Aer Lingus Takes Delivery Of First A321LR

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Aer Lingus has eight Airbus A321LRs on order, which will very nicely complement their existing fleet. The airline will be able to use these planes for transatlantic flights, both to add new destinations, and to replace their leased 757-200s.

Unfortunately Aer Lingus experienced some delivery delays with these planes. Initially Aer Lingus was supposed to start flying the A321LR between Dublin and Hartford as of July 1, 2019, and then fly the plane between Dublin and Montreal as of August 8, 2019.

Due to delivery delays, the airline has postponed the Montreal flight until next year (as they don’t have enough planes to operate the route), and there was a delay of several weeks on getting the A321LR on the Hartford route.

Aer Lingus takes delivery of first A321LR

There’s some good news finally — Aer Lingus has finally taken delivery of their very first Airbus A321LR, just in time for the plane’s scheduled August 2 debut. The plane features a total of 184 seats, including 168 economy seats and 16 business class seats.

Aer Lingus’ A321LR routes

Currently Aer Lingus has scheduled the A321LR for the following transatlantic routes:

  • Between Dublin and Hartford as of August 2, 2019
  • Between Shannon and Boston as of October 27, 2019
  • Between Dublin and Washington Dulles as of October 29, 2019 (not daily, alternating with an A330)
  • Between Dublin and Philadelphia as of November 1, 2019 (not daily, alternating with an A330)
  • Between Dublin and Newark between February 13 and March 10, 2020 (not daily, alternating with an A330)

I’d note that these plans are subject to change. Just as they’ve changed the schedule a couple of times already, they can change it again.

Aer Lingus’ A321LR business class

Aer Lingus has a consistent business class product, and one of the cool things about the A321LR is that they’ll offer the same business class they have on their A330s.

Business class will consist of staggered seats that alternate between a 2-2 configuration and a 1-1 configuration.

Now, there are probably some downsides to the A321 — the plane won’t feel as spacious, there will be a single aisle, etc. At the same time, it’s awesome the routes that planes like this open up.

Aer Lingus’ A330 business class

How to redeem miles on Aer Lingus

If you want to redeem miles on an Aer Lingus transatlantic flight, they do sometimes make business class award seats available, and you have three best options for redeeming:

Bottom line

We should get used to seeing the A321 on more transatlantic routes, especially with the recent announcement of the A321XLR, which will open up longer flights than ever before on these kinds of planes.

In addition to the eight A321LRs that Aer Lingus has on order, the airline has also ordered six A321XLRs.

  1. Sure, it’s great for business class travelers. What about economy? Not liking this trend of narrow-body aircraft on transatlantic routes

  2. Any idea when they may start opening up business class space again on IAD-DUB? Seems they stop on 3/31/2019, even though they’ve opened up 4 seats on every flight before then.

  3. They have been flying non stop from MSP using a 757 and it says “ASL Airlines for Air Lingus” when you look for availability.

  4. that SNN-BOS route should fall into zone 4 and not zone 5 on the Aer Lingus award chart. This means award tickets in Y for 10k and (more importantly) award tickets in J for 31,250 points…

  5. I remember there was a rumor that once the A321LR started coming online that EI might use one of the freed up A330s to start service between DEN and DUB. I still hope that happens. Has there been any more news on that?

  6. @Nawaid Ladak – Aer Lingus fudges their charts for US routes, and Boston falls in Zone 5, despite the actual distance. I think Montreal is the only N. American route that actually falls in Zone 4 (can anyone confirm?)

  7. @GuruJanitor; that’s correct. but SNN is a full 100+ miles shorter than both DUB-YUL and DUB-BOS. We’ll see what they do. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the Zone 4 though

  8. I thought the PHL-DUB route was just going to be 321LR daily when it starts in November.

  9. @Nawaid Ladak, well BOS-SNN currently prices out at Zone 5, so I’m not sure they’d change that.

  10. Is anyone else having issues signing into to book Aer Lingus awards? I was told a week plus back that Aer Lingus are unable to be booked online and still cannot log in to book awards. Would like to hear if there’s anything else I can do beyond calling in to find availability/book awards?

  11. Given the huge Irish -American in the US ,flying US -Ireland with Aer Lingus brand new aircrafts A321 LR is going to be a big hit, i bet.

  12. @AOH A320-family aircraft (of which the A321 is a part) are more comfortable in economy than most widebodies because of the significantly wider seats.

  13. The end of what had been one of the most attractive liveries in the industry. Replaced by a yawn-inducing paint job no doubt designed by committee.

  14. Looked at that photo and was not impressed – haven’t they just spent money on a rebrand / image overhaul? Money down the drain if you ask me.

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