AA promo is official!

Yep, here it is! Basically the double EQM promo counts only for AA flights (NOT codeshares), and is just double EQM’s and not EQS’s. Full details and registration can be found at the link above. They also have some really attractive “special rewards” for those that go over the thresholds, which are pretty darn nice, as much as 25,000 extra redeemable miles! Over the years they have become pretty useless over at United except for gifting Premier Associate status, which entitles someone else to Economy Plus seating, so the sounds of 25,000 RDM’s is music to my ears. The only thing to note is that this applies to your status as of the end of this year and not the beginning of this year, so it doesn’t really benefit those that go from scratch to EXP as it might at United for such a jump. Still, this is VERY nice, and I need to start planning some travel!

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  1. Nope, I doubt it. While UA is great at following AA step for step, I doubt they’ll shadow the promo exactly, it’s just too similar. That being said, something is coming, I’m betting. Not sure what, but if I had to bet I’d say some substantial promo is coming to UA VERY soon…

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