via Etihad over Dublin, this makes it even more worth looking at.

  15. @Lucky – the 757 is also used on the daytime JFK-DUB route. It’ll also be on the IAD-DUB route starting in May due to the LAX route requiring an A330. In September, the 757 will also be flying the BDL route.

  16. James on April 20, 2016 at 1:43 pm says:

    “Don’t they use the 757 on their Washington routes, too? I have a couple upcoming trips between IAD-DUB and I’m pretty sure both are listed as being a 757.”

    Yes, Aer Lingus ‘damp leased’ three (or four) B757-2Q8 (C12 & Y165) from ASL Aviation Group to be deployed on EI118/119 IAD-DUB/DUB-IAD routes.

    Check out this trip report on EI’s B757, in French:

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